According to sources in a Rod Breslau report on ESPN, the Shanghai Dragons have signed Geguri, FEARLESS, Ado and an unnamed Chinese player. Geguri would be the first woman to be signed to an Overwatch League team.

If true, the Shanghai Dragons are hoping their new signings will fill holes that have led to their 0-8 start to begin the inaugural Overwatch League season. Many pundits have put much of the blame on the struggles of their tank line, Xushu, mg and Roshan, while pointing additional fingers at their lack of a projectile DPS and weak support play. FEARLESS previously played main tank for Element Mystic while Geguri is most well-known for her D.Va and Zarya. Ado is capable of playing both hitscan and projectile, and often occupied the role of Genji for MVP Space.

Since its opening week last month, the Overwatch League has come under fire for not having any female players, with many citing Geguri as an example of a woman of Overwatch League caliber. Geguri later stated on Twitter that she was uncomfortable with the controversy and that she didn't want to be used to forward anybody's ideologies.

This isn't the first time Geguri has been forced into a spotlight she didn't want. She was first put before the public's eyes when she was accused of hacking by another team, and had to prove herself innocent in a live studio. Her name was once again in the headlines when she was signed to ROX Orcas and became the first woman to play in APEX.

Geguri stated on her stream several days ago that she would be joining a foreign team, although did not specify where she was going. This led to reports jumping the gun and declaring she was joining the Overwatch League, likely the New York Excelsior, based on speculation.

The Shanghai Dragons and their purported acquisitions would face an uphill battle both turning around this season and communicating effectively. The team has lost every match so far this season and has a map record of 4-29, with the Dallas Fuel and Los Angeles Valiant serving as the franchise's last matches of Stage 1. The team would have to overcome language barriers to turn around a disastrous season as the preexisting roster speaks Mandarin Chinese, a language the Korean additions would be expected to begin learning as quickly as they can before their eventual debuts.

While no timetable has been given for the debut of Shanghai's new players, it would be expected to be sometime in Stage 2 given the short timeline between now and the final week of Stage 1.