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Fuel bench xQc following comments on stream in News

welp thats deserved

posted 2 days ago
DAL vs. HOU – Overwatch League Season 1 Stage 1 W2 in Matches

I think they would've done better if they just subbed EFFECT out

posted 3 days ago
Will Shanghai win a series in OWL in General Discussion

I could only see them winning against Florida Mayhem.
Both teams are super underwhelming.

posted 3 days ago
HOU vs. SHD – Overwatch League Season 1 Stage 1 W2 in Matches

tbh SHD is the new meme dream team

posted 4 days ago
FLA vs. SEO – Overwatch League Season 1 Stage 1 W2 in Matches

this hurts to watch

posted 4 days ago
100 OWL things that make you go WOW in General Discussion
  1. Dallas Fuel getting 4-0ed
posted 4 days ago
2nd Free OWL Skin in General Discussion

i want more

posted 4 days ago
Overwatch League Power Rankings, Stage 1 - Week 1 in News

thinking LAV should've been ranked higher.

posted 4 days ago
Mercy/Junkrat changes coming to PTR in General Discussion

I actually miss the old Mercy.


posted 2 weeks ago
Toronto Tyrants: an OWL Pellets entry in News

I miss Harbleu.

posted 1 month ago
GLA vs. LDN – Overwatch League Season 1 Preseason PS in Matches

GC Busan Squad just seems to be not as good as the C9KD Squad.

Welp. Proud of my LAG boys. <3

posted 1 month ago
GLA vs. LDN – Overwatch League Season 1 Preseason PS in Matches

S4 & Shaz the carrys of LAG.
And Asher is nuts!

posted 1 month ago
mercy in OWL in General Discussion

well mercy seems to be no low skill cap hero cuz a lot of pros suck at her.

posted 1 month ago
Hulktastic Cup set to take place this Saturday in News

maybe this could be a yearly event in honor of our lord internethulk

posted 2 months ago
Make an OWL team in General Discussion

I miss Mafu and Hymzi...

good old NiP.


posted 2 months ago
Canada comes back to defeat Australia in News

Surefour such a beast.

But Mangachus Pharah really should get credit, too.

Team Canada just played AMEIZING.

posted 2 months ago
New Hero Moira in General Discussion


posted 2 months ago
Philadelphia Fusion solidifies roster in News

Carpe US Flag

Finnish Shadowburn

edit: its gone

posted 2 months ago
Philadelphia Roster in General Discussion

not in OWL it seems..


posted 2 months ago
Philadelphia Roster in General Discussion

And another US Team full of non US Players. Love it.

posted 2 months ago
LA Gladiators announced for OWL in General Discussion


posted 2 months ago
Shockingly, Nevix joins SanFran in General Discussion

now they have someone who can play projectile dps

posted 2 months ago
Favorite Overwatch Match ever? in General Discussion

Atlantic Showdown Qualifier.
C9 vs. Fnatic (C9 did a reverse sweep)

posted 3 months ago
Mosaic eSports pieces together their first Overwatch team in News

NA Team with no NA Players.

posted 3 months ago
Let's get to know each other. in Off-Topic

What's your favorite team? - Old C9 Roster (Surefour, Reaver, Kyky, Debett, Adam, Grego)
Who's your favorite player? - Harbleu
What's your favorite ever match of Overwatch? - Atlantic Showdown, C9 vs. Fnatic (C9 did a reverse sweep)
Who are your mains? - Ana, Mercy
What's your favorite movie? - High School Musical (LUL, pls dont judge me)
What's your favorite food? - Noodles
What's your favorite over.gg member? - Meza. Love his candles. Much hope

posted 3 months ago
Bazooka Puppiez bite the dust in News

atleast meza gets the frags

posted 3 months ago
Players (or teams) you hope to see in OWL? in General Discussion

just surefour.
love this guy.

posted 3 months ago
Seagull flocks to EnVyUS for Overwatch League in News

as far as i know his zarya is nuts.
he was one of the most flexible players in the past (well he doesnt play tracer but everything else)
so being flex is fine

posted 3 months ago
Mercy is must pick in General Discussion

she is more rez machine than ever before


posted 3 months ago
Overwatch League finalizes teams and dates for Season 1 in News

so many US spots.

posted 4 months ago
Rockets Esports seek out Prestige Worldwide in News



posted 4 months ago
TS vs. eUnited – Contenders Season One Europe Reg Season Week 4 in Matches

lol this is gonna be fun

posted 4 months ago
NRG's new head of public relations in General Discussion

would be too good to be true

posted 4 months ago
Zuppehw leaves Gigantti for Misfits, Shaz joins in News

Zupphew is a super talented player who could easily play dps for Misfits, too.
Just like Nevix switched from supp to dps.

posted 5 months ago
Hammers release roster as OWL signing window opens in News

its candle time

posted 5 months ago
Statement from Dafran on his competitive future in General Discussion

still a child.
dont wish him the best of luck.
hes still going to ruin your matches.

posted 5 months ago
FIN vs. JPN – World Cup 2017 Sydney D in Matches

my weeb kokoro is making tokidoki

posted 5 months ago

pls imagine dva voice

posted 6 months ago
How do nerd stars work in General Discussion

you need :candles:

posted 6 months ago
Movistar Rider drops Team in General Discussion

i think meza waits for an offical news from over.gg to put on a candle

posted 6 months ago
ARC 6 picks up Custa in News

they could do it like c9.

when mercy is needed ginger plays it and custa switches to lucio.
like roolf plays lucio when adam plays mercy.

or they just go ana/zen and mercy? without a lucio.

could be possible on some maps.

posted 6 months ago
Custa joins Arc6 in General Discussion


Dahun goes, Custa joins.
Gingerpops moves to Lucio, IGL.
Custa plays the flex supp.

posted 6 months ago
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