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As long as the Houston Awfuls exist, there's hope for the Valiant.


posted about 4 years ago

You have no idea what it means because you simply do not understand. My job is not to break down volumes of data and turn that into info for you*. That's your job. That you do not understand is just symptomatic of your laziness or worse, reticence.

*But I'll do it :)

The MeToo and TimesUp movement have finally, after millenia given women a voice of sorts. It isn't even that good either, but none the less there is now an avenue to speak out to how they've been treated like dogs and seen as utterly inferior. Their bodies nothing more than vessels for the pleasure of others, whatever the fashion. Construct upon this new found knowledge and see how the gravitational pull of a socially positive movement could some how drag in men of all walks of life, but principally men of power and sliced them at the knees. The pressure and embarrassment forced on men in power begins as a drop, but will drown out the knuckle draggers in a wave. I would suggest you still need arm bands. You know, the same mutants who say "but when is International Mens Day".

No one had to mention solicitation, I have the wherewithal to understand how the mechanics of that interaction work. Perhaps you're naive to this, certainly not a crime. However, that this isn't something you are aware of, is again, on you. The only person that doesn't give a fuck, as you crassly put it, appears to be you.

There is no twisting of anything in any fashion. Robert Kraft gave cash for sexual favours. The person who furnished those was working in a sort of massage parlor franchise/the owner had lots of them. Those involved in that commercial enterprise traffic humans and use them as slaves. Robert Kraft's cash, and that of others, supports this slavery. How on earth could any person see a twist in what is plain and simple. Allow me to reduce this to a simpler form if you need. Mars bars sell well, so they keep stocking 7-eleven with them. If you cannot grasp the subject matter then that's truly your loss.

I notice this is grating you something awful. Perhaps the events should assist you in looking a little further within and exposing yourself to some lateral thought and consideration for others, aside from a powerful billionaire.

Also, buy a keyboard with a full stop/period.

tl;dr - read a book, question things and do not get caught out so badly like this again.

posted about 5 years ago

Barely get away with? The MeToo and TimesUp movement seems to have gotten under a lot of people's skin. This era of folks being called out on their lay racism, sexism and homophobia too has fools scurrying around crying "PC brigade". That it all garners such faux outrage, from men, is laughable. Deal with it.

Solicitation via entrapment is sort of tricky but given there are now resulting confirmed instances of human trafficking (Kraft is not involved in this but his custom validates the trafficking) it is absolutely justifiable.

Prostitution should not be a crime, but it is in most US states. That it shouldn't be a crime should not be a reason to hope he isn't punished, you should place more hope in the women trafficked into the sex slavery trade. Robert Kraft's custom supports the slave trade. You don't have to agree with that, but it is a fact, he paid for sexual favours from parlours we now know are involved in the trafficking of humans and their sale and continued leasing into slavery.

Hardly blinking twice of course, but perhaps it required you to think twice instead. But hey, hope he doesn't get punished right?!

posted about 5 years ago

Hoon was incredible in the first two maps.

What does Whoru do now? Scrim, Trials?

A bizarre loan unless he's being primed for a new pure KR Fusion in the long term works or, a sale to Seoul...

posted about 5 years ago

Interesting player, I must admit I only watch contenders from playoff stages and see all of the WC. He has always struck me as a really talented guy. I dont wish to cast aspertions about his character but, he seems to have had quite a few teams. Is it because he is hard work or needs the right team, that's the real question.

Wish all the best for him as the Celtic breathern rarely get a break.

posted about 5 years ago

Using the panda is crazy clever, enjoy the shirt-sales.cn!

bull will there be a panda-emic >.<

posted about 5 years ago

Kalios in, EU servers out

posted about 5 years ago

If dafran worked in an office, he would need to take a step back from his workplace and get some help. The same is true of his actual job which is primarily as a streamer and secondarily for now as a member of ATL Reign. That he is so public is a result of his profession.

