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So since we could expect some others pick up from the team ( like a dps for Boston Uprising, probably BeastHalo to Fusion and Lucid somewhere) its not still safe to make prediction for the overall standing. But since Main Tanks signing are likely end ( except from BeastHalo and maybe Chengdu who was not abel to sign his first 2 options ( BH and Jinquiren) ) but whatever, lets have some fun and rank the best Main Tanks lineup.

20 Toronto: honestly i dont know well Yakpung but i am not conviced at all by him
19 Florida: Not Convinced at all by AwesomeGuy last year. They are not last since they have Swon ( but apparently he is a sub) and in case of defections they would be better backed.
18 Chengdu: i really hope Ameng(Vanessa) will be a revelation but the fact he was ( at least for the rumors) choose after Jinquiren and BeastHalo refuses the contract does not really sounds well to me
17 Guangzhou: Not like Rio is a bad player but i dont think he will be an outstanding main tank. The fact he have previous synery with the other MA members will help him.
16 Shanghai: i am sure Fearless will have better performances next season but this is not enough to put him higher
15 San Francisco: I mean Smurf is a great wiston and Super is a complete main tank but they dont give me enough good feelings
14 Dallas Fuel: OGE is overrated imho
13 Houston: Muma is a good player. Really consistent but i feel like he miss something for being supergood
12 Boston: i would love to put them higher but i cant. I love Gamsu but he had poorly performances on Rein imho. Axxiom is another great wiston but Rein? I know they have Fusion but since seems like he is not in the gamehouse and since he will probably more focused on Contenders i dont think will be used a lot by Boston. The Gamsu leadership factor win them 12 over Houston
11 Philadelphia: i dont like Sado. I am a fragi lover and i feel like he should be the starter but i feel like he is gonna be benched again ( shame). The fact Fragi is not complete as mt give them this position.
10 Atlanta: i am not sure why but Pokpo give me great vibes.
9 Vancouver: Bumper is an amazing tank! Cant wait to see how he will perform in OWL ( Ps: i think Vancouver is overrated a bit overall, but Bumper is Bumper)
8 Washington Justice: Janus will bring leadership and will probably be the center of WJ and i am pretty sure he will not delude the fans. The fact he will be the center of the team earn him the top 10
7 LAG : roar looks like a solid pick up. Perfect pick after Fissure
6 Paris: i dont know why people thinks BenBest will start. I mean LhCloudy is just WOW. ( yeah i am a fangirl)
5 London: Gesture is a great tank but i was not really impressed by him during last part of regular season. His performance during playoffs give him top 5 tho.
4 Hangzhou: Guxue make me fall in love during OWC. But NoSmite fight with Fragi for the best Main Tank sub
3 Seoul: Fissure is a great tank personal feelings besides.
2 LAV: Fate. not really other things to say
1 NYXL: I honestly think Mano is the most solid and complete main tank in all the OWL. And these two things are imho the best features for a main tank.

Let me know what you think and share your rankings :D

PS: i dont know why but i posted the thread before ending the writing but now is ok

  1. Shanghai: Fearless was just another cog in the broken machine that was the Dragons. His play wasn't at the level it needed to be.
  2. Chengdu: Ameng is a mid-tier CN contenders player. I refuse to believe he would be anyone's first choice.
  3. Florida: AwesomeGuy wasn't good enough to help Sayaplayer carry.
  4. Boston: I don't even know if Gamsu will be the main tank come season 2. The org seems broken, which isn't really Gamsu's fault, but don't expect much from him or anyone else on that team.
  5. Paris: Unlike many of his teammates, Benbest doesn't actually have good results against top teams. Team France got rolled by Canada in the OWWC (although I'll admit that was mostly winz's fault), and Young and Beautiful went 2-3 in groups each season of EU contenders before promptly losing in the first round of playoffs.
  6. Toronto: O2 Team had one really good run in contenders KR but were never particularly impressive in their play.
  7. GZ Charge: I honestly can't say much about Rio other than that Meta Bellum almost always beat who they were supposed to beat and lost to who they were supposed to lose to.
  8. Houston: Muma is a solid player but tends to choke in big moments. Pretty much sums up Houston as a whole now that I think about it.
  9. San Francisco: Super is basically Muma with a better Winston and worse Rein.
  10. Atlanta: Popko is good but Element Mystic were choke artists in Contenders KR so that gives me some pause when rating him.
  11. Dallas: OGE was one of the biggest reasons Dallas were able to turn around their season in stage 4. Losing Seagull hurts, but rCk should be fine enough as an off tank for the two to be able to coordinate well on dives.
  12. Washington Justice: Janus looked pretty good in season 1, but then again, he was playing alongside the best players in the league so perhaps our image of him is clouded by how his team did.
  13. Philly: You don't make the OWL finals without talented players, and both Sado and Fragi can play the role at a very high level.
  14. LAG: Roar is probably the best thing they could've found to replace Fissure. Sadly, he isn't Fissure.
  15. Hangzou: Guxue looked like the best player in China over the past few months. NoSmite could start for most teams.
  16. Vancouver: Runaway wins games. Bumper wins games.
  17. LAV: Fate provided consistent high level main tank play on both Winston and Rein throughout Season 1. South Korea chose him as their main tank for a reason.
  18. London: Gesture provides a solid Winston, great Rein, and a proven champion. His teams have been the best in the world when it comes to performing in clutch situations.
  19. NYXL: Mano was the anchor for what looked like the best team in the world for most of Season 1. He is equally good on Rein and Winston, which will help NYXL adjust to changing metas.
  20. Seoul: Fissure was an MVP candidate most of the season playing for a team he didn't want to be on and with whom he couldn't really communicate. He single-handedly transformed the Gladiators from a bottom 4 team to a championship contender. His Rein isn't quite as good as his Winston, but his Winston is the best in the world by a fairly wide margin.

edit: I don't know why the numbers show as counting up for me. In case it needs clarification, it should be counting down from 20 (Shanghai) to 1 (Seoul)


tbh Guxue is overhyped, yes he's having a great gamesense but it so easy to juggle all these immobile heroes in goats meta as winston. I personally have no hate to him and hope he will do good in league but I have slightly suspicion that he might fail many expectations on him becouse people kind of overrated his performances


I agree he is probably overrated ( i probably overrated him) but honestly the fact they have BOTH him and NoSmite ( great player) let them tha ability to change if one underperform or is absent without almost losing nothing to overall team value. I dont think many other teams can do that. For that they earn top 5 imho


I'm not sure what you mean when you say OGE's overrated. No one seems rates him that high and he actually did a really good job coming into Dallas. So while I think your placement of him is somewhat fair, I'm not hot on the use of the word "overrated" to describe a tank that did decently considering the circumstances.


I put overrated cause i saw a lot of people on reddit that actually thinks he is a top 5 main tank in the league. I mean i know is reddit but i think overall people rate him a little too much


Is it me or does crusty not like using rein, both main tanks (gamsu/smurf) has added personally to a team are winston primarily


Even Janus is actually good tank (somewhere around Top-10 in your rankings), but will anyone actually even remember Janus after 2 months, if Washington losses all of their games like some people are predicting? Florida and Shanghai were terrible all over last year, but will be interesting to see, if their new squads will be any improvement and make remaining players (from Season 1) look much better than they actually looked back in Season 1. I wouldn't rate Awesomeguy (or what's his new name?) or Fearless that high, but we will see, if they can show different level this year.

Top-5 and bottom-5 seems pretty accurate though into my eyes. Hard to say about new tanks for this season like BenBest or Lhcloudy or some new Koreans, when haven't seen them face the best tanks/teams yet.

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