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Introduction video with the highlight plays of the players for the final OWWC roster

posted 2 weeks ago

Well, I don't think the soft region-locking will change things much. If you think about it. There aren't that many teams with more than 4 players from other region in Contenders anyways. The only teams that this prevents is teams like Lucky Future Zenith, which kind of makes sense. I wasn't fan of an idea of teams moving to weaker region to win the tournament money.
I just don't know how the Pacific region will work now though. Will Australian teams and Korean teams be allowed to play in the Pacific region? Or would it only be for the countries without designated Contenders regions?

posted 2 weeks ago

I really hope at least one of the Chinese teams will represent the best talent of China. It was really disappointing to see the only Chinese team not representing the best of China during season 1.

posted 3 weeks ago

28 matches per team sounds like each team will play two matches against the teams in the same division and one match against the teams in the other division.
Under this structure, having two divisions finally make sense. Overall team standing will have some bias due to uneven strength of the divisions, but I think that problem will be mostly taken care of by having playoff matches. It's good to see OWL moving in the right direction. I just hope that the Pacific division won't be too weak in comparison to the Atlantic division.

posted 1 month ago

I wish Russia was in this group instead of Poland or Italy. Then the groups would have been more balanced, and this group would have been a lot more interesting to watch. But who knows. Maybe some of these teams will surprise me by being much stronger than what is expected from them just like Denmark did.

posted 1 month ago

Why do they sub in Pine in place of SBB if they wanted to play so much Tracer?????

posted 4 months ago

No OWL found a way to deal with NYXL yet. Will any of the national teams be competitive enough to give them a fight?

posted 5 months ago

I hope Birdring recovers soon. He's been most consistent DPS player in London imo. Profit is excellent when he is in form, but since the OWL started, his form has been shaky almost half the time, and except for very few games, Hooreg hasn't impressed me as much as many top DPS players in OWL.

posted 6 months ago

I really hope all of these trades and new signings while stages are going is only for season 1. It just makes it difficult to track who's on what team. Maybe they can add an extra week or two between stage 2 and 3, and make that mid-season signing window.

posted 7 months ago

What is LAV doing??? They're selling Soon AND Unkoe to get Bunny? AND they are also looking to trade off Envy? I really don't see LAV benefiting at all from all these trades.

posted 7 months ago

I am confused. I think Envy is one of the better off-tanks in OWL. Why is LAV trying to trade him off to a different team??

posted 7 months ago

If I were to include people who are over 18 already as well, I think Stitch, Twilight, NoSmite, and GodsB are also good enough to be part of OWL.

posted 7 months ago

No Flow3r? I am kinda lost why he's not in XL2 because I thought they announced him to be part of XL2 initially.

posted 7 months ago

Also explains why Philadelphia is doing much better in stage 2.

posted 8 months ago

Now that Mercy is not as OP as she was in stage 1, there are more instances that dive comp is necessary, and I think that is exactly why Outlaws are not doing as well. They simply do not have top Genji or Tracer. Linkzr's Genji is worse than most other OWL team's Genji player. Linkzr, Jake, and Clockwork can all play decent Tracer, but they're just not at the top level to compete with the likes of SoOn, Profit, EFFECT, Saebyeolbe, Birdring, Carpe, etc.

posted 8 months ago

Houston really need a better Genji. Linkzr's Genji is mediocre at most. For Phily, Shadowburn came in to carry the team whenever the team needed the most. Linkzr was never able to do so as Genji. I think Linkzr is an excellent hit scan player, but not so great Genji.

posted 8 months ago

So are they getting those new players added for the second stage or not? Does anybody know? The new players are not listed on yet, which makes me to believe that those roster changes will take place after the mid-season signing, but I am not sure since it would be weird to announce those new additions now if it weren't taking place until after second stage is over.

posted 8 months ago

So are these roaster changes going to be in effect for stage 2? I thought mid-season signing wasn't until after after stage 2. Anyways, I am happy to see all these changes!

