Fusion University Fusion University Contenders EU Rank #25 Boombox Isaac Charles flex support Poko Gael Gouzerch off tank Sugarfree Kamden Hijada dps JkAru19 Louis Power tank Kruise Harrison Pond support tank player Beast has joined the Toronto Defiant Toronto Defiant OWL Rank #14 Twilight Lee Joo-seok (이주석) flex support Heesu Jeong Hee-su (정희수) dps Finale dps MuZe Kim Young-hun (김영훈) tank Ch0r0ng support .

The Defiant were one of the new expansion teams this season, and tied for 17th place in the final standings with an 8-20 record in the regular season.

Beast will make his debut in the Overwatch League next season. He played for University in two different time spans. The first was for the majority of 2018 until November of that year when he was not on the roster, but was brought back in February this year. They would go on to win Season 1 of Contenders: North America East and the Atlantic Showdown, and placed in the top six in Season 2 of Contenders: Korea.

The Defiant have had a busy month during the off-season with a number of changes to their team. Today they parted ways with DPS player Ivy as he moved to the Philadelphia Fusion.

The Defiant currently have Mangachu and Neko subject to team option, and will become free agents if they are not picked up on November 11.