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So i think its time to do the community power rankings for OWL S2. Rules are easy list the teams from better to worse along the all season ( so overall regular season power rankings and not stage 1 power rankings) in your opinions and maybe with a comment.
Here's mine:

  1. Los Angeles Gladiators: most solid and consistent team. Best Offseason moves overall. Great coaching staff. Maybe they will not win stages but they will perform always at the top
  2. New York XL: A lot of great players. Too many stars dps. Could become a problem. Still the strongest team on paper but imho less consistent than Gladiators
  3. Hangzhou Sparks: Bold opinion 1, Great dps Great Main Tanks, Great Main supp. Revenge Bebe and Ria are really good too. Also great coaching staff.
  4. Philadelphia Fusion: Carpe Eqo best dps duo. But no improvement overall. They look even worse than last year .
  5. Los Angeles Valiant: Super solid tank and support line. Dps are a big question mark. They look a lot like Philly.
  6. Atlanta Reign: Bold opinion 2. They will start slow but the tank+support+flexdps will be top tier. I have no faith in Dafran but Nlaeer will rock on hitscan.
  7. London Spitfire: No Bold opion. Spitfire stage 4 was a disaster( 9th place) they are inconsistent and overrated. Great highs but also very low lows.
  8. Paris Eternal: Every time i heard people saying that their tank line is weak or that is unknow who will play as starter on main tank or that LhCloudy is unproven i wanna rip my eyes and ears off. LhCloudy is a GREAT AND PROVEN main tank a lot better than BenBest on both Rein and Wiston. Flex Supports is a question mark. But they have a top 3 coaching staff.
  9. Guangzhou Charge: The dps line is stacked, solid support, and solid tank line. The korean players alreasy know english so there is not a communication problem( maybe is different for the 2 chinese players but still there will be few communication problems)
  10. Boston Uprising: I dont understand why people dont have faith. You can say a lot of things to Hulk but he is a great scout. He already proved it. For sure not low tier as some people are saying.
  11. Toronto Defiant: Barroi+aggressive style+some players that will surprise ( Yakpung, Ivy etc...) + Envy and Neko
  12. San Francisco Shock: Too much dps is not a great thing. They will do really well but internal issues will happen. Also i dont think they have a top tier main tank.
  13. Vancouver Titans: Yeah yeah Runaway hype. Great team, but i dont see why they should be upper than Guanzhou who has a core that made top 4 both Contenders season and had some great players not from meta coming in ( Hotba, Kyb, Eileen, etc..). They did not make improvements.
  14. Washington Justice: Good coaching staff, SanSam will do great. I have faith in Stratus too. Ado overrated.
  15. Dallas Fuel: Oge and Effect higly overrated. rCk is great. Support line looks very strong too. Coaching staff overrated.
  16. Chengdu Hunters: They are a bit of a question mark mode. I wann see how Jinmu YXL and main tanks will perform. Faith in Yvetal Lateyoung and Garry. They have lost a lot of players due to various reason ( Sky, Krystal, Beast, Silk) but i kinda have some sort of good feelings for them.
  17. Seoul Dynasty: Man they improved a lot their tanks and shotcaller problems. But Jehong and the dps lineup are still issues.
  18. Shanghai Dragons: Budget Koong Doo Panthera. Diem is really good but they will NOT be a top team like people are saying. On paper they will have a lot of troubles with the tank line. Even worse situation than Vancouver at least VT has not be downgraded)
  19. Florida Mayhem: R2der fire was a good move ( i still think he is a good coach but not in this enviroment). But still... Honestly i loved the team besides the youtube videos, all great guys but this was not the way to operate. Still big Faith in TviQ and hope something will change mid-ride. Until Sayaplayer will stay the team FM will not succed.
  20. Houston Outlaws: Danteh is a good add but still this team wails mediocrity all over.

Obviously all my idea are personal and were a bit salty on purpose haha. Cant wait to see your power rankings :D


No explanations given, just my gut feelings and biases.

