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posted 2 weeks ago

lets go. One step closer to OWL

posted 1 month ago

Man this article is awesome. I am so happy about this duo finnaly in the OWL. Deserved

posted 5 months ago

From Vivi's adventure to OWL. Let the dream continue :D. Congrats both! I am super Happy!

posted 6 months ago

Angry Titans is like old Runaway. This time they are gonna win. Stay Angry

posted 8 months ago

Nice from Paris. Weird ult use by Grey tho

posted 9 months ago

Who do you think has the highest potential as a player but still has not showed it yet?. ( You dont count)

posted 9 months ago

Also Finnsi did an amazing job yesteday. Really impressed. I think Hyp and Ben wasted some ults but the team is looking super strong.

posted 10 months ago

I honestly think that Kruise is the Best player in the league overall as now. He is actually insane. His beats are insane. His boops are insane. His leadership is insane. Man the guy is just Insane!

posted 10 months ago

I hope Ludde is goign to OWL. Houston or Mayhem could benefict a lot from him.

posted 10 months ago

But on the other hand what really impressed me is the ability ( probably due to the coaching staff to adjust things in like no time...cause on Route they counter sombra perfectly imho)

posted 11 months ago

Solid performance by Paris. But some problems. Like they Should have been able to deal with the Sombra on KR. But still great performance by the only real EU team :D

posted 11 months ago

One of the best Coach not in OWL. I really hope mayhem will bring him up. Would be a huge boost for their coaching staff.

posted 11 months ago

Honestly these are good moves. Finnaly Florida seems to have done something good

posted 11 months ago

Packing10 is an amazing coach

posted 11 months ago

I think you can value a coach. In base of what the team archieved under him and/or how the team did when he left. A coach like Seita who was able to win 2 Contenders title and always being at the top of the western scene. I think its pretty safe to assume he is good. For example Philadelphia Academy continue winning even when Aero left. That could mean 2 things : the coach was so good that he leaved things into the players or that the coach did not had a real influence on the team. You choose :D

posted 11 months ago

So i think its time to do the community power rankings for OWL S2. Rules are easy list the teams from better to worse along the all season ( so overall regular season power rankings and not stage 1 power rankings) in your opinions and maybe with a comment.
Here's mine:

  1. Los Angeles Gladiators: most solid and consistent team. Best Offseason moves overall. Great coaching staff. Maybe they will not win stages but they will perform always at the top
  2. New York XL: A lot of great players. Too many stars dps. Could become a problem. Still the strongest team on paper but imho less consistent than Gladiators
  3. Hangzhou Sparks: Bold opinion 1, Great dps Great Main Tanks, Great Main supp. Revenge Bebe and Ria are really good too. Also great coaching staff.
  4. Philadelphia Fusion: Carpe Eqo best dps duo. But no improvement overall. They look even worse than last year .
  5. Los Angeles Valiant: Super solid tank and support line. Dps are a big question mark. They look a lot like Philly.
  6. Atlanta Reign: Bold opinion 2. They will start slow but the tank+support+flexdps will be top tier. I have no faith in Dafran but Nlaeer will rock on hitscan.
  7. London Spitfire: No Bold opion. Spitfire stage 4 was a disaster( 9th place) they are inconsistent and overrated. Great highs but also very low lows.
  8. Paris Eternal: Every time i heard people saying that their tank line is weak or that is unknow who will play as starter on main tank or that LhCloudy is unproven i wanna rip my eyes and ears off. LhCloudy is a GREAT AND PROVEN main tank a lot better than BenBest on both Rein and Wiston. Flex Supports is a question mark. But they have a top 3 coaching staff.
  9. Guangzhou Charge: The dps line is stacked, solid support, and solid tank line. The korean players alreasy know english so there is not a communication problem( maybe is different for the 2 chinese players but still there will be few communication problems)
  10. Boston Uprising: I dont understand why people dont have faith. You can say a lot of things to Hulk but he is a great scout. He already proved it. For sure not low tier as some people are saying.
  11. Toronto Defiant: Barroi+aggressive style+some players that will surprise ( Yakpung, Ivy etc...) + Envy and Neko
  12. San Francisco Shock: Too much dps is not a great thing. They will do really well but internal issues will happen. Also i dont think they have a top tier main tank.
  13. Vancouver Titans: Yeah yeah Runaway hype. Great team, but i dont see why they should be upper than Guanzhou who has a core that made top 4 both Contenders season and had some great players not from meta coming in ( Hotba, Kyb, Eileen, etc..). They did not make improvements.
  14. Washington Justice: Good coaching staff, SanSam will do great. I have faith in Stratus too. Ado overrated.
  15. Dallas Fuel: Oge and Effect higly overrated. rCk is great. Support line looks very strong too. Coaching staff overrated.
  16. Chengdu Hunters: They are a bit of a question mark mode. I wann see how Jinmu YXL and main tanks will perform. Faith in Yvetal Lateyoung and Garry. They have lost a lot of players due to various reason ( Sky, Krystal, Beast, Silk) but i kinda have some sort of good feelings for them.
  17. Seoul Dynasty: Man they improved a lot their tanks and shotcaller problems. But Jehong and the dps lineup are still issues.
  18. Shanghai Dragons: Budget Koong Doo Panthera. Diem is really good but they will NOT be a top team like people are saying. On paper they will have a lot of troubles with the tank line. Even worse situation than Vancouver at least VT has not be downgraded)
  19. Florida Mayhem: R2der fire was a good move ( i still think he is a good coach but not in this enviroment). But still... Honestly i loved the team besides the youtube videos, all great guys but this was not the way to operate. Still big Faith in TviQ and hope something will change mid-ride. Until Sayaplayer will stay the team FM will not succed.
  20. Houston Outlaws: Danteh is a good add but still this team wails mediocrity all over.

