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A quality of life change that has been added for this year is the date of when a move occurs. This should give a clearer timeline as to when something happens.

posted 1 week ago

Update: the times for the Winners' Finals and the Losers' Round 1 were swapped.

posted 1 week ago

Correction: It was incorrectly stated that swingchip didn't have previous esports experience. She previously worked with Team GXG in Contenders Pacific and the Gladiators Legion.

posted 4 weeks ago

Correction: The listed roster did not list Ken as one of their DPS players, and also mislabeled ImSpecial as an off-tank player when he is a tank player.

posted 1 month ago

Correction: The first paragraph incorrectly stated that the tournament takes place in July. It's August when it takes place.

posted 2 months ago

Thank you for pointing it out! I'll fix it right away.

posted 2 months ago

I take partial responsibility for indirectly causing this necro to happen.

posted 2 months ago

I don't know that much about how the Call of Duty League is doing, other than that they're playing their post-season online without moving anywhere (their teams are mostly North American based from what I've seen, so it makes sense why they're doing it like that).

posted 2 months ago

Correction: JJANU parted ways with the Titans on April 30. The rest of the players and staff were released the next week on April 6.

posted 5 months ago

IIRC, League of Legends doesn't have any exclusive broadcasting deals (there was Huya getting the broadcasting rights for the LCS and LEC in China, but it's only for that region), so that's likely why the LCS and LEC can stream on multiple platforms. Activision-Blizzard got a deal with Google to stream on YouTube, and according to Adam Stern from SBJ, the financial situation was "much better" for OWL teams than the Twitch deal. So from what I can speculate, they probably got the deal to help them money-wise.

posted 8 months ago

Note: edited the first paragraph to add "worldwide".

posted 8 months ago

Update: Kodak said that he is no longer with ATL Academy. The article has been updated with his comments.

posted 9 months ago

I've never been opposed to a role queue, and it could work. But I don't want it to be just a simple bandaid fix in the place of balance changes.

posted about a year ago

What has it been like as a support player transitioning over to the GOATs meta for Stage 1?

posted about a year ago

Hello everyone! Today we have an AMA with Dogman, flex support player for the Atlanta Reign. Feel free to ask him any questions you have!

Edit: verification proof

Edit 2: the AMA is over. Thank you to everyone who joined in!

posted about a year ago

Hello everyone! We've done quite an amount for the site over the past few month or so.

To recap the past updates:

We're currently looking for any feedback for the site:

  • What are we doing well on?
  • What would you like to see improved?
  • What is something new you would like to see?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

posted about a year ago


  • Added Atlanta and Toronto subheads.
posted about 2 years ago
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