  1. NYXL: They were the best team throughout the majority of season 1, and the addition of Nenne makes them even stronger. Their DPS line is better than anyone else's by virtue of sheer depth of talent, and their supports are both MVP caliber players. To top it off, the coaching and management are second-to-none.
  2. LA Gladiators: If roar can fill Fissure's massive shoes, the team will dominate. Decay is a huge upgrade over hydration. Surefour could very well be the best NA player in the league. Their coaching and strat-calling seem to be a bit unique, but it's paid off for them in the past.
  3. Seoul Dynasty: Jehong can play Ana again, and he's about to remind all of us just how good he is on that hero. Tobi can play Lucio again. Fissure gives this team 5 potential all-stars. If Munchkin can perform at a high level throughout the season, they will be a very tough out as long as Mercy and Zen don't become the only playable supports again.
  4. SF Shock: Architect is probably the most underrated player in the league. The guy is a monster on flex dps. He will be paired alongside the most dangerous tracer player in the league, Striker. The Shock were a pretty decent team the last 2 stages of S1, going 11-9 across both stages, and they got 2 amazing upgrades in Striker and Viol2t.
  5. Hangzhou Spark: Apparently, I was wrong, and Krystal and GodsB have hero pools that perfectly compliment one another. That makes this team an upgraded version of the x6 team that beat Runaway in Contenders KR S1. IDK and Guxue are nuts.
  6. Vancouver Titans: Runaway + Harshaa = big wins. Not much else to say, really.
  7. Guangzhou Charge: Hotba really impressed me during Philly's playoff run. He should bring a solid veteran presence to the core of a fairly good Meta Bellum team that will be augmented by one of China's best DPS players, Eileen.
  8. London Spitfire: They were a mediocre team throughout most of S1 that caught a lucky hot streak in the playoffs and won 6 matches after being taken to the brink of elimination by an LA Gladiators team that was missing its best player. These guys did not show that they could do much besides sit back and pray that Profit would carry them. On top of that they didn't add anything of value to their roster in the offseason. The only reason these guys aren't even lower is because Profit is so damn good that relying on him to hard carry is a viable strategy.
  9. Houston Outlaws: What? Houston Outlaws in 9th? Ahead of Philly Fusion? Allow me to explain: The regular seasons for Houston and Philly were almost identical, Houston had a better map record but Philly won two more matches, with philly doing better the stages when Mercy/Widow dive was the only viable comp, and Houston doing better when more comps were available (they won games in stage 4 running muma on Brig with no main tank!). Philly's playoff hot streak came at the expense of a Boston team that was in complete disarray and had gone 4-6 in stage 4 and an NYXL team that was running outdated comps with bad strategies. They were then promptly rolled 6-1 by the Spitfire in finals. In addition, Houston arguably had the hardest schedule of all the teams in S1, with the four teams they didn't get to play 4 times having a combined record of 12-28 in the stages they didn't play Houston. To top it all off, Philly had a strictly worse offseason than Houston, losing two valuable players and gaining absolutely nothing. I've said this about Houston before and I'll say it again: they are not a patch team. There is no evidence to suggest that they can't make playoffs running anything other than the very specific Mercy-Winston-DVa-Zen-Tracer comps that were mandatory in stages 2 and 3. Oh, and they also picked up a tracer player, so they'll probably be able to run that comp just fine too.
  10. Paris Eternal: I'm going to trust you guys on LHCloudy and that he's a good player. The team doesn't have any major holes, but aside from soon they don't have anyone particularly exciting. For all the hype about Shadowburn, he's never really shown anything out of the ordinary besides his Pharah. On the one hand, daemoN and Seita are proven good coaches. On the other, well, KyKy's reputation speaks for itself.
  11. Philly Fusion: See Houston Outlaws above
  12. Dallas Fuel: If Effect plays like old Effect, they could finish much higher, but if he blows up again, the team could have another meltdown.
  13. Atlanta Reign: Dafran and Gator are trouble waiting to happen, and once Dafran inevitably gets benched, their DPS play will probably not be great. That being said, they have a pretty solid tank line so I don't see them crashing too hard.
  14. LA Valiant: They're a decent team, but they'll be playing most of their games 5v6 since KSF and Bunny are hot garbage.
  15. Shanghai Dragons: Despite their wealth of talent on DPS and support (coma is insane), they retain the tank line and ownership from an 0-40 team. I don't trust them to do well.
  16. Toronto Defiant: They're a mid-tier contenders KR team without a star or even particularly good synergy.
  17. Florida Mayhem: How far will Sayaplayer go until he reaches his breaking point and joins a team that can actually use his talents? Will bqb end up feeling the same way? Will any of their coaches make it to stage 3?
  18. Boston Uprising: The three bottom teams all have one thing in common: terrible dps players. Though Boston's are the best of the three by a considerable margin, Aimgod is a disaster on Zen so...
  19. Washington Justice: Janus and SanSam are a decent tank line, but remember what I said about Shanghai? Picking up a DPS player from an 0-40 team is a bad idea. Pairing him with Stratus or Corey is even worse.
  20. Chengdu Hunters: Baconjack is a complete joke. There is no way in hell a player from a PAC team that consistently got destroyed by mediocre Koreans and who hasn't even played in a over a year belongs in OWL. He will play alongside Jinmu, a mid-tier contenders CN player and YangXiaoLong, a guy who quit for PUBG. No amount of clutch support plays from Yveltal and Garry/Kyo will save them from their massive feeding.

