With a number of Overwatch League teams having announced player departures, janus will follow suit as he has officially entered free agency.

Similarly to those that were released before him, janus did not see much playtime throughout the inaugural Overwatch League season over his main tank counterpart Mano , only appearing in 69 maps compared to Mano's 105 maps played throughout the team's 40 regular season matches (excluding playoff matches). When including the Excelsior's 8 post-stage and postseason matches, this total jumps to 81 maps played for janus and 127 maps played for Mano.

Prior to his Overwatch League debut, janus was a part of the LuxuryWatch Blue team that would eventually become the New York Excelsior New York Excelsior OWL Rank # JJoNak Bang Sung-hyeon (방성현) flex support MekO Kim Tae Hong off tank Libero Kim Hye-sung (김혜성) dps Nenne Jeong Yeon-kwan dps Mano Kim Dong-gyu (김동규) tank ANAMO Jeong Tae-seong (정태성) support core. That team's most notable placing in a tournament was 3rd in Season 2 of the OGN APEX tournament, where the best teams in Korea and from the Americas and Europe would prove themselves against the talent rich Koreans on LAN. Lunatic-Hai would eventually go on to win the entire tournament, and eventually become the core of the Seoul Dynasty Seoul Dynasty OWL Rank # ryujehong Ryu Je-hong (류제홍) flex support Michelle Choi Min-hyuk off tank Munchkin Byeon Sang-beom (변상범) dps FITS Kim Dong-eon (김동언) dps Marve1 Hwang Min-seo (황민서) tank tobi Yang Jin-mo (양진모) support .

With the September 9th deadline for past Overwatch League players contracts set to expire, and the Excelsior having already parted ways with WizardHyeong , one can only wonder who may be the next to depart (or join) the Overwatch League for its second season.