The groups for APEX Season 4 were drawn live on stream today as Korean teams prepared for the commencement of the new season on 11th August. The sixteen Korean teams will need to place in the top two in their groups to advance to the next stage of the tournament.

Lunatic-Hai, Kongdoo Panthera and Afreeca Freecs Blue were separated into groups A, B and C respectively as the top three teams from last season, whilst X6 were placed into group D after a winning a random draw against Luxury Watch Blue.

These four teams then took turns in selecting opponents to compete in their group, starting with Lunatic-Hai whose first choice was MVP Space. Kongdoo Panthera then went on to select Flash Lux followed by Afreeca Freecs Blue who selected ROX Orcas and X6 who selected Meta Bellum. These selected teams then chose the next set of participants in their groups in a snake draft format until the groups were complete.

The groups for APEX Season 4 can be found below:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D