Chengdu Hunters: Backonjack is a complete joke

this is just wrong


He's only getting playing time because Chengdu couldn't sign a player who managed to get himself cut from both LA teams


consistently got destroyed by mediocre Koreans

Mate 5 out of the 6 players on that so called "mediocre Korean" team are in OWL now


I'm surprised people can give opinions that are this in debt with the lack of data on these new teams. Looking forward to seeing who's gonna be luckier with their blind guess.


And I'm even more suprised people actually have an opinion about how good a coaching staff is.
Beside previous records, there is literally nothing you know about them or how they work.


Stage Power Rankings might be where it's at. Looking at how well teams did compared to their pre-stage one rankings and where people expect them to be after stage 1. And so on.


I think you can value a coach. In base of what the team archieved under him and/or how the team did when he left. A coach like Seita who was able to win 2 Contenders title and always being at the top of the western scene. I think its pretty safe to assume he is good. For example Philadelphia Academy continue winning even when Aero left. That could mean 2 things : the coach was so good that he leaved things into the players or that the coach did not had a real influence on the team. You choose :D


Bunny and Ksf don’t even have to play lol. It’s stipid to say Bunny is a bad player, but Agilities and Kariv will probably play DPS, and who knows they might sign another


Toronto Defiant: Dafran and Gator are trouble waiting to happen, and once Dafran inevitably gets benched, their DPS play will probably not be great. That being said, they have a pretty solid tank line so I don't see them crashing too hard.>

It's nice that Dafran and Gator can bring Toronto even higher than in the rankings :P.

Jokes aside, but I can sense Korean bias in the rankings since Top-8 is basically 80% of Korean players. I would rate at least few of them much lower and probably Philly a bit higher. Otherwise I can see reasoning with most of these, except we are in GOATS meta and so much talks about Tracers or Genjis :S


Dang it, I knew I wrote something wrong :0. Honestly, the Korean bias is partly me not wanting to put Houston higher because people would think I was crazy and partly me not wanting to completely write off China as a weak region, leading to the inclusion of Charge and Spark where they are. As for Philly, I submit the opinion that Carpe is overrated. Profit can do everything Carpe does at the same level while being much more flexible. When you look at Carpe's signature heroes, Tracer and Widow, there are plenty of players who can outclass him. (SBB, Striker, Profit, and maybe Effect are better Tracers. Pine, Sayaplayer, and Profit are better Widows).
I wish I knew more about each team's brig play, for sure. We've never really seen any of the s1 teams run GOATS, which is why I put Vancouver as high as I did. They're the one team we know for certain can run GOATS and win with it.


I just can see easily 1 or 2 of those hyped Korean roster (full or nearly full) from London, NYXL, Seoul, Guangzhou, Hangzhou or Vancouver to "underperform" (well for NYXL underperform would be finish 5th or something), but it's just really hard to say which will be the team. Although Florida, Shanghai and Toronto are Koreans too and not expected to do that well. Well I do agree wtih that surely at least one of those 4 China teams which make it into playoffs Guangzhou and/or Hangzhou are most likely options,

I don't know am I thinking too complicated, but anyways, if Atlantic division has multiple "trash" teams, which will get stomped by everyone, if Florida, Toronto, Washington and Boston are that bad as people expect (+if Atlanta, Houston and Paris are mediocre like in most power rankings) would that mean London, NYXL and Fusion (ranked high in most rankings) getting easy path to playoffs (since they play twice in own division and only once vs Pacific).