Obviously all my idea are personal and were a bit salty on purpose haha. Cant wait to see your power rankings :D

posted 11 months ago

Moscow, Russia
Cologne/Berlin, Germany, Schalke04 ownership
Melbourne, Australia
Buenos Aires/San Paolo, Brasil

posted 11 months ago

This is fun

posted 11 months ago

My boy Chubz is my love dont touch him :angryface: :angryface:

posted 11 months ago

give to nanoboost the speedboost again. That was a fun meta aahhaha

posted 11 months ago

I hope teams will enter based on results and not on abstract things

posted about a year ago

There will be 2 region forn NA East and West so ir kinda make sense

posted about a year ago

So happy!

posted about a year ago

I have the same exactly thought about shanghai

posted about a year ago

I saw a thread like this on reddit and i thought it could be fun: just write down unpopolar opinions about the pro-scene, OWL conteders etc.( Possibly with some reasoning)
Here's mine:

London wil struggle a lot and will be inconsistent most of the season (with only a great or two Stage thanks to some meta). Imho they are super meta dipendent.

Seoul will still struggle, i feel like they are still inconsistent on support and dps side.

LAG will be the best team throught the season: i just think they are the best team overall in term of solidity and high results( maybe the will not win thw GF but they will end top 2 in Regular Season)

posted about a year ago

I agree with almost the things: except SDB inconsistency. Also i was thinking about Sayaplayer and imho he is konda overrated ( and he was one of the major problem for Florida S1). He is more like of a specialist and building a team around him( like Florida seems to have done) will not bring anything good to them.

posted about a year ago

I honestly felt like he was doing more damage than good. Cause he was try harding refusing to play with the team cause they were too bad and that did not bring anything good or success not to him not to Dallas. His playstyle was totaly different pre OWL i really hope he can return on that playstyle: less solo more around the team. Envy always dominated thanks to teamplay ( Cocco playstyle and Taimou perfect combo etc..) so i saw his solo carry as the worst thing happened in Dallas Fuel( and yes more wrong that Taimou weird roles). Solo try hard create more damage than benefit imho

posted about a year ago

If he return to play at the level he was before OWL then i can agree. But if he play like he did in S1 i will stick to my opinion.I mean He is a great player but i feel like people rate him to high

posted about a year ago

So i think it would be fun to make a list of the biggest problems for each team coming into S2. I wanna see what people thinks are going to be the biggest problems ( related to the offseason mainly) for each team based on what we see/know right now :).
Here's mine:

Toronto: They dont have a strong widow player and their main tank seems a lot behind his rivals in the league

Chengdu: 5 players who were supposed to be starters for this team actually retired/refuse or signed for another team(at least for the rumors). Krystal and Silkthread for the flex dps, Sky for the flex supp and Beasthalo and Jinquiren for main tank position. This means 3 positions of the team are filled with no 1st choices and 2 of them (flex dps, main tank) with the 3rd choice.