posted 8 months ago

Why swap off to Janus when Mano was playing so well?? Janus got picked off early so many times. I think NYXL would've taken the trophy if they kept playing with Mano.

posted 8 months ago

I just got a chance to watch this game, and I think it's more of Verbo to blame for the loss than Agilities. I mean, yes, Agilities under-performed, but so did Soon, Envy, and Fate. But I think a lot of that has to do with Verbo as Mercy getting picked off early in the fight too often. With out that burst healing, dive-heavy LA Valiant could not survive long enough to be lethal to the other team.
I really hope they can get Unkoe (and silkthread) back in the game next week. I think KariV's Mercy is much better than Verbo, so if they can bring in Unkoe to play Zen, which would allow KariV to take the Mercy role, Valiant would look much stronger than they did against Boston.

posted 9 months ago

One thing I don't like about Seoul ever since their Lunatic Hai times. They try to bring in obviously less talented players on games and not sub them out even when it isn't working.
I kind of understand why they do it. If some of the players don't get any play time, they'll lose motivation, which might have bad influence on the entire team. Also, if they sub out players when it's not working well, that could also hurt the player's morale. So they just keep playing with it with hopes that they can come back and do better in the later part of the game.
That has been part of how Lunatic Hai managed to stay on top for so long. They were able to keep the players motivated, and the players that were once seen as less talented came in at times when regular players were under-performing (like in the case of Gido in APEX season 3).
However, I don't get why they need to do it in games that are this important. They could try subbing in these players against weaker teams, or after they already got 3 points and secured a victory. That happens all the time in real sport, and that does sufficient enough job of keeping players motivated.

posted 9 months ago

I think it has a lot to do with current meta. HarryHook is one of the best Lucio (probably 2nd best after Tobi), and Chips is one of the best Ana. But both supports are playing the characters they are not comfortable on right now.
EnvyUs was so strong because they had one of top DPS players, one of top support players, and quite competitive tanks. Now, pretty much all OWL teams have top notch DPS players, and it's the tanks and support who need to step up and bring the difference. I don't think tanks in DF are above top OWL teams, and supports can't do much better in current meta. So it's not really a big surprise that Dallas Fuel isn't doing so well.
I'm not sure how much meta change will occur with the Mercy nerf, but if we start to see more Lucio and Ana, I think Dallas Fuel will begin to show better performance.

posted 9 months ago

He also plays great Pharah and Genji. But yeah, I am not sure whether he can play it as well as he did on Widow and McCree.

posted 9 months ago

But is his McCree as good as Pine's? Pine really surprised me a lot last week. I knew he was amazing on Widow, but I didn't know he was also god on McCree.

posted 9 months ago

All of the match ups today are so interesting, especially this one! I think this will most likely be the battle for the 3rd best team in the league. I think current patch slightly favors LA Valiant since KariV is so good on Mercy.
But like most people said, I think this match will be very close, 3-2 either way.

posted 9 months ago

Yeah, he's always been good. It's not just his aim. He has amazing game sense and broad hero pool. And it has been known for awhile to the extent that many people (including myself) have been saying that he should be picked up by Lunatic Hai. Not sure why he stayed in FL for so long, whether it's his loyalty to the team or the reason Loco mentioned above

posted 9 months ago

50% to Blizzard and 50% to the teams.

But I think many people misunderstand how the revenues are divided between the teams. Even if you buy a jersey from a certain team, that does not mean 50% of the revenue from that goes directly to the team you bought the jersey for. All of the OWL purchases are collected into one revenue pool, and it is divided evenly among the teams.


posted 9 months ago

If it's for the entire season, then

  1. Seoul Dynasty
  2. London Spitfire
  3. New York Excelsior
  4. Dallas Fuel
  5. Houston Outlaws
  6. Los Angeles Valiant
  7. San Francisco Shock
  8. Los Angeles Gladiators
  9. Florida Mayhem
  10. Philadelphia Fusion
  11. Boston Uprising
  12. Shanghai Dragons

But for the stage 1, I think San Francisco will do slightly worse (most likely just behind LA Gladiators, maybe even behind Florida and Philadelphia). I think Sinatraa is the only top tier Tracer they have although I know Danteh can be decent.

