Adding to this Tuesday's flurry of announcements, Rod Breslau, for ESPN, has reported that Korean supports Heo "Gambler" Jin-Woo and Jeong "ANAMO" Tae-Seong will be joining Overwatch League teams Seoul Dynasty and New York Excelsior respectively.

For the Dynasty, the move would come after a dissapointing end to the league's first stage, failing to make the stage playoffs. The addition of Gambler would provide some relief for current support duo of Ryujehong and tobi, and would bring Seoul to the maximum roster size of 12 players. Gambler previously played for both LuxaryWatch Red and Blue, primarily playing Lúcio.

The New York Excelsior would be similarly augmenting a support duo with the addition of ANAMO. Currently, the role is filled by ArK and JJoNak. The Excelsior found significantly more success than Seoul in stage 1, narrowly taking second place in the title matches. The pickup would put them at 9 players, leaving plenty of slots for further expansion. Previously, ANAMO played for Mighty AOD and Ardeont, who took the Overwatch Pacific Championship Season 2 in dominant fashion. ANAMO most often played Lúcio for his previous teams, and is perceived by many to be one of Korea's most talented support players.