Seoul: consisentcy of dps and support, yes their tankline improved but the rest? The fact they wanted to sign Lucid tells a lot.

Shanghai: yes they took KDP lost 2 of the better players and while i think diem is a really good options for decay i dont think Fearless is a better choice than Roar. They are like a less good version of last contenders season KDP imho.

DC: they tried to signed logix but he refuses due to the low pay so they choose his budget version( Corey)....i wonder how many other players they lost for the same reason. Also SanSam.

Philly and LAV: i put them togheter cause imho they have the same problem. Neither of them improved and instead they kinda look weaker ( maybe cause the competition will be higher)

Paris: I love Paris team but when i see the team i wonder if they had not better choices in some position ( that are still in contender EU).

Hangzhou: i knos their strenght will come from main tank, main supp and flex dps, but i feel like the other 3 roles( that are undoubtfully solid) are weaker than the "medium" player in that role.

Florida: instead of rebuild around the good players of the team ( Logix, Manneten,Zuppeh,( and i know people disagree but i still think Tviq is a good player)) they decided to "just go mediocre koreans 4head". Also i still dont understand why they did not move Mineral to an analyst role ( cause he is a good analyst) and took another Head Coach.

London: yeah they won but they ended up 9th on Stage 4 last season. Except for Stage 1 and part of Stage 2 their regular season was a mess. And the players they released were already released in stage 4. I dont think they have fixed this problem.

Boston: Still is unknown if they have an HC or not ( probably is Shake). I like the fact they are poaching from non mainstream region (ColorHex is a beast) but overall they kinda lack of something? Better wait to see who will be their hitscan.

LAG: Best offeseson of all the league. Maybe the fact they dont have a standout offtank dont put them at the top. ( Bishu and Void are both super solid players tho)

Dallas: The fact they dont have clearly in mind what tondo about their dps lineup.Zacharee was know as a genji one trick ( a year ago). I am really confident about him being the projectile( i am a big fan of his addiction to the team), but the fact he is nor the best phara ( AKM) nor the best DF ( effect) give them more trouble abouts resolving their dps lineup enigma . Also the fact they have two not tracer hitscan ( AKM and Taimou) is kinda strange. Also Taimou has probably the best junkrat. Also Effect is overrated.

SFS: A bit like Dallas but much better overall. 2 tracer main. One hitscan not tracer main but their best Widow is the flex dps( Architect) also Rascal. I bet most team would love to have this kind of problems. But i think this could hurt them a bit during the season.

NYXL: too many dps of high level ( they could have made some usefull trades fron them) and no backup tank.

Atlanta: hitscan position. I think Nlaeer will impress a lot of people (remember that he played all the contenders season with 200ms and still he was able to be a great player) but still i am not too confident.

Guangzhou: Offtank posiont is solid but nothing more and overall they dont see to have a lot of standout players except maybe from the dps positions.

Vancouver: yes is Runaway. But here the same things from Shangai. They did not improver their team. Guangzhou and Hangzhou actually took teams that were less good but they had big additions who improved a lot their base team and let them even pass in quality VC and especcialy SHD. No improvements except from Rapel.

Houston: i mean Danteh cover problems but still they could have improved a lot more the team.

What do you guys thinks? What do you think are the biggest problems,related mainly to the offseason moves, of each team?

Also sorry for my poor grammar but i was a bit in hurry
( and i swear i wanted to put offseason in the title) :)

posted about a year ago

Yeah KaMi would be great for them!! Literally what they need! Is he 18yo yet?

posted about a year ago

I think Goats will stay meta( if it stay meta )only for a stage( max 2 but i find it very unlikely). And teams like Houston,Chengdu, Paris, and LAG will have an early advantage if coached properly. Lav too if the rumors about Packing10 are true.

posted about a year ago

In your opinions there will the OWL teams make more transfers before the starting of the new OWL season?

For me there will be more pickups epeccialy from Philly Boston and Lav.
Blase said on stream that neither him or ColorHex are going to be the main dps of the team, my guess is that they will sign Asking or Climax but who knows.
Philly is here cause we dont know yet the future of BeastHalo ( he was rumored to be in a bidding war between Chengdu and Philly and he is nota in Chengdu so....)
I feel like Lav need a more complete hitscan besides Bunny, i know they have Kariv but still...

