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Can those complaining that "everyone is so easily offended" at the very least recognize that Blizzard has dominant interest in expanding OWL's viewership base to every possible demographic? They have no financial incentive to pacify the hurr-durr apathetic who'll watch anyway, and overriding reason to divvy petty fines so, e.g., none of the next thousand potential viewers in East Asia turn away.

If you disagree, I'm sure there's a seat reserved in xQc's chat.

posted 8 months ago

I'm also hopeful, but given the language barrier and the huge talent pool in CHN, I just have to think that this decision was based on performance. And if they're picking up Ado, it would also seem that they can sign Korean players for reasons other than being a prominent female. Good on them for making sure they both have another native tongue on the team, too.

But if worst comes to worst and the cynical scenario is true, at least she's a much better advertisement than, say, the controversial Quebecois. Either way, I'd like to see her prove herself and kick some ass, especially with Zarya on next stage's Kings Row.

posted 9 months ago

Dude can't even spell it. Weak.

For real, though, Geguri could be a big boost to this tank line. I suspect Freefeel/Altering will die less when they get tank peel. Good for her, and good luck to her on these Mandarin lessons! If SHD wins even a couple of games after this, mad props to her on both counts.

posted 9 months ago

3-2 Shock
Your point taken, plus a dash of realism :)

posted 10 months ago

3-2 LAG
But whether or not I'm right, I'm pretty excited for this match--or for that matter any between closely-ranked, non-SHD teams. Neither of these teams will win the season, but I imagine both think (read: hope) that their best can potentially beat LAV or DAL. LAV vs GLA is now, imho, the more exciting regional rivalry than DAL v HOU, barring some crazily impressive clockwork-less improvement from the Outlaws.

posted 10 months ago

I <3 the Magpies theme, but iirc Lucid is on the verboten RunAway. Is he an exception because he is/may be a trial?

posted 11 months ago