Compared to most people, it seems like I predicted NYXL and Florida to do better, and Dallas and LA Valiant to do worse. So short explanation for each of them.
-- NYXL: In the preseason, NYXL had Libero playing the flex support role. He has never played that role in pro scene, and it was quite obvious that he wasn't doing that well on it. JJoNak is known as one of the best Zenyatta and Ana. Although he has never been tested at pro level, I think he would do better than Libero on those characters. Since he turned 18 just after the preseason, he should strengthen the team quite a bit. Also, that means Libero can go back to the roles that he feels comfortable in, and Libero should add great amount of flexibility to the team for DPS.
--Florida: Yes, they did poorly in the preseason. To me, the main reasons for their poor performance seemed to be CWoosh and Logix. Logix can't really do well on anything other than Tracer, and even on Tracer, he has failed to do well on LAN. But I believe his strength on Tracer will start to show again once he gains more experience of the big stage, and it is difficult to imagine that Tracer will ever fall out of the meta. Since TviQ can play almost anything, I think this DPS duo can prove themselves to be lethal to other teams. Also, CWoosh performance was quite different from how well he did in the contenders. I believe how he did in preseason does not truly reflect his skills.
--Dallas: They have great players on all heroes, so it is difficult to think that they would do bad, and I agree. But one weakness is that each player tend to have a specialty in certain heroes (EFFECT on Tracer, Taimou on McCree and Widow, Seagull on Genji and Pharah, Custa on Moira and Mercy, etc.). For example, Taimou is the only one who is good on Widow, and he tends to have good and bad days. So in his bad days, there aren't other players who can substitute him on Widow.
--LA Valiant: I think their great performance in preseason has a lot to do with how well the tanks and KariV's Mercy did. Fate's Winston is well know for the extreme aggressiveness, and when that works well, that helps the team greatly as we saw in the preseason. But as other teams get used to his style, they would deal with it more effectively, and when they do, Fate's aggressiveness might not work so well anymore. Also, Mercy is currently so OP, and since KariV is one of the best Mercy, he was able to do so well. But I feel like Mercy will be nerfed soon or later and will be less powerful.

posted 10 months ago

If I were to vote for Semi-final and Final based on this result,

Detroit > Sejong

This is pretty tough to pick, but I believe Detroit has better DPS and slightly better or about equal Tanks. Although their supports aren't the best, DNCE, Kris, GILY, and BeBe all tend to do well when DPS and tanks are winning the fights.

Amsterdam < San Diego

I don't think there is a huge gap between the two, but I think San Diego has slightly stronger players overall.


Detroit > San Diego

I think main difference between the two is presence of top Tracer. Detroit has Nenne who is better than Saya, GodsB, and ArHaN. I also think NoSmite is slightly better than Evo. For the support, Quatermain is one of the best Lucio, but I haven't seen how good his Mercy is. Unless his Mercy is as good as his Lucio, I think the level of supports are about same as well. So in the end, I think Detroit will take the win.

posted 10 months ago

Beijing < Detroit

Detroit probably has the strongest DPS line out of the teams listed here. Their support lines are a bit weak, but I don't think that is enough to have them beaten by Beijing Imperials. Detroit has the core of X6 gaming which took the Nexus cup by defeating Kongdoo Panthera and Lunatic Hai who have beaten Element Mystic and Miraculous Youngster. Since the core of Beijing Imperials is Miraculous Youngster, I don't think it is much of a stretch to believe Detroit will take this match.

Sejong > Toronto

Individual skill level of the players would not be hugely different between two teams, but I think the coordination and flexibility would be better on Sejong side.

