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So i think it would be fun to make a list of the biggest problems for each team coming into S2. I wanna see what people thinks are going to be the biggest problems ( related to the offseason mainly) for each team based on what we see/know right now :).
Here's mine:

Toronto: They dont have a strong widow player and their main tank seems a lot behind his rivals in the league

Chengdu: 5 players who were supposed to be starters for this team actually retired/refuse or signed for another team(at least for the rumors). Krystal and Silkthread for the flex dps, Sky for the flex supp and Beasthalo and Jinquiren for main tank position. This means 3 positions of the team are filled with no 1st choices and 2 of them (flex dps, main tank) with the 3rd choice.

Seoul: consisentcy of dps and support, yes their tankline improved but the rest? The fact they wanted to sign Lucid tells a lot.

Shanghai: yes they took KDP lost 2 of the better players and while i think diem is a really good options for decay i dont think Fearless is a better choice than Roar. They are like a less good version of last contenders season KDP imho.

DC: they tried to signed logix but he refuses due to the low pay so they choose his budget version( Corey)....i wonder how many other players they lost for the same reason. Also SanSam.

Philly and LAV: i put them togheter cause imho they have the same problem. Neither of them improved and instead they kinda look weaker ( maybe cause the competition will be higher)

Paris: I love Paris team but when i see the team i wonder if they had not better choices in some position ( that are still in contender EU).

Hangzhou: i knos their strenght will come from main tank, main supp and flex dps, but i feel like the other 3 roles( that are undoubtfully solid) are weaker than the "medium" player in that role.

Florida: instead of rebuild around the good players of the team ( Logix, Manneten,Zuppeh,( and i know people disagree but i still think Tviq is a good player)) they decided to "just go mediocre koreans 4head". Also i still dont understand why they did not move Mineral to an analyst role ( cause he is a good analyst) and took another Head Coach.

London: yeah they won but they ended up 9th on Stage 4 last season. Except for Stage 1 and part of Stage 2 their regular season was a mess. And the players they released were already released in stage 4. I dont think they have fixed this problem.

Boston: Still is unknown if they have an HC or not ( probably is Shake). I like the fact they are poaching from non mainstream region (ColorHex is a beast) but overall they kinda lack of something? Better wait to see who will be their hitscan.

LAG: Best offeseson of all the league. Maybe the fact they dont have a standout offtank dont put them at the top. ( Bishu and Void are both super solid players tho)

Dallas: The fact they dont have clearly in mind what tondo about their dps lineup.Zacharee was know as a genji one trick ( a year ago). I am really confident about him being the projectile( i am a big fan of his addiction to the team), but the fact he is nor the best phara ( AKM) nor the best DF ( effect) give them more trouble abouts resolving their dps lineup enigma . Also the fact they have two not tracer hitscan ( AKM and Taimou) is kinda strange. Also Taimou has probably the best junkrat. Also Effect is overrated.

SFS: A bit like Dallas but much better overall. 2 tracer main. One hitscan not tracer main but their best Widow is the flex dps( Architect) also Rascal. I bet most team would love to have this kind of problems. But i think this could hurt them a bit during the season.

NYXL: too many dps of high level ( they could have made some usefull trades fron them) and no backup tank.

Atlanta: hitscan position. I think Nlaeer will impress a lot of people (remember that he played all the contenders season with 200ms and still he was able to be a great player) but still i am not too confident.

Guangzhou: Offtank posiont is solid but nothing more and overall they dont see to have a lot of standout players except maybe from the dps positions.

Vancouver: yes is Runaway. But here the same things from Shangai. They did not improver their team. Guangzhou and Hangzhou actually took teams that were less good but they had big additions who improved a lot their base team and let them even pass in quality VC and especcialy SHD. No improvements except from Rapel.

Houston: i mean Danteh cover problems but still they could have improved a lot more the team.

What do you guys thinks? What do you think are the biggest problems,related mainly to the offseason moves, of each team?

Also sorry for my poor grammar but i was a bit in hurry
( and i swear i wanted to put offseason in the title) :)


Nice but "effect is overrated" is objectively wrong


If he return to play at the level he was before OWL then i can agree. But if he play like he did in S1 i will stick to my opinion.I mean He is a great player but i feel like people rate him to high


I think there are multiple things that happened during OWL S1 which mean that we can't really judge his performance but for sure at the start of the season he was almost solo carrying Dallas
Guess we will have to see but I have faith in him


I honestly felt like he was doing more damage than good. Cause he was try harding refusing to play with the team cause they were too bad and that did not bring anything good or success not to him not to Dallas. His playstyle was totaly different pre OWL i really hope he can return on that playstyle: less solo more around the team. Envy always dominated thanks to teamplay ( Cocco playstyle and Taimou perfect combo etc..) so i saw his solo carry as the worst thing happened in Dallas Fuel( and yes more wrong that Taimou weird roles). Solo try hard create more damage than benefit imho


muras absolutely right, how can someone so cute not be a god?


Toronto: No real star power, dps players aren't particularly exciting.

Chengdu: None of their players except for Yveltal and maybe Lateyoung have shown anything in the past year that would suggest they belong in OWL.

Seoul: Hitscan DPS. Munchkin is going to have to play significantly better than he did last season.

Shanghai: They kept a tank line that played half of the season for an 0-40 team.

DC: Their support line is hot garbage

Philly: Boombox is average and Poko's Zarya is worse than his dva.

LAV: KSF and Bunny were unimpressive during S1.

Paris: Finnsi is a bit of a question mark for me, and Shadowburn has a tendency to be really inconsistent.