Other teams that could make addictions imho are:
Chengdu: They apparently lost all the battle for the players they wanted due to better offers or because they players stepped down( Sky Silkthred Jinquiren BeastHalo Krystal) and seems like the projectile/flex dps and the main tank position are both lacking something ( if the rumors are true then Jinmu and Ameng/Vanessa would both be 3rd choices players).

Seoul: rumors said they were trying out Lucid( who had decided like Sky to rest for a while apparently) maybe they will search for another flex supp? Maybe Lucid himself will change his mind.

What do you guys thinks? in your opinions wich will be the last changes to the teams?

posted about a year ago

I think blase on stream said neither him or ColorHex woulf have been the main i guess they are adding someone. And imho ColorHex is Dream 2.0 no doubts. He is a monster!

posted about a year ago

I honestly cant read Seoul...they have good players great sub on tank line but still i cant say if they will do good or meh. With Lucid and another dps they would probably be top 3 but right nos o dont really know...

posted about a year ago

I am pretty sure a Boston player said there woukd be an hitscan addition...i will not rank Boston until they reveal him. But if is Asking then they wluld have knly a tracer problem. But if he is someone like Logix Onigod Climax etc... they will be a top team imho. Anyway they will do a lot better than what people thinks( again)

posted about a year ago

Lets have some fun trying to predict how the matches of OWL Week 1 will end.
Here's mine:
PHF-LDN= 3-2
SEO-LAG= 1-3
TOR-HOU= 3-2
ATL-FLM= 3-1
DAL-SFS= 2-3
CDH-GZC= 0-4
LDN-PAR= 3-2
VAN-SHD= 3-1
HOU-BOS= 1-3
PHF-ATL= 3-1
SEO-DAL= 2-3

posted about a year ago

guys rembeber that now there are less games than the last year. 5 games are almost 1/4 of the season. 3 games on this season are like 5 games on the precedent season. And seconf thing the player who were punished during Contenders have not been punished.

posted about a year ago


One.PoinT >>HSL Esports
I love HSL but 1P is just too good on Goats

Team Gigantti >>British Hurricane
Gigantti is gonna roll

Samsung Morning Stars >>Shu's Money Crew EU
Sms is unstoppable

Angry Titans > Winstrike Team
HARD to predict but #StayAngry is in my heart

One.PoinT>Team Gigganti
HARD HARD HARD to predixt but i feel like 1P will make the GF
Samsung Morning Stars > Angry Titans
Close game but SMS will win

Grand Finals
One.PoinT < Samsung Morning Stars
SMS will win no doubts

posted about a year ago

I was expecting Philly and New York to have home games too

posted about a year ago

Problems is not really that they dont let people organize things. But rules are pretty shitty and also not enough interesting for 3rd party to do tournaments. ( I hope all of this will change in 2019 but i dont have too much faith honestly)

posted about a year ago

One.poinT is my personal surprise from this contenders. They are honestly amazing. But still....#stayangry :angryface: :angryface: :angryface:

posted about a year ago

I dont think there would be acquirent but imho blizzard should try to "loan" the managment of T2 in a certain region to some investors. I still believe there would be some sort of profits around T2 but Blizzard is not using them. Like i think some sort of national league like football( soccer) would bring a lot of local viewers. But Blizzard will not do anything.

posted about a year ago

I put overrated cause i saw a lot of people on reddit that actually thinks he is a top 5 main tank in the league. I mean i know is reddit but i think overall people rate him a little too much

posted about a year ago

I agree he is probably overrated ( i probably overrated him) but honestly the fact they have BOTH him and NoSmite ( great player) let them tha ability to change if one underperform or is absent without almost losing nothing to overall team value. I dont think many other teams can do that. For that they earn top 5 imho

posted about a year ago

So since we could expect some others pick up from the team ( like a dps for Boston Uprising, probably BeastHalo to Fusion and Lucid somewhere) its not still safe to make prediction for the overall standing. But since Main Tanks signing are likely end ( except from BeastHalo and maybe Chengdu who was not abel to sign his first 2 options ( BH and Jinquiren) ) but whatever, lets have some fun and rank the best Main Tanks lineup.