Gangnam < Amsterdam

DPS of Gangnam is a bit weird imo. Recry and Saya both mostly play hitscan. Although they both can play Tracer, I would not say they are one of the top Tracer players, so is ArHaN. Decay is probably the best Tracer out of the DPS in this team, but ArHaN is the only one who is decent on projectiles. It would be tricky to put DPS line that is flexible with this pool of players. Tank lines are good, and the supports aren't bad, but I would say Adam and Greyy can do just as well.

Busan < San Diego

I would say Busan has better support, and San Diego has better DPS. For the tanks, I think they are about even.

posted 10 months ago

this link has clips of him throwing in case anyone wants it.

I feel like his temper has been getting worse lately. I know he has always been crazy loud and all, but he still tried really hard to stay competitive in his matches. He really needs some mental support. Unless he get proper supports, he seems to be getting pretty close to do something like what Dafran has done. He actually is an incredibly talented player, which was shown again in the preseason. I just hope he can get some help with his mental stability.

posted 10 months ago

Looks great!!! Thank you! :)

posted 10 months ago

All matches will consist of four-map sets
The map pool for the entire season will be announced before the season begins


Based on what's on the overwatchleague website, the map pool is most likely going to change for the regular season and will be announced before the beginning of the season.

posted 11 months ago

I don't think this is the case since they have been announcing all four maps for the match prior to beginning of the match. But I couldn't find any info on how they are decided, so I'm not sure whether it has anything to do with home&away teams or Blizzard just decides the maps for each match.

posted 11 months ago

Yeah, but it's still fun to speculate :)

posted 11 months ago

What about making a league for the pre-season? It seems like the one Pixelfish created is for the regular season, so I created another one for the pre-season.

posted 11 months ago

I tried joining as Explodey just so you know. When I was making an account for, I thought username was more like an id to log in, which is why I am stuck with cjh0822 here. But I prefer using Explodey. Allow me to join if there is space! :D

posted 11 months ago

Is it for the regular season or the preseason?

posted 11 months ago

I'm not sure. Element Mystic looked really strong in Challengers second group stage and in the show match against South Korea. I think it would be either one of the two taking the trophy.

posted 11 months ago

The limitation of not being able to recruit anyone from RunAway makes this much harder. If it wasn't for that, I would've probably chosen the core members from RunAway and filled the team with remaining stars in KR scene.

Since this is to make a realistic team taking into account of team synergy, I would probably pick key members from Miraculous Youngster and LGD as starters.





Explaining the starters first. I think the main weakness of MY is the main tank, so replacing Jiquiren with guxue would strengthen the team quite a bit. Also, I think Shy is the best flex support in Chinese scene (zhufanjun is almost as good, but I think Shy is slightly better at Zenyatta and Sombra).

As explained above, I chose the starters not based on pure individual talents, but chose them considering the team synergy. So clearly, there are better individual talents available. So I think picking this top individuals filling in some of the weaknesses of the starters would be a great way to wrap up the roster.

aKm is one of the best, if not the best, hit-scan available. As long as he can play well with the team, he would be a great addition to any team. Also, he has shown his skills on Pharah as well, which neither of the two DPS in the starting line-up clearly displayed.

Another weakness of the starter is that although leave plays Genji from time to time, his Genji is not comparable to the top Genjis in OWL. So including ArHaN would complement this team quite well.

FCTFCTN is probably the best option left for main tank. KnoxXx is also a viable option, but I think FCTFCTN's Rein is better.

I think Void is the best D.Va outside the OWL. Void's D.Va and LateYoung's Zarya is probably as good as, if not better than, top flex tanks in OWL.

Fuze is amazing on Lucio and is also decent on Mercy. Wakawaka is another option, but I think I would choose Fuze over him because I think Fuze would have better synergy with Undine as they have played together.