Saying "he's depressed" is a normal pejorative termused to describe those with clear social interaction and deep seated issues, but by people who know no better. He could suffer from any or multiple mental afflictions, anxieties, social interactive flaws, so many things, few here likely know what that is in truth.

It is unfortunate a talent so great should publicly suffer but there is only one course of action and that is to have one's illness solved. Only then can he reap the rewards of his talents.

I wish him well regardless.

posted about 5 years ago

Where does he go?

There has been issues with LGD players and visas for a while but somehow Team China managed to get this sorted this cycle.

For me this guy is an OWL level player, the final aside, he looked epic in Bangkok and at the finals he was immense.

Guangzhou seems unlikely given Hotba (potential full KR roster), could Chengdu do a mix roster or he ends elsewhere. In a game where genuine crazy stand out main tanks with absolute top OWL level are rare, this dude is a truly good pick up.

posted about 5 years ago

FWIW, I find Bren exceptionally jarring (Sideshow is far better an analyst). Reinforce was a nice sanguine balance though.

Considering the fact Soe will likely be kept on, and Reinforce won't, let that tell you where Blizzard is going.

posted about 5 years ago

Agree with this all day, Jake was never used as an analyst as I saw, rather a colour commentator which gives so much more opportunities to opine on the play itself and thus be judged as more knowledgable. I'm not even close to saying Jake doesn't know what he's talking bout but outside of Beat, I'm not familiar with Reinforce colour commentating.

posted about 5 years ago

Looked great in OWC, didn't see much of him in Contenders, when checking him out he was part of the Hurricane team that dropped which strikes me as worrying. In the OWC he look legit af though

posted about 5 years ago

Smashing your table because you have lost a match means you have genuine issues dealing with emotions.

posted about 5 years ago

Embarrassing. You pay that much money to buy a spot and come out with Defiant .... I get the idea of "battling" and creating a local bluster and what not, but this is weak.

Be creative, be aggressive, just don't be defeatist. Piss poor branding.

posted about 5 years ago

I guess this is the biggest LAN since the WCG CS qualis in 2006 or something? lel

posted about 5 years ago

my name is Graham

posted about 5 years ago


Have we rumours for 2019 season?

posted about 5 years ago

Pog . .. yeh w/e good luck

posted about 5 years ago


"Owners changed the budget on me significantly">

She seems to at least be admitting to it in principle. Mykl is a clickbaiter for sure, but he usually flows in and around the same leak stream as Slasher. Both are usually very close to correct for the most part. I think people just don't like the dude period.

posted about 5 years ago

Signed with Wizardhyeong for DC


posted about 5 years ago

Najs, I'm decamping to BC in 10 weeks :)

posted about 5 years ago

Never over estimate the same market. Take a quick look at any US based NHL roster for confirmation.

posted about 5 years ago

Happy for Birdring and Bdosin, always the bridesmaids and finally Premier win and well deserved after the tough Kongdoo days, particularly for Birdring.

posted about 5 years ago

Casters called it - London's skill ceiling is essentially limitless.

Clever play from Philly drags them into the deep muddy waters.

I currently can't call but I think the difference is at tank and flex tank, where London currently look to be playing above and beyond what we've seen for a while. Added to this at flex support Bdosin looks like a man unleashed. I think we'll see this go London's way, providing they remember to stay on the cart/point/insert c9.

posted about 5 years ago

SK are like a flesh light for my brain

posted about 5 years ago

He lives in LA in the NYXL house.

posted about 5 years ago

50% of the roster is Korean. It isn't affecting Nene nor did it last season (aside from his ping). I think he's just gone backwards.Hard to judge but as ZP said, he's great in everything that isn't Contenders, less so in it.

posted about 5 years ago

It's where they needed Libero, before that he owned, but these are things they'll consider when they come back in S2.

I assumed he would get benched for FL0W3R but as nanohana, he's been real poor in Contenders.

NYXL need to put more faith in what made them succesful - Libero.

posted about 5 years ago

NYXL on the snooze. Perhaps they caught a couple good meta's but wowee, that's LW sized fail.