I think World Cup did show some examples of good Zarya play and bad Zarya play in Goats (old patch): Quick look in USA vs UK before the match was Sinatraa is godlike Zarya, but when Zarya(+Brig) were meant to be protecting Rein for not getting stunned and slammed, which USA weren't able to do, but Korea did learn to adapt (they had more VODs and time of UK play) and Carpe was Zarya for Korea. This is not meant to be glorifying or bashing any player, but I think there's plenty of similar little things, which happened in Contenders Season 3 mostly with Grav+Bomb combo, where Lucio goes to boop so Rein won't be able to block with shield, but spotting Lucio in live video is not always so easy.. But about Carpe's signature heroes you are probably right that he is probably not Number One with either, but NYXL can't switch Pine and SBB mid map, if they are running different attack and defense setups. (Btw Birdring is Widow in Spitfire, not Profit, I haven't seen Profit play Widow so can't say how good his Widow is). But it's more about actually having a player who can flex into 3-5 or more heroes mid-game than just having that godlike Tracer One Trick playing Tracer every round, when Brigitte is played by enemy. After all it's a team game not 1v1 Tracer or Widow battleground.

Where as in Pacific I think only team, which everyone expect to do poorly is Chengdu, but every other 9 teams are considered better compared to most of the Atlantic teams.

In general I just think, if we look at the end of the season with Top-12 (Playoffs and Play-In Tournament spots) it's probably going to be at least 4-5 teams from each Division, but will be interesting to see how it turns out.


I'd agree on the idea that the world cup shows us something about GOATS play, but it's also important to recognize that the nerf to brig makes stun-slam less important, and could completely change the way Zarya is played in that composition.

Profit and birdring both play widow at a roughly equal level. They're both extremely flexible players and Birdring ends up playing more because of Profit's value on other heroes.


Yeah Zarya play was different for World Cup than it was before whole Goats-meta, but it kind of did show that, if X hero is needed to play differently than it was played before we could see different players shine up instead of all those players who used to be known for playing that hero. Will be interesting to see, if Dva matrix CD change will make some of the S1 Dva's look bad or good compared to others. Like who knows, if some new playstyle will evolve for some different hero that nobody has even thought about.

Spitfire just used to play Birdring (or Hooreg, while Birdring had injury) with Widow so I was just mostly expecting that he wouldn't even play Widow this season either since he is probably more valuable with some other hero (Birdring is pretty flexible as far as I can remember). There's just so many formerly "Tracer One-Tricks", because it was DIVE DIVE DIVE... DIVE so Tracer was picked about 99,9% of the time... It's just hard to say who actually is true flex-god for Pro-level, when meta is kind of forcing you to play only one hero. A lot of players can play many heroes well enough in ranked, but I wouldn't even call that too hard half the time in ranked... when it's such a mess sometimes.


Shrug, lots of hot takes and shock value comments. But, and this is just imo, not much in the way of tangible speculation. A few examples:

London Spitfire: They were a mediocre team throughout most of S1 that caught a lucky hot streak in the playoffs and won 6 matches after being taken to the brink of elimination by an LA Gladiators team that was missing its best player.

Not that I can back this up anymore than you can, but that lucky hot streak extended into winning the final, I'm not so sure luck had as big a part to do with it as you seem to insinuate. They did lose the first series to LA but were never brought to the brink of elimination, they never faced a series game point. Semantics, amiright?

Toronto Defiant: They're a mid-tier contenders KR team without a star or even particularly good synergy.

I don't know where they'd rank in KR contenders as they are now so you might be correct. My best guess is that the extra support they get from being an OWL team could be what makes them a better team overall, but that's not something I can evaluate. Now, "star power" wise they have Ivy and Neko, though I can't say how effective either will be in this team. It's hard to tell overall but looking at their individual play styles I'm guessing (yup, another guess, go figure!) that this is going to be an aggression focused team. As for the synergy comment...Yakpung, Ivy and stellar come from the same team and both their tanks like to play relatively aggressive. Whether that translates to synergy or not, I do not know. I'm not sure that's something we can even speculate about right now, we've never even seen them play as a team.