20 Toronto: honestly i dont know well Yakpung but i am not conviced at all by him
19 Florida: Not Convinced at all by AwesomeGuy last year. They are not last since they have Swon ( but apparently he is a sub) and in case of defections they would be better backed.
18 Chengdu: i really hope Ameng(Vanessa) will be a revelation but the fact he was ( at least for the rumors) choose after Jinquiren and BeastHalo refuses the contract does not really sounds well to me
17 Guangzhou: Not like Rio is a bad player but i dont think he will be an outstanding main tank. The fact he have previous synery with the other MA members will help him.
16 Shanghai: i am sure Fearless will have better performances next season but this is not enough to put him higher
15 San Francisco: I mean Smurf is a great wiston and Super is a complete main tank but they dont give me enough good feelings
14 Dallas Fuel: OGE is overrated imho
13 Houston: Muma is a good player. Really consistent but i feel like he miss something for being supergood
12 Boston: i would love to put them higher but i cant. I love Gamsu but he had poorly performances on Rein imho. Axxiom is another great wiston but Rein? I know they have Fusion but since seems like he is not in the gamehouse and since he will probably more focused on Contenders i dont think will be used a lot by Boston. The Gamsu leadership factor win them 12 over Houston
11 Philadelphia: i dont like Sado. I am a fragi lover and i feel like he should be the starter but i feel like he is gonna be benched again ( shame). The fact Fragi is not complete as mt give them this position.
10 Atlanta: i am not sure why but Pokpo give me great vibes.
9 Vancouver: Bumper is an amazing tank! Cant wait to see how he will perform in OWL ( Ps: i think Vancouver is overrated a bit overall, but Bumper is Bumper)
8 Washington Justice: Janus will bring leadership and will probably be the center of WJ and i am pretty sure he will not delude the fans. The fact he will be the center of the team earn him the top 10
7 LAG : roar looks like a solid pick up. Perfect pick after Fissure
6 Paris: i dont know why people thinks BenBest will start. I mean LhCloudy is just WOW. ( yeah i am a fangirl)
5 London: Gesture is a great tank but i was not really impressed by him during last part of regular season. His performance during playoffs give him top 5 tho.
4 Hangzhou: Guxue make me fall in love during OWC. But NoSmite fight with Fragi for the best Main Tank sub
3 Seoul: Fissure is a great tank personal feelings besides.
2 LAV: Fate. not really other things to say
1 NYXL: I honestly think Mano is the most solid and complete main tank in all the OWL. And these two things are imho the best features for a main tank.

Let me know what you think and share your rankings :D

PS: i dont know why but i posted the thread before ending the writing but now is ok

posted about a year ago

I think would be a fun thing to rewiew the offseason signing for the OWL teams (both new and old) since some are confirming they will not sign other players. The rules for this are: give the team of the thread( Hangzhou in this case) a vote from 0 to 10 in the "offseason exam"( where 6 is the minum to pass). And you also have to say why, in your opinion, the team deserve that vote. Remember you have to rate the players market not the strenght of the team: so for the expansion team if they choose the best player for their team considering their strategy for the picks. While for the Old team the parameter will be more if they were able to improve the things they lacked last year and/or improved things overall.

My vote for Hangzhou Spark market:9

Dps: I am not really an expert about Korean and Chinese T2 scene but Krystal is one of the most impressive dps i have seen in the eastern scene. I am pretty sure he will rock in OWL ( also point up cause they won bidding war with Hunters). I dont think they have alredy choose his partener in crime but for me will be Bazzi. I dont really think the other 3 are on Krystal level but they are really good ( especially GodsB as flex dps).

Tank: Guxue is AWESOME and NoSmite is a great sub main tank will be their peak position. Ria is a good offtank, i think they could have take better as individual skill but is the best choice in the team enviroment for the previous sinergy with other X6 members

Support: IDK could probably become Top 3/5 Main Supports in all the league. Revenge and Bebe are two good flex-supp but imho will be the the bottom one regarding skill

Coaches: i think they have the best coaching staff around all expansion teams ( along with Paris). 3 HC could be seen as a problem by some but i think they will works perfectly: Team Seven always seemed like they had a big potential but actually never achieve something concrete, their former coach will be a great AC and will probably do the final step he is missing under former X-6 HC. The former LGD gaming will bring players prospective ( since he is a former player) into coaching staff.
Final thoughts and other considerations: the core of X-6 and Team Seven will pay off in the early season. They also were able to take the two best chinese players avaible on the market. Great offseason for them.

I wanna see your votes for their offseason so post votes!

posted about a year ago
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