Baconjack and ATing , the Chengdu Hunters Chengdu Hunters OWL Rank #9 Elsa Luo Wenjie (罗文杰) off tank Farway1987 Cao Jiale (曹家乐) flex support Jinmu Yi Hu (易虎) dps Leave Huang Xin (黄馨) dps Jimmy Lei Yujia dps Ameng Ding Menghan (丁蒙涵) tank GA9A Qiu Jiaxin (仇佳鑫) tank Yveltal Li Xianyao (李先曜) support Nisha Tan Li (谭力) support ' two Taiwanese players, have retired. They were the only two players on the roster not from the Chinese mainland.

Baconjack high fiving fans on arena entry Baconjack in 2019. Image credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

BaconJack had been with the Hunters since their inaugural season in 2018. He was most well-known for his hitscan play during his time with the team. His playtime was often split with other DPS the Hunters fielded but he played in a number of matches both seasons nonetheless. The Hunters said he will finish his studies now that he is retired.

He was the star of Flash Wolves, Taiwan's top team at the time, before joining the Chengdu Hunters. His team was a perennial contender for the Pacific Championship when the tournament ran before the Overwatch League began.

ATing joined the team last offseason and played in several matches during this past Overwatch League season, although he saw less playtime overall than the team's other main tank, Ameng.

He played in the Pacific region before joining the Overwatch League, much of it with Hong Kong Attitude. His career also dates back to the Pacific Championship competition that existed before the Overwatch League.

The Hunters now have nine players on their roster. They are coming off an 8-14 season.