Hangzhou: Either Adora or Bazzi is going to have to step it up big time, since Krystal and GodsB have very similar hero pools.

Florida: Sayaplayer will still be completely left out to dry by a weak tank line and mediocre supports. The only difference is that his dps partner will at least share his misery of being significantly better than the rest of the team.

London: Profit can only carry a team so far. Eventually, the rest of the team will have to pick up the slack.

Boston: Their management is a hot mess and Aimgod looked pretty bad in S1.

LAG: Yeah these guys are pretty much set. The team is loaded with talent and the players all seem to like each other.

Dallas: Dallas still is going to have to deal with the team chemistry issues that plagued them throughout season 1, but this time they won't have the steadying presence of Seagull to help out.

SFS: They have to figure out who is going to play dps. Striker is probably their most talented player but I'd be worried about the mental aspect of things due to the events surrounding him and Boston.

NYXL: They have 3 hitscan dps who at times have looked like the best player in the world. Which one of them gets playing time and how they perform will be key.

Atlanta: Dafran and Gator are trouble waiting to start. I'm not sure how their personalities will mesh with the Koreans.

Guangzhou: Support line is somewhat unproven, no real star player.

Vancouver: They need to adjust from playing like a contenders team and playing against contenders teams to the new world of OWL. Haksal and Stitch will have to be at their absolute best.

Houston: They have a solid Dva in coolmatt. They have a great Zarya in Spree. They do not have anyone who can play both of those heroes at an OWL level, meaning the comps they can play on any given map will be very limited.


I agree with almost the things: except SDB inconsistency. Also i was thinking about Sayaplayer and imho he is konda overrated ( and he was one of the major problem for Florida S1). He is more like of a specialist and building a team around him( like Florida seems to have done) will not bring anything good to them.


Atlanta - If Sephy puts too much trust in dafran to be a starter given his volatile nature, things can go downhill fast internally. They also have a relatively unproven support line at the moment, but I give them a big benefit of the doubt.

Boston - Aside from the glaringly bad management, this team has big shoes to fill with the departure of Striker, Mistakes, and Neko (arguably their 3 best players throughout the first season.) Three main tank players when Gamsu seems like the best choice out of all 3 seems a little odd as well.

Florida - Mediocre roster overall under the same bad coaching under Mineral. I can't see this team being any better even with this 90% Korean lineup.

Houston - Their DPS have the potential to be just as (if not more) underwhelming than last season, leading to the same mediocre results. Hopefully their coaching staff makes the right rotations between the 4 players.

London - The only downgrade I see in this roster is with their coaching. London has nothing to really lose so long as they keep up the play they finished with in July.

NY - Logjam of 5 equally start-worthy DPS. Players like Pine, Flow3r, and SBB all could easily start and have huge impact on other teams, and they know that. How the coaching of NY will handle sharing playtime for these guys without internal issues is beyond me.

Paris - Lots of unproven talent and question marks here. Obvious star players like SoOn and SDB are sure to be highlights for the team, but the rest remain unknown.

Philadelphia - Hotba's departure to Guangzhou takes away a lot of the raw flexibility this roster showcased in their playoff run.

Toronto - Building around a middle of the pack Contenders KR team in O2 Ardeont is a strange choice. Despite this, Bishop's results with London (albeit for a single stage) speak for themselves, and for that I have some faith.

Washington - Stratus and Corey have a lot to prove here. Their support line seems weak, and SanSam's long runs with both Meta Gaming teams showed mediocre results. Building around Janus, Ado, and WizardHyeong was smart, but their lack of star power in the rest of the roster will certainly be a challenge to overcome.

Chengdu - Considering most of their roster are 2nd choices for who they originally wanted, and two of their DPS haven't been in competitive OW for a while, it's safe to say this team will be underwhelming.

Dallas - Rotating their DPS effectively will be a challenge for sure, as they all share very similar hero pools.

Guangzhou - Language barriers. Between Chinese, Korean, and English, there's a lot to work through. They have also signed Nero, who doesn't turn 18 until 3/4 into the season.

Hangzhou - A lot of their DPS have pretty overlapping hero pools, which makes for a big question mark as to who really starts here. Also Guxue, while being starter level, is at an automatic disadvantage for the spot against NoSmite due to the language barrier.

GLA - Easily the best offseason any inaugural season team has had. Improvements in every department. Despite this, the hole Fissure may have left as a shotcaller may put them in a slump.

LAV - SoOn has departed to Paris, and the fact that they haven't signed a replacement hitscan worries me. Putting that much faith into Bunny is a risk for sure, as he's relatively unproven on most heroes outside of Tracer.

SF - Again, logjam of DPS players all decently worthy of a starting spot on just about any team in the league (maybe outside of babybay.) Sometimes, this much flexibility and talent can be too much. Godspeed to Crusty and NineK in their efforts to keep 4 top level players happy with their playtime.

Seoul - They will most likely suffer from the same synergy issues they did last season. Munchkin also has big shoes to fill in the hitscan department, as he looked weak last season.

Shanghai - Their tankline looks like the weak spot at the moment, as they weren't able to win Roar from KDP.

Vancouver - This team has a lot of expectations on them coming off of a Contenders win. As well as what others have said, they need to adjust to playing at the level of OWL.


On a long train journey, thanks for the good read guys. I disagreed with a quite a few points but I'm too tired to be coherent right now


Hope it's an holiday journey!


This was surprisingly fun to read. I also have disagreements, but I am positive we will all be surprised when the time comes. Looking forward to an interesting season.

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