The Overwatch League has revealed a number of details for the upcoming 2021 season. The plans were discussed by Overwatch League Vice President Jon Spector, which includes the opening day, tournaments, and regional play.

The season will start in the spring next year, later than the winter starting dates in the past three seasons. Spector said this will give them more time to plan, as well as for the league and teams to handle logistics for the season.

Tournaments will return for next season, similar to those in the 2020 season. The league will look to build the season around the tournaments instead of “pivot[ing] in the middle of the year“, and experiment with different bracket formats and competitive structures.

The league expects to have two regions of play, “driven primarily by ongoing safety, immigration, travel concerns, and requirements,” and are talking to teams about potential locations for next season. They also plan on bringing the teams together for the championship at the end of the season.

The plans for the 2021 season stem from changes made this season in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, where the league moved from the homestands to online play in separate regions. The Grand Finals had the top two teams from North America travel to South Korea to compete with the top two teams in Asia in online play.