Undine is very good on Zenyatta and Ana, and he is one of the best on Mercy. Greyy and Roolf are also viable options, but I would choose Undine over them due to better synergy with Fuze.

posted 11 months ago

Rosters for all of the participating teams.
It seems like ArHan joined Meta Athena? Am I the only one who missed this news? He should be a great addition for Meta Athena to fill in for Libero. Excited to see how these new teams will look!

posted 11 months ago

Let's see whether new Lunatic Hai can continue to live up to their reputation of surviving through the groups of death! I think it will be really hard this time as I think EM and MY are two of the top three teams in this tourney.

posted 11 months ago

just based on known factor Group A looks much stronger

You meant group D, right? If so, I agree with you.
I would say rebuilt Kongdoo and Lunatic Hai seems to be about at similar level based on the name values.
Element Mystic is as strong as RunAway imo based on their recent performances.
LGD lost half of its starters. Moreover, their recent form has been poor even before the players' departure. Lost twice in a row against MT1 in recent matches.
MY is undoubtedly the strongest Chinese team atm.

Group A vs. Group D
RunAway ~= Element Mystic
Kongdoo ~= Lunatic Hai
LGD ~< MT1
LGE <<< MY

posted 11 months ago

Any info on when this tourney is going to happen? That seems like decent list of teams!

posted 11 months ago

This is why I think Blizzard should implement a clan system. It would help to find reliable people to play with. Also, you would need to play cooperatively to remain in a clan with good reputation.

posted 11 months ago

Possibly. But it would be really nice if they ran tournaments with tier-2 tournament teams in their region, like Seoul Dynasty with top APEX teams, Shanghai Dragons with top OWPS teams, etc.

posted 11 months ago

Now, we all know how OWL is outlined, but it seems like there is no clear info on how the overall OW scene (including tier 2 and 3) will be structured. Solid tier 2 scene is essential to provide constant influx of new star players. I am sure Blizzard is aware of this and is working hard to develop outstanding league structure for tier 2 scene as well (as they said news on contenders is coming very soon), so this post might not really mean anything.
But I feel like one role communities like this can serve is to provide ideas for the developers. So below are some of my thoughts on how the overall OW scene should look like. Whether this post will have any meaning or not, I am just trying whatever I can to help OW to be successful as eSports since it is the first eSport I began following.

Premiere Events:
Overwatch League and Overwatch World Cup

Major Events:
APEX, Contenders (NA and EU), OWPS, OPC, Event Tournament (with teams from OWL, APEX, Contenders, OWPS, OPC)

Minor Events:
APEX Challenger and Open Division
The image link above contains how I think these events should be scheduled. I only included events for KR, NA, and EU since those are the ones I am most familiar with.

Overwatch League:
Only thing I changed from the official schedule is additional 2 weeks between stage two and three for mid-season signing. I think this break in the middle would allow the teams to analyze their performance in the first half of the season, and also help the new members to adapt.

Overwatch World Cup:
I think OWWC is a great tournament to attract casual fans, and I think Blizzard should continue to run it. Qualifier during late-September to mid-October, followed by playoff during Blizzcon.

Event Tournament:
As we are experiencing now, mid-November to December seems to be void of events. So this period seems appropriate to run an event tournament featuring teams from OWL and various tier-2 scenes. I think tournaments like this will promote interest to tier-2 scenes as well by showing how competitive the teams from those tournaments are.

Tier-2 Scene:
I really hope Contenders, APEX, and APEX Challengers (and OPC & OWPS) can remain to be strong because I strongly believe those are essential. To make the schedule, I had to come up with some kind of tournament structures, and detailed info on those rules are in this link( But it will probably be difficult to understand, so I will briefly explain key things below.

For both APEX and APEX challengers to remain to be functional, I think reduction in size is necessary, possibly to 10 teams. With that size, league format is certainly doable. Matches can be held from Sunday to Tuesday to avoid conflict with the OWL. Starting slightly after OWL would avoid APEX stealing the hype of the new season from OWL. Also, having semi-final and grand final during OWL off-seasons between different stages would allow fans who normally only watched OWL to turn their eyes to APEX during that off-season. I think each team having one match per week would allow enough time to analyze the opponents and come up with good counter strategy.

