The second match of the Overwatch World Cup playoffs was a matchup between Canada and Australia. This was the quarterfinal match the Through the Grapevine crew expected to be the closest. While Australia took an early 2-0 lead, Canada was able to mount a comeback and win the series 3-2.


The match kicked off on the University stage of Oasis.The teams appeared to be as evenly matched as predicted as a long, drawn-out fight started the match before Canada finally won the point. Canada seemed in control for most of the first stage and got off to an early 1-0 lead. Once again, Canada capped first on City Center after a long opening fight, but Australia would take the point themselves after overcoming Mercy resurrects while Canada was at 47%. Australia continued to hold the point until 99% when Canada seemed to be winning the fight. Canada would leave the point before they could take it entirely, however, and Australia took the second stage. Australia took the momentum into Gardens and defeated Canada's Reinhardt/Roadhog composition to go up 1-0.

King's Row

Canada began King's Row on attack, and eventually broke through Australia's first point defense off of two kills from Agilities with Dragonblade and three kills from Roolf's Zenyatta. xQc guaranteed his team the second point by using Primal Rage to knock Aetar away from the payload. Canada was able to cap the final point in overtime.

Australia capped the first point off of a solid dive led by Trill and carried the momentum through the second point. Canada were not able to halt them until they were a stone's throw from the final point with four minutes remaining to cap it. Australia would regain momentum after Aetar reflected a Surefour Deadeye leading to an Australian cap time of 3:14.

Canada would take the defense attempting to prevent a single tick in over three minutes of play. Mangachu went to an old favorite, Torbjorn, supported by xQc's Orisa. Australia eventually overcame Canada's cheese strategy and won the map to take a 2-0 series lead.


Canada kicked off Hanamura on attack with a triple tank lineup. A relatively easy cap led to Trill switching off to Reaper, forcing Kiki to play solo tank D.Va. Canada responded, switching off of triple tank, and would eventually cap second with 3:44 left on the clock.

Australia would earn themselves two ticks of the first point early, only to be beaten back by Canada. When Australia returned to push again, they were able to chase Canada off the point to capture first relatively uncontested. Australia then built up ultimates to unleash all six on Canada at once, giving them the point capture with 1:20 left in the bank.

Both teams would take first point on their first attempt in their next attacking rounds, but while Australia was unable to get any ticks on the second point, Canada pushed into it with ease. Canada finally found themselves on the board to make the series 2-1.


Australia attacked first on Junkertown, and walked out of the spawn door to find the Canadians right outside waiting for them. While Canada held at Australia's spawn for a decent amount of time, they were unable to keep Australia there. Eventually conceding the first two points to Australia. Australia wound up just short of the final point.

Canada came out of their spawn room on attack with Surefour on Bastion protected by a Reinhardt and Orisa. Australia were caught by surprise and Canada rolled through the first point. Their Bastion strategy reached its end on the streets phase, and Canada switched around their composition. By the time Canada was approaching last point, Surefour was on Tracer, and landed a double-kill with a Pulse Bomb to help lead Canada to an overtime push and tie the series at two apiece.


Mangachu opened Nepal Village with a couple of Pharah picks to give early momentum to Canada. Despite this, Australia managed to capture the point first, but were unable to hold on long against a Canada team that had taken an early advantage. Mangachu snuck in a teabag between kills on Pharah and Canada would take the stage. Canada would have little problem taking the next phase, Sanctum, and won it 100-0 to complete the reverse sweep and win the series 3-2.