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Valiant is specialising in getting Dynasty's players it seems

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Love that guy, I was afraid I wouldn't see him again or not that soon, glad to see he's found a home!!

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Name your favourite (feel free to say why too):
OWL team - Philadelphia Fusion
Current non-OWL team(s) - RunAway
Pre-OWL team(s) - Is RunAway allowed? Otherwise FaZe
Player (only one allowed) - Carpe
Other players - ShaDowBurn, Haksal, Stitch, Bumper, Geguri, LiNkzr, Mickie, Poko
Streamer(s) - Kabaji, Emongg (I barely watch any OW stream)
Caster combo - UberX
Analyst duo - Bren and Sideshow
Main desk presenter - Puckett
Match - Contenders KR season 2 finals, RunAway vs KongDoo Panthera
Tournament - OWL
In-game moment - Carpe sticking the pulse bomb to ArK in the air on Anubis in stage 1
Clutch moment - Carpe vs Boston Uprising on Lijiang in stage 4
OWL entrance - Snillo

About your personal Overwatch career:
SR now - Unranked, I don't play this game anymore
SR peak - 3114
SR goal for this season - I don't even know if I'll play but if I do I'd like to go to masters
Main class - DPS
Main hero - Genji
Other heroes you regularly play - Widowmaker, Tracer, Pharah
Favourite hero - Genji
Hero you hate - Sombra
Favourite map - Route 66 or Hollywood
Map you hate - Blizzard World
Favourite game mode - i don't know anymore man
Least favourite game mode - Elimination
Best play - one of my Widow 5Ks or Genji 5Ks or Junkrat airshots (the only enjoyable thing to pull of with this garbage hero)
Best achievement - Becoming good at Tracer in a few hours only since I was garbage with her at first
Reason why you play Overwatch - I don't
What got you into Overwatch in the first place - the TF2 migration, I tried OW in the beta and I liked it

About other video games:
Games you are playing at the moment - Smash Bros 4
Other esports you watch - Smash 4, TF2
First game you ever played - FIFA 2001
Favourite game as a kid - Pokémon Leaf Green
Favourite game of all time - Bravely Default
Biggest achievement in a video game - Reaching playoffs finals twice in TF2, only to end up second, also reaching playoffs finals at my first Smash 4 tournament only to end up second again. can i win something please

About you personally (no pressure to answer any of this if you don't want to):
Age - 21
Location - France
Describe yourself in 3 words - Music, games, computerscience
Favourite music artist - Danger
Favourite music genre - Electro/Ambient
Sports you play - I used to climb but I don't anymore
Sports you watch - Football World Cup when it's on, otherwise none
Hobbies - playing games, listening to and making music, photography, being lazy
Weird fact about you - i can crack almost every articulation of my body except my shoulders and my hips
Shameless social media plugs - no because i do have shame unlike you all

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"SDB vs Kang"

ShaDowBurn gonna 1v6 these aussies lesgo :^)

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We actually have improvised watch parties on Discord, in #tournament-talk. Whenever a match happens, don't hesitate to start the discussion here, people will follow. It's the same with voice chat, offer to go in VC while watching a game and often people will follow the initiative.

As for coaching pages, I agree 100%, we should have that. Also have them listed in the team pages. #GiveChefHeidiAPage

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Runner was here!! He hugged everyone after the match on stage!

posted 3 weeks ago


Fantastic article Scrub, as always!

posted 3 weeks ago

For team Korea it didn't have huge implications, for RunAway though it was a way to prove their worth against some of the best OWL players. I think RunAway did a great job.

posted 1 month ago

They're all in Korea yes.

posted 1 month ago

Shame "Rawkus" Flaherty

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Glad to get some positive streamers in OW on Twitch though!

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Thing is, Outlaws get their colors from OpTic Gaming, so unlikely to change imo. Plus this color scheme gained them so many fans already.

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As of recently, Overwatch is a game where in order for someone to have fun, it requires their enemy to not have fun. You're having fun with your cool Brigitte combos? Great, but the enemy is having a shitty time being permastunned and knocked back to spawn. You're having fun with the invisibility, teleportation and hack from Sombra? Fantastic, but the enemy probably doesn't want to play hide and seek while their abilities are unavailable. You're having fun with Hammond just rolling around a pole with 2000 HP, or with the new Symmetra wall with 5000 HP, or 1v1ing a DPS as Moira? Awesome, but you know, the enemy doesn't have fun having to cut through all that HP and lifesteal.

This is why I left Overwatch, tbh. It's not that I hate the game itself or that I'm fed up with it, it's because every. single. change Blizzard makes contributes to ruining the fun of those who have to confront those changes.

That, and also the fact that Blizzard hates when people find cool stuff with their engine and remove it instead of making it a feature just like almost every other FPS (:

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There are as many coaches and managers as there are players monkaS

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I will only speak of Fusion because they're my favorite team.

Neither HOTBA nor Poko will leave. They both have their specialties, they both perform well, and they're both loved by the fans. I see no reason to make them leave.

Joemeister will likely move to a background spot: coach, analyst, or something. Dayfly will probably stay, or be traded.

Fragi might be transferred, but if he does, it's certainly going to be to an OWL team, I doubt he falls back to Contenders. He certainly is OWL level. Even then, I think he's still an asset to the team, and I'm sure they can fit him in some strategies where Sado wouldn't particularly fit.

Snillo being transferred doesn't sound like a surrealist idea, but I think they can make great use of his Soldier if needed. He's also a pretty good McCree, so if the meta shifts to double hitscan again (which, given the hitscan buff, might happen), they can run Carpesnillo again. Their duo is super deadly, so it would be a shame to break it. Overall I think they'll keep Snillo.

ShaDowBurn... As much as I love him and dislike EQO, his very particular playstyle doesn't really blend in with the rest of the team. It's a really tough situation. He might be transferred, but I would hate it. I hope they can make him fit somehow.

The rest will stay, 100%.

As for recruiting FU players, I doubt they'll do that a lot. They'll probably just use FU as a talent greenhouse and help players grow until they sell them, and only recruit them if they need someone in that role (ie. Alarm, but when they have Boombox, he might just be a benchwarmer).

To put it in a nutshell, my fangirl heart think and hope they'll stay together for a lot longer, because they look like a really united family and have shown how far they can go by sticking together when the world was against them.



decide if Linkrz will be hitscan or projectile

LiNkzr is too good of a Genji and Widow to stop him from being that. He's the central point of the Outlaws besides their tank line and Rawkus, and as Gigantti