For Contenders NA/EU, since it is the only tier-2 tournament in the West, I think number of teams can be increased to 10. Overall structure similar to APEX as explained above.

APEX Challengers:
APEX challengers has been the league that helped amateur teams to develop into top-level pro teams (Meta Athena in Season 2, X6 in Season 3, GC Busan in Season 4, possibly Element Mystic in next season). This was possible as the league has relatively tight schedule. For the league at this level, primary purpose should be to develop pro-level players rather than to display top level performance. So I think having two matches per week would be better for Challengers.

Open Division:
This should serve as the initial stage for Contenders (and APEX Challengers) qualifier. When there are so many teams competing, it is difficult to do anything other than single elimination. However, single elimination always has a possibility of one of top level teams being eliminated early by facing top team in early stage. To help with this issue, it would be better to run this single elimination tournament multiple times throughout a year.


Yes, that was one LONG post, and I doubt many people read it all the way.
One purpose I hope this can serve is to share everyone's thought on how tier-2 scene like contenders should be structured and what kinds of tournaments should exist (like the event tournament I mentioned in the post, or how OWWC should be modified). Blizzard once mentioned each OWL teams would be allowed to run 5 tournaments. How should those be used? Post your thoughts please.

posted 11 months ago

According to the website, all star weekend is 3 days long (Aug 10-12, Fri-Sun), and this makes me believe that it will be more than just one match.

I can imagine all kinds of goofy things they can do like Lucio sprint, Winston jumping contest to moving targets, Soldier Frogger (successfully crossing roads with obstacles like the cars in the Oasis map), Junkrat cornhole, etc. They can also utilize some of the arcade modes (death match, mystery duel, lockout elimination, mystery heroes, total mayhem, etc.) and the event modes (Lucio ball, Junkenstein's revenge, Mei's snowball offensive, Capture the rooster, Overwatch uprising). But I think most people will only care about the ones that has meaningful relevance to real in-game skills. After all, the hype of the all star weekend should be about who really are the best players (on each hero or role) in the league.

I think they should utilize some of the arcade modes, so this event can promote more people to enjoy the arcade modes, but utilize it in a way that has meaningful relevance to real in-game skills. And maybe have one real game with all star teams each day as a main event.


For example,
Friday, August 10th: Challenge the Champion

  • Capture the Flag between OWL Champion vs. All-Star team - Just for fun mainly. Also, I think this is one mode where you need to think about both defense and attack. So it will be interesting to see how pros strategize it.
  • 6V6 Lockout Elimination - Let's see how well they can build up diverse comps!
  • 6V6 Mystery Heroes - To see how flexible the star players in the Champion team and the All-Star team are
  • Bo5 Match between the OWL Season 1 Champion vs. All-Stars from the rest of the teams (max 2 players from one team)

Saturady, August 11th: Battle to rise as the top individual

  • Death match of 8 most voted DPS players
  • Widow Headshot only match (like
  • McCree Headshot only match (like
  • 1V1 Mystery Duel with only DPS heroes (or some modification of it, like Tracer tourney, Genji tourney, hit-scan tourney, etc.)
  • 1V1 Mystery Duel with only Tank heroes
  • 1V1 Mystery Duel with only Support heroes
  • 3V3 Elimination match (one player only with DPS heroes, one player only with Tank heroes, one player only with support heroes)

Sunday, August 12th: Battle of the Division All Stars

  • Team death match of Atlantic All-Stars vs. Pacific All-Stars
  • 6V6 Mystery Heroes
  • Bo5 Match between Atlantic Division All-Star vs. Pacific Division All-Star (max 2 players from one team)
posted 11 months ago

I don't know how good sowhat, DoHyeon, and YARG are, but rest of the roster looks solid! I hope APEX can continue to be as great as they have been.

posted 11 months ago
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