Entertaining post to read though.


Yeah, to be honest I hadn't taken the time to learn everything I possibly could and actually watch a lot of the players joining in season 2. Come to think of it, I'm sort of like the king himself, MYKL, when it comes to my opinions. I'm overly confident, I like to cause controversy, and I want to get things out as fast as possible. So, I guess, treat my posts as if they were coming from him.

As for the Defiant, I remember climax being O2 Ardeont's best DPS player from what limited action I saw of them, which is why I didn't think of Ivy and Stellar as stars, but I could be wrong about that. Neko was good in S1 for Uprising, but I always thought the stars of that team were Gamsu, Striker, and to a lesser extent, DreamKazper before he got kicked out of the league.


I thought that about climax too, apparently Stellar has like a very cerebral approach to the game and plays very smart, and Ivy is just a mechanics god who doesn't think at all. So since climax is also a mechanics god who doesn't do a lot of thinking they figured they'd only want to keep one of them.


I think they could have gone with Climax/Ivy and either either Stellar or Asher but like you mentioned they seemed to put less value into Climax. Still feel like coaching could have gone a long way in helping them achieve what they wanted and I'm not convinced Asher is THE guy, but hey, I guess we'll have to see how things go.

Edit: There's always the possibility of them picking him up later on (and I hope they do) so I'm still kinda holding out hope for that.


I know, I really do hope they pick him up. It'd be a shame to watch him play another 4 seasons of contenders.


Made some modifications and changes to my list ^^. Please let me know what you think!

  1. New York Excelsior
  2. Los Angeles Gladiators
  3. Seoul Dynasty
  4. Philadelphia Fusion
  5. Vancouver Titans
  6. Hangzhou Spark
  7. London Spitfire
  8. Atlanta Reign
  9. Paris Eternal
  10. San Francisco Shock
  11. Shanghai Dragons
  12. Dallas Fuel
  13. Los Angeles Valiant
  14. Houston Outlaws
  15. Boston Uprising
  16. Guangzhou Charge
  17. Toronto Defiant
  18. Florida Mayhem
  19. Washington Justice
  20. Chengdu Hunters
  1. Guangzhou Charge
  1. London Spitfire
  2. New York Excelsior
  3. San Francisco Shock
  4. Seoul Dynasty
  5. Vancouver Titans
  6. Philadelphia Fusion
  7. Atlanta Reign
  8. Shanghai Dragons
  9. LA Gladiators
  10. Hangzhou Spark
  11. LA Valiant
  12. Florida Mayhem
  13. Chengdu Hunters
  14. Paris Eternal
  15. Guangzhou Charge
  16. Toronto Defiant
  17. Dallas Fuel
  18. Houston Outlaws
  19. Boston Uprising
  20. Washington Justice

These are my rankings based on the rosters and my gut feeling. I'm sure most people will strongly disagree with me but it's literally just pure guesswork until we see the teams play


