Hulk winning APEX Season 1 Image credit: Blizzard

Former Team EnVyUs tank and Team Liquid head coach Dennis "INTERNETHULK" Hawelka has died at the age of 30. He was set to become the head coach of Team Liquid's League of Legends team in 2018. No details are yet available as to the cause of death.

INTERNETHULK was a prominent figure at Overwatch's highest level since the game was in beta. He was often credited with being the driving force behind putting together the highly successful IDDQD roster that later became Team EnVyUs shortly before the game's release.

When EnVy DPS Talespin left the team shortly before the playoffs of APEX Season 1, INTERNETHULK brought flex player Mickie onto the team, a decision that ultimately helped propel EnVy to their first LAN victory. The squad would later go on to win another at MLG Vegas.

When INTERNETHULK's contract with EnVyUs expired after APEX Season 2, he chose to venture into the world of coaching. He initially trialed with Laser Kittenz, but a few days later chose to pickup an offer to trial as Rogue's coach at APEX Season 3.

After he returned from APEX, he accepted an offer to become Liquid's head coach. Under his coaching, Liquid would go on to finish 2nd in Contenders Season Zero.

In the short time since his death, the community has been working on ways to honor INTERNETHULK's memory. Some have proposed naming an Overwatch League award after him. An event to honor his memory is currently in the works.