The Toronto Defiant Toronto Defiant OWL Rank #20 KariV Park Young-seo (박영서) flex support Nevix Andreas Karlsson off tank Logix Andreas Berghmans dps Mangachu Liam Campbell dps Agilities Brady Girardi dps Surefour Lane Roberts dps Beast Adam Denton tank Kellex Kristian Keller support have announced Albless will be an assistant coach and a manager of both the Defiant and their academy team, the Montreal Rebellion Montreal Rebellion Contenders NA Rank #10 Smex Eoghan O'Neill off tank UltraViolet Benjamin David flex support Vizility Jeffrey de Vries dps Mistakes Stanislav Danilov dps JkAru19 Louis Power tank Tensa Joshua Small support RoKy Park Joo-seong (박주성) support .

Albless confirmed his main focus will be on the Overwatch League team, but he will also work with the academy team. He says his work will be on both the coaching and managing side of things.

He joined the Overwatch League in May when he became a manager for the Paris Eternal. He left the team in October.

Prior to that, he was a French language commentator for Overwatch broadcasts. He was on the Overwatch League broadcast in 2019 and was on the broadcasts for Contenders Europe and the Overwatch World Cup in 2018.

He joins a coaching staff led by head coach Féfé. The staff also includes Lilbow and Barroi. The coaching staff is entirely European and has three French coaches.