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Tank Support that doesn't seem to do either that well PogChamp

posted 7 months ago

Maid, the man, the myth, the thunder from down under

posted 8 months ago

Nico + Kryw (+ Leaf) DPS Line, that's a pogger right there

posted 9 months ago

An unmatched inspiration... irreplaceable.

Devastating loss.

posted 11 months ago

RNG Can't not take this, 3-0.

e: EnV up 1:0 i'm super ok with being wrong here e2: oh well

posted about a year ago

Gotta be LGE for this one. Something feels off about this FaZe roster. 2-1 (e: meant 3-1, still jebaited by LGE)

posted about a year ago

Liquid is halfway to QC, and EnVision are really approaching their stride. Despite that, I think TL still takes this. 3-1?

posted about a year ago

3-2, coinflip for which team to win. RNG is ready to go hard

posted about a year ago

IMT 3-0 big money no whammies

posted about a year ago

LGE 3-1, let's go champ

edit: ffffffffffffffffffffff

posted about a year ago