News Author Published Oceanic Rankings: 1st April - 26th May, 2017 by Mert May 26
Twelve O'Clock News, Episode 10: Sami Fixes the Combine by harsha May 25
Kungarna returns to Overwatch with rebuilt roster by Sideshow May 23
Overwatch Patch for May 23rd, 2017 - Anniversary by Admirable May 23
Gale Force Esports receives inadequate prizing after winning a Battlefy event by harsha May 22
IceblockGG crystallizes France's best free agents by CommanderX May 22
$100,000 Overwatch Contenders Season Zero announced by Sumtingwong May 22
Kaiser confirmed to join Cloud9 by harsha May 21
Picked Over by Sideshow May 21
Shake replaces The on CLG by Sideshow May 20
GeForce CUP puts the focus on Japan by Shank May 19
Kaiser leaves RunAway to join Western team by Sideshow May 18
Boombox leaves ex-Cyclone to join eUnited by Sideshow May 18
th0nkers disbands, players enter free agency by harsha May 18
Twelve O'Clock News Episode 9: The Day of Tinfoil Hats by Sideshow May 18
Mini reportedly cut from Tempo Storm as the team searches for a new tank by harsha May 17
Ajax and NRG part ways by harsha May 16
Qualifier invites announced for Monthly Melee by Admirable May 16
Picked Over by Sideshow May 15
Monthly Melee May groups revealed by Admirable May 15 World Rankings: 3rd Feb - 13th May, 2017 by Sideshow May 14
Fnatic, Dignitas, and LG Loyal teams to be jettisoned by Sideshow May 13
Selly to return to Korea after being removed from Cloud9 by Sideshow May 12
Renegades manager on finalising their roster "It's very difficult to bring this team down" by Sideshow May 12
SEA through the dragon's eyes by Zest May 12
Rivalcade return with Memorial Day Rumble by FrozenJackal May 11
Dcop now a certified Genius by Admirable May 11
Twelve O'Clock News Episode 8: Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain by Sideshow May 11
Monopoly Club pass go, collect Athletico CAMO by Mert May 11
Nesh Hammers out a deal by Scrubasaurus May 10
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