News Author Published
The OWL Pellets: A Fantasy Challenge by Sideshow Nov 24
LegitRc joins San Francisco coaching staff by Scrubasaurus Nov 24
Kongdoo announces new Panthera roster by Scrubasaurus Nov 24
New York Excelsior to field Contenders team by Scrubasaurus Nov 20
Overwatch Patch Notes for November 16, 2017 - Moira by FrozenJackal Nov 16
Overwatch League announces The Dennis Hawelka Award by Scrubasaurus Nov 15
EscA and LEETAEJUN retire from Overwatch by Snivy Nov 15
Recry joins Meta Athena to replace Libero by Sideshow Nov 14
123 disbands, awaiting Contenders S2 news by CommanderX Nov 14
Flash Lux calls it quits by CommanderX Nov 14
Finnish scene undergoes shakeups by Scrubasaurus Nov 13
Through the Grapevine, Episode 7: OverSight?? (feat. Thorin) by harsha Nov 12
Hulktastic Cup set to take place this Saturday by Scrubasaurus Nov 10
GamersOrigin drops Overwatch team, roster disbands by Scrubasaurus Nov 10
Vizility dropped from Mosaic by Scrubasaurus Nov 10
Overwatch community mourns loss of INTERNETHULK by Scrubasaurus Nov 8
Open Division Season 3 begins by sandshrewz Nov 8
Roster changes revealed by Overwatch League website by Scrubasaurus Nov 6
Overwatch League website, companion app, and shop announced by Razgriz Nov 5
Overwatch League structure and schedule revealed at Blizzcon by Scrubasaurus Nov 4
South Korea wins second gold, Canada first silver in World Cup by Scrubasaurus Nov 4
Sweden secures World Cup Bronze over France by CommanderX Nov 4
South Korea beats France to make Grand Finals by CommanderX Nov 4
Canada upsets Sweden and advances to Grand Finals by CommanderX Nov 4
Afreeca Freecs disbands by d1vine Nov 4
London Spitfire prepares for takeoff by Razgriz Nov 4
South Korea end American hopes by CommanderX Nov 4
France slays China and advances to next round by Razgriz Nov 3
Canada comes back to defeat Australia by Scrubasaurus Nov 3
Sweden shatters British dreams by CommanderX Nov 3
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