Going to split this up into two top 10 rankings rather than a top 20

  1. New York Excelsior
    • These guys need no introduction, and their DPS additions only give their already elite tier DPS line even more of a punch. My only concern might be in the coaching staff since WizardHyeong was released during the offseason, but I'm confident that New York can tackle any challenge that comes their way.
  2. London Spitfire
    • The season 1 champions didn't make many changes to their core roster over the offseason, only acquiring Guard and Krillin. The discussion about whether these additions were good for the team are obviously debatable, but this core still has the capability to win another season title.
  3. LA Gladiators
    • I was hesitant at first to rate the Gladiators so highly, but if Decay is as good as how much he was bought for, Gladiators fans should be excited for him and S4 to be their DPS duo. The same goes for r0ar, but if things go south for them, they have Panker who is likely chomping at the bit to start for them.
  4. SF Shock
    • Every position is well fitted with depth, but I am concerned that like the Excelsior, they will have too many players and not enough matches to play them in. I expect Crusty to have this team in top condition by the time the season begins. If Super or Smurf can't step up to carry this team with all of their DPS talent, I don't expect them to perform nearly as well until a meta shift.
  5. Vancouver Titans
    • As a RunAway fan I'm probably very biased towards this roster, but I think they've really got the capability to trade blows with the upper mid-table teams that finished in Season 1 (LAV and Fusion more specifically).
  6. LA Valiant
    • With KariV moving from flex support to DPS for the Valiant, I can't help but wonder if a weakness has been created in their flex support position. I hope Izayaki can step up to fill KariV's shoes, but I want to see consistent results from him before I rank the Valiant higher.
  7. Philadelphia Fusion
    • I don't think the new meta will be very kind to the Fusion. Having Carpe relegated to Zarya duty instead of Tracer or Widow makes me sad, but this really puts a lot of pressure on Fragi or Sado to step up and prove that the Fusion belong in the higher tier of OWL teams.
  8. Dallas Fuel
    • Losing Seagull was obviously a big blow to the Fuel over the offseason, but if this team can rally around each other in the way that they did in Stage 4 of last season, we can easily see them upset teams three or four rankings above them. I want to see standout performances from EFFECT and rCk (assuming he will be starting) before I rate them any higher.
  9. Seoul Dynasty
    • Fissure's addition to this roster will certainly give them a well needed boost, considering the main tank disaster they had last season. But I'm not fully convinced he alone is going to catapult this roster to immediate stardom like during the Lunatic-Hai days. The meta now is a bit more likely to favor them, but once we shift away from a tank-heavy meta, it's going to be a serious gut check for everyone on Seoul.
  10. Boston Uprising
    • Losing Colourhex for the first 2 games of the season is really going to sting for them, but I don't think they should be rated as far down as other analysts are rating them. That being said, if their current coaching staff of Gunba, Shake, and Mini can prepare them like Crusty did when he was their coach, I think they won't suffer too many blows from teams around them.

Now for my bottom 10 for the league

  1. Hangzhou Spark
    • Assuming the reports of the Spark being tough for existing teams are true, this roster being a fan favorite can really compete with the bottom of my top 10 teams, namely Seoul and Boston. It was tough putting them below Boston, but I can't rank them that high based on old results from the X6 part of the roster and the two Chinese world cup finalists in guxue and Krystal.
  2. Atlanta Reign
    • There's a lot of question marks around this team since it's a mixed English and Korean roster, but I want to see everyone on this team succeed. If Pokpo and Daco are on the same page, they won't be at risk of being upset by teams too far lower than them. With that being said LET'S GO DOOD.
  3. Paris Eternal
    • I'm only rating Paris as highly as they are because of the meta that we're in. I think BenBest has the carry potential that this team needs to trade blows with other teams ranked around them. Once the meta shifts and BenBest can't operate like he usually can on Rein, then this team will really need to come together and harness the talent that So0n, SDB, NiCO, and Danye have.
  4. Houston Outlaws
    • The Outlaws have a lot of potential in their roster, but last season were a very patch-reliant team for their successes. Danteh's addition to their roster does cover their weaknesses that they had during last season, but the patch we're currently in is vastly different than the patches that were played last season. If they are able to harness the power of SPREE in their 3/3 comp and are willing to sit out one of their DPS players so he can operate, this team has potential to beat teams above them. If not, expect them to be just another mid table team.
  5. Toronto Defiant
    • Not sure how I feel about this roster. I haven't done much research on them, but not many other places that have published power rankings have put the Defiant very high up.
  6. Shanghai Dragons
    • The revamped Dragons roster already looks much better than last season, but not improving after going 0-40 in the first season to the roster they currently have isn't an impressive step up. I don't expect them to go win-less again, but they're likely going to remain near the bottom of the standings.
  7. Guangzhou Charge
    • With the Charge going 2-2 with the Dynasty in the Pacific challenge, I wanted to have faith in this roster to step up in this meta, but I just can't see this roster beating a team that's above them, whether close to their rank or far away.
  8. Washington Justice
    • I like a lot of players on this team. I really do. But unless there is carry potential that the world hasn't seen yet from Janus, Gido, and Corey, I don't expect them to compete with many other teams rated above them.
  9. Florida Mayhem
    • Still a sub optimal roster at best, like last season. They might rise in standings if the meta shifts, but I wouldn't expect much from this roster.
  10. Chengdu Hunters
    • As much as I love Chengdu's colors and logo, I just don't see them getting out of the bottom three rankings. A lot of their players are unknown and aren't really that heralded. Hopefully they won't be this season's Shanghai Dragons and go 0-40.
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