Angry Titans Angry Titans Inactive have released main support Luddee and replaced him with One.PoinT's Phatt .

Luddee joined Angry Titans in January of 2018 and played main support for the team in all three seasons of Contenders 2018. His time with the team included top four finishes in every season of Contenders Europe, including second place finishes in both Contenders Seasons 2 and 3.

He is replaced by Phatt, one of the original members of One.PoinT's first Contenders roster. He finished in the playoffs of both Contenders Seasons 2 and 3 with One.PoinT, including a top four finish in Season 3.

This is the first change to the Angry Titans' starting lineup since Luddee joined the team last January. While iPN had to fill for AFoxx in a couple of matches in 2018, there were never any permanent changes to the lineup.

Angry Titans will seek to finally win their first Contenders Europe title in 2019. The start of Europe's first Contenders 2019 season has yet to be announced.

Angry Titans Angry Titans Inactive are now:

  • Stefan "ONIGOD" Fiskerstrand (DPS)
  • Erik "erki" Nolander (DPS)
  • Elliot "ELLIVOTE" Vaneryd (Off-tank)
  • Michael "moursi" Moursi (Off-tank)
  • Lukas "LullSiSH" Wiklund (Tank)
  • Fabio " AFoxx" Veigas (Flex Support)
  • Kha "iPN" Nguyen (Flex Support)
  • Alexandre "Phatt" Silva (Support)

And the staff is:

  • Matthew "Optidox" Sims (Head Coach)
  • James "Faustus" Frye (Assistant Coach)
  • Quentin "Wrath" Sevegner (Analyst)
  • Christian "radioboiii" Gutzelnig (Manager)