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There’s a lotta talk about this in the Yiska report thread, so I thought I’d take those discussions here, away from the OWL related talk.

I see role queue benefiting a lot of people that only specialize in only tank, DPS, or support; but what about the people that are at the skill level they are at primarily because they have more role versatility? Because they can fill for their less flexible teammates? Additionally, as a support main that occasionally plays main tank, my choice of which role and hero to play varies GREATLY by map. Of course, Blizzard likely won’t implement map specific queues like that in CS:GO, so that would be an issue for people like me.

These are just my opinions, keep in mind.


This reply might be kind of lame but sometimes we gotta adapt we can't expect everything from them.


I've never been opposed to a role queue, and it could work. But I don't want it to be just a simple bandaid fix in the place of balance changes.


I'm sure it won't be, but they probably want to see where this will end up before making changes.


From a purely fun point of view I don't see too many issues besides how this gets implemented (e.g. role queue means way longer queues, no matter the numbers involved), as in the end everyone surely has an hero (or more) he/she likes to play, this should make it easier to actually play them and not being forced on something you might be even good at but really don't want to play.

From a competetive point of view... well the opposite, but then it's again a personal issue you'd still be free to decide if you want to have more fun (while still trying) on your fav heroes, or if you ONLY want to win no matter what, then nothing would changed compared to how the game is right now.

In the end this won't remove trolls/throwers/OTPs, it will only remove GOATs, and that's why I'm neither happy nor mad about this change... Maybe it's 'cause I'm not a DPS player.

Last point I have is a very personal opinion... I have the feeling this will lead to longer periods where a meta isn't established (unless OWL and other heavily organized teams will actually spend time trying to create/mold one), but once there the new metas will be even harder to break, so not so sure this is an improvement.


Since OWL and Ranked are meant to have same ruleset, if it goes live it goes for both (eventually in a short timeframe), but to be fair I don't really see it changing much for ranked. Unless they have huge changes coming for some heroes to make them viable in 2-2-2 I really don't see this making any sense.

Game still won't be fun, if a thrower/troll enters into your game (specifically for your team). Problem is mostly the people not the game though, what would change people and their attitude is different story though..,

I am not really positive about how it will work in the end. If looking at fun experience. Like how many of those Roadhog 1-tricks can actually play Dva or Zarya? If they switch a tank they probably pick Main Tank instead. Just like those games I have played at plat, when my healers won't even heal me as Rein, when I am just chilling at payload with 200hp and waiting for Ana to shoot me a little bit. but she walks past me...

One thing I do like with possible RoleQueue is each rank having it's own rating, but are you really 4k DPS, if you 1-trick Symmetra or Torbjörn? (or any hero really).


The big worry comes from the fact that not all of the queues are going to be the same length. Especially at lower levels, the DPS queue time will be 5-10 times longer than tank queue time. Hopefully this will encourage dps players to bite the bullet and learn other heroes, but in a worst-case scenario a decent proportion of the player base might just stop playing.


there must be Flex role and ranked should work like this: system finds 1 dps 1 tank 1 support and then trying to find another tank sup and dps and if it will take a long time to find some specific role the system will fill this spot with flex player. and ofcouse there must be notifications and descriptions for roles before you choose one(before even you start queu obviously). Flex player should be able to play any role, and on start of the game system randomly desides what role flex will play(if there more than 1 flex)
and I mean there will be only 3 roles in actual game, you choose Flex only for queue and you get your actual role already in game

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