Philly deserved every part of that victory, but I feel like they's gonna get rolled by London. Scrappy as they are, London are not. They're too smart for this, but NYXL clearly are not. NYXL with the naivety in spades.

Baffled for my LW boys. Pine is a specialist not a starter. Fuck, Libero is potentially the best flex DPS who isn't a sex offender and you bench him on Dorado, megalulz.

Quick post after the fact as a massive Luxury Watch fan. Baffled.


Interesting that EQO goes from racially abusing asians to being the spokesperson for the Fusion.

multi edit - I love Carpe and Snillo

posted about 5 years ago

Feel especially good for the Kongdoo players - Birdring & Bdosin, a little like LW they always seemed to fall at the final hurdle but then LH were essentially untouchable at times back in APEX.

Not sure if I buy that London were sandbagging, I think they've found themselves in a meta where their flexibility shines.

posted about 5 years ago

I went to my local store and when I was paying the dude asked if I wanted something to carry the goods.
-He handed me a picture of Fissure.

As good as Jjonak is, and he is a mega-star, he is enabled by Ark and Anamo, they are as much a part of his damage dealing. Not to mention Meko's simply astounding peel.

posted about 5 years ago


posted about 5 years ago

A very Envyus-style Dallas Fuel performance. One of the most fluid teams to ever play OW finally did their thing.

Arise Envyus Dallas, finally, fuck.

Said as some one who was never a big Envy fan either.

posted about 5 years ago

GodsB and bqb went big on attack

posted about 5 years ago

rail roaded. this could be done in 4.

posted about 5 years ago

The biggest issue OWL has is one that is prevalent in other IRL major league sports. Due to the high buy in cost you have a rich old mans club of owners (for the most part) in order not to offend this big payday, you have no promotion/relegation. So Shanghai can literally lose every game but if the revenues are worth it, owners won't care. If there was not a pricey franchise and Contenders winners managed to qualify to the OWL or similar, there would be something of interest and in turn would elevate the level of Contenders globally. Instead you have Contenders being a secondary cash cow for Blizzard on twitch and preserving some none OWL professionalism but honestly, little else. The "path to pro" is nonsense, any good coach or indeed team would easily scout potential players if they wanted to. The path to pro should be a team effort, not the player.

Outside of this, I think OWL mirrors a lot of sports. We are inundated with football, american football, basketball, hockey etc, why not eSports I guess.

On the casters - Semmler's lunacy is leaking into Hex, he's talking a lot of waffle recently too, regardless he knows his stuff, but jst you wait, Semmler will blindly lead him down "JOHNNY ON THE SPOT" alley soon enough.

posted about 5 years ago

I've said it before and I will probably say it again, they are doing all of this without Fl0wer. This team's ceiling is stratospheric.

I thought Janus looked great when he came in also, really happy to see him step it up and go right at Boston.

Sometime in sports and to a lesser extent eSports you see great teams getting broken up - traded or what ever. This crew are getting paid very well, have banked almost a quarter mill and seem to just be a bunch of mates out having a damn good time. Providing the new meta doesn't upset them too much which I really doubt it will given they have the 2 if not 3 of the best supports in the league, flexibility across the board, I can't see how they are stopped either in Season 1 and beyond.

They are just on another level completely. Which is great to see as an old fan of Apex. LW never quite reached the heights of LH but then neither did Conbox, Meta Athena/Bellum etc. and yet their players litter the OWL and are essentially some of the best.

Just to touch on one other key factor for me - how ballsy was it to run strange and unexpected comps. Sure it didn't exactly work out with Bastion on Nepal but they rail roaded first on Route 66 forcing the changes from Boston, really clever strats and something that was perhaps intentionally missing in their play to date.

These guys can afford to cruise/drop a few games in Stage 4 but I doubt they will, given the reaction to each and every point hold and map win right from the start of this game.

Boston played their part, this was a monster skill level game, Striker and Gamsu are terrifying and kind of in a slightly understated way. I don't think having DK in their line up would have massively benefitted them as Mistakes more than held his own against a DPS trio of murderers.

