The Philadelphia Fusion and Overwatch League have issued disciplinary actions against EQO for a racially insensitive gesture on his personal stream.

EQO will face fines from both his own team and the Overwatch League, with a $2000 USD fine coming from his team and another $1000 USD fine coming from the Overwatch League office for violating the Overwatch League's code of conduct. In addition to the fines from the Overwatch League and Philadelphia Fusion, EQO will be briefly suspended from playing, having to sit out three games in Stage 3. The suspension was levied by his team rather than by the league office.

While EQO has come out with a public apology, he has also chosen to make a personal donation of $3000 USD to the Anti-Defamation League's No Place for Hate campaign in an effort to give back. In an apology letter after the actions were issued he said, "I know that a donation will never undo the hurt that I have caused, but it is the first step in making amends for what I have done."

The Fusion will face off against the Boston Uprising on Thursday, April 5. Their last encounter went the way of the Fusion, who pulled off a 4-0 victory. Additionally, that match was when EQO made his debut on the Fusion starting roster, replacing ShaDowBurn for the rest of Stage 2.