The last time Korean Zarya main Geguri was making the headlines was back when members of team Dizziness so vehemently believed she was hacking that they put their young Overwatch careers on the line. She would go on to be exonerated of those hackusations and her accusers were publicly shamed. The young off-tank player had made a name for herself, and she was only 17.

That was a year ago. This time, Geguri is making headlines for a different reason. This month she will become the first female to play in APEX, having signed with ROX Orcas, a newly promoted team who finished 4th in the most recent iteration of APEX Challengers. She is expected to take over off-tanking duties for the squad as they try to advance out of Group C.

Geguri previously played for EHOME Spear, a team that had little success in rising through the ranks of Korean Overwatch. The highest they ever made it was the offline qualifier for Challengers, but fell short of making it to the second highest division of Overwatch. The team disbanded earlier this summer.

Geguri and her new teammates have a tough task ahead of them in finding success at the top of Korean Overwatch. Despite qualifying for APEX, the team finished with a losing record in both stages of Challengers. While the team would have qualified for Super Week even without APEX's generous promotions this season, it is hard to say they would have advanced past Super Week. Fortunately for them, they share a group with three other freshly promoted Challengers teams, giving Geguri the opportunity to try and prove she can be the difference in putting Orcas ahead of teams they lost to not too long ago.

ROX Orcas will be announcing their full roster later this week. Keep it locked on for all the APEX roster changes!