The Washington, D.C. Overwatch League franchise has announced the additions of AVALLA and mkL to their coaching staff. The two join head coach WizardHyeong and main tank janus , who were announced earlier this month.

AVALLA worked in Contenders Season 1 as an assistant coach for the academy team of the Houston Outlaws, then called OpTic Academy. In Contenders Season 2, she worked as an assistant coach for Meta Bellum, making it the second straight season she was part of a playoff coaching staff. She is the first woman to become a coach in the Overwatch League.

mkL also worked for OpTic Academy in Contenders Season 1, departing the team after one season. He joined Last Night's Leftovers as an analyst in Contenders Season 2, the team D.C. general manager Kate Mitchell was manager of. He is the first Norwegian to play or coach in the Overwatch League.

He is the fourth member of Last Night's Leftovers staff to join an Overwatch League expansion team. Atlanta has hired former LNL head coach Sephy as its head coach and LNL analyst Silence as its assistant coach.

Washington, D.C. and Atlanta are the only two Overwatch League expansion franchises to announce coaches. D.C. is also the only expansion franchise to have officially announced a player signing.

There is still plenty of time for D.C. and the rest of the expansion teams to announce players. Expansion teams have an exclusive period to sign free agents until October 7, and can continue making signings until December 1.