I should also add there is also a bit of recency bias given that Boston themselves looked great all stage. Both teams had plenty of 5 mappers but the draw on Volskaya was the dagger to the heart. Striker was by some distance the best tracer in the stage and thus rightly unoffficially crowned the greatest in the world, but SBB put a beating on BU and then flexed to Widow and back to Tracer. You probably can't argue with the man when he says, he is the best Tracer in the world.

posted about 5 years ago

Feel bad for Gamsu, the dude's skill ceiling is nowhere near met, Boston gonna slip away now. NYXL were always going to win this one, but it would have been close. Now it's time for more Janus and Pine rotation for gametime.

posted about 5 years ago

Transfers are locked since last week.

posted about 5 years ago

He's currently at best, a potential suspect in the grooming of a minor. So yeah, calling the grooming of a child who won't be allowed to drive for another 2 years, or indeed vote for another 4 years a joke, is revolting. Quite telling about your view on this too.

I mean, do you find yourself attracted to 14 year olds just because it is law? The law is to protect 14 year olds and 15 year olds from not living a life behind bars being demolished by fellow prisoners, not to green light child exploitation.

By the way, if a 25 year old guy turns up in Thüringen or Baumschulenweg to date some dude's 14 year old daughter, you know how that ends right ... The law in Germany (I live here) is a joke, a 14 year old is barely into.through puberty with a still under developed brain and has few of the faculties required to make adult decisions. But I guess, respect the law? Anyone who's 18+ and believes a 14 year old is fair game needs their head examined.

posted about 5 years ago

User's of this site and reddit, all of our opinions are irrelevant. There is only one place to turn to and that is the law.

If you sleep with an underage person in the US and you are a day older than the age of consent, it is statutory rape. End of. You don't have to agree with that, it is a fact. It is a law created to protect children. If you don't like the law, I suggest not breaking it. Exposing yourself to some one may be argued in the same realms.

There are screenshots of DK acknowledging her age. He needs a fork put in him pronto - he is done.

Forget OWL, forget eSports, forget ever having a life where you don't knock on your neighbours doors to introduce yourself as anything other than a (potentially) convicted sex offender - he's looking at an extended period in prison.

Let me be completely and utterly clear here, or rather, let the law speak:

Section 1470 of Title 18, United States Code, prohibits any individual from knowingly transferring or attempting to transfer obscene matter using the U.S. mail or any means or facility of interstate or foreign commerce to a minor under 16 years of age. Convicted offenders face fines and imprisonment for up to 10 years.

That is one single charge. The ADA or DA (I presume in CA?) will go after him for other counts too, it's never "just" one thing. The law is unambiguous and it doesn't anywhere say "ah well he's not a peado or a predator like come on he's a DPS".

This is an argument for lawyers to thrash out of course, but this is about as bad as it gets for a 21 year old. He is in a world of trouble.

Laws exist to protect the masses, in this instance, children. A 15 year old is deemed a child in the United States, all other jurisdictions are utterly irrelevant. You don't have to accept or reject that DK is some how predatory or not, however he is absolutely fucked now.

posted about 5 years ago

NYXL are the most complete team in overwatch history in my opinion*. Demo'ing a piss poor Spitfire cemented this.

London were atrocious, their play has been really ragged for 3 games in a row now.

NYXL has "arguably the best player" in every position. I think to myself hmmm, perhaps carpe is one of the most mechanically skilled players in OWL and remember, Libero sat him down for a chat in the finals a few weeks back, so he couldn't come in for SBB. Ark goes about his business very quietly but enables Jjonak so much. Jjonak is a monster, he's essentially a support DPS. Janus isn't always the most reliable but looked very comfortable in this match. Mano, well Mano is Mano isn't he, he seems to get less exposed now too. Perhaps Gesture or Fissure are more mechanically gifted, but he's so entrenched in NYXL, you couldn't move him off. Meko is so flexible it is incredible, d.Va players I find, are not so inspiring to watch, but his peeling is out of this world. If you look closely, he saves his supports and DPS more often than not. Libero is on another level, he seems to get better every game, and that's as some one who can play 5/6/7 heroes with ease. Off camera on their point A defence of Anubis he absolutely owned London. Then to add insult to injury you swap in Pine for a widow/mcree map. God tier team, backroom staff.

They are scary good and all of this without Flow3r!! It's actually bonkers impressive.

Rolling Spitfire on Blizzardworld was telling, apparently they spent time in NYC and hadn't prepped the map at all. They made their defence look like a stroll in the park, that's how gifted this crew is. The self awareness of Pine to switch off widow was very clever, I doubt he will play widow on that map again, it was made for him to mcree, which surprised me he didn't swap to when he got headshotted twice by birdring, but to drop widow to SBB on defence is a sign of a team that knows how to play and when to play.

*perhaps excluding 2016/7 SK WC teams, but I think if they could play each other (clearly not given the 2017 team), they'd still spank SK. They're just so fucking complete.

posted about 5 years ago

Are you offended? Irrelevant.

Sigh, I could copy paste from xQc's many threads. Blizzard is charging millions for a franchise, signing big deals with sponsors, they are throwing the kitchen sink at OWL. Blizzard is selling the dream gamers have, to the corporate world. They don't need kids spoiling this. Sure 18/19/20 year old males may make up the rosters for the most part, but this is bigger than some kids playing a game for Blizzard.

Regardless of this, there is no place in society for homophobia, racism etc. There certainly is none in eSports either. You may say - big deal/why the outrage/people get too offended etc. but then, that would make you a knuckle dragging moron.

posted about 5 years ago

Could trade Mickie for anything that's in your nearest recycling point, dude is utter trash.

posted about 5 years ago

Dallas looked great in comparison to their recet past.That said it feels like Rascal is getting into his stride, a better main tank would free up Effect and Rascal so much. NYXL appeared to play within themselves somewhat.

Game 5 was a walkover, which should worry Dallas. That's playoff style swagger.

Libero MOTM but only just from Rascal.

posted about 5 years ago

Mentioned this previously, xQc is a boy who just happens to be 21 or so. He has been treated and thus punished like an adult. He plays to his fans, pubescent children who are not unlike the guys who will cause there to be no season 4 of Rick and Morty!

The kid needs help, as I understand it he has had a rocky enough road getting thrown out of home and some things and all while his stream went big and the WC2017 so it certainly hasn't been easy.

He gets paid to play computer games, perhaps he needs to take a few months to chill for himself and just get his head in order. Clearly a skilled player indeed but if you think streaming is the pinnacle, you need your head examined.

posted about 5 years ago

Never really liked Envyus so I'm not too bummed out about Dallas. The shocking part is their inability to adapt which was something they always managed to do. Even when they spent a long time in Korea and dropped surprise games to x6, they never looked nearly as disjointed.

posted about 5 years ago

Happy for the Dragons but Seoul played well within themselves. It was lol station from Jehoung Pharah onwards.

posted about 6 years ago

Esports and the internet is notoriously rude and offensive.

xQc is a kid, he isn't even funny and he overreacts for attention. He's a classic attention seeker in this regard. When you stream and act as he does, which is ridiculously childish and over the top for his viewers, you probably get lulled into a false sense of security - see Pewdipie.

It isn't a case of whether Muma is offended or not, if you think this is relevant you haven't a clue. This is about Dallas, Hersh and Blizzard. xQc is a little boy and his behaviour goes against the grain of what Blizzard are selling, what Hersh have back and what Dallas needs. The kid is toxic when not in game, on stage. OWL is a business, kids creating reasons for the business to be attacked needs to be routed out.

Using homophobic slurs doesn't mean you're a homophobe, it means you're an idiot perpetuating years of oppression and hate. I fully support Blizzard's fine and ban, Dallas' move is commendable also, but that's just a PR stunt.

posted about 6 years ago
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