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Some of Brazil's best are now LFTOWL by Scrubasaurus Sep 20
Overwatch League finalizes teams and dates for Season 1 by Mert Sep 20
MaSsan becomes Team Seoul's Global Business Director, Meta acquired by Canadian investor by Mert Sep 20
Team Seoul and Immortals bolster coaching staff by Mert Sep 19
Hersh leaves his green with EnVy in reported $35 million Dallas move by Scrubasaurus Sep 19
Overwatch Patch for September 19th, 2017 - Junkertown by Admirable Sep 19
Finland's best to battle it out in ASUS ROG GameXpo 2017 by Mert Sep 19
Through the Grapevine, Episode 4: Sharing (the Webcam) is Caring (feat. Mr.X) by harsha Sep 18
Predictions: Contenders Season One Europe Week 5 by CommanderX Sep 16
eUnited they stand, divided they OWL by Scrubasaurus Sep 15
Predictions: Contenders Season One North America Week 5 by CommanderX Sep 15
Liquid Overwatch finally evaporates by harsha Sep 15
r2der joins Meta Athena as a coach by Mert Sep 15
Predictions: OGN APEX Season 4 Quarterfinals by Snivy Sep 14
Reported Overwatch League team count hits thirteen by Scrubasaurus Sep 14
Recap: Pacific Championship Week 3 by Mert Sep 14
OGN APEX Season 4 playoff groups drawn live by Snivy Sep 14
Rockets Esports seek out Prestige Worldwide by Scrubasaurus Sep 13
MEGA Esports release Moffitt by Mert Sep 13
CrusaDe and crems no longer on Cloud9 by Mert Sep 13
OCE Overwatch announce Bi-Monthly Brawl by Mert Sep 12
Predictions: Contenders Season One North America Week 4 by CommanderX Sep 9
Haste delivers story lines for the Americas by Scrubasaurus Sep 9
Keep Gaming to disband after OWCB by Scrubasaurus Sep 8
Argentina believes in KARMA by Scrubasaurus Sep 8
Predictions: Contenders Season One Europe Week 4 by CommanderX Sep 8
Recap: Pacific Championship Week 2 by Mert Sep 7
Blizzard Arena Los Angeles to host Overwatch League and Contenders Finals by CommanderX Sep 7
Singapore goes pro with Chaos Theory by Zest Sep 5
Sin Gaming enter Oceanic Overwatch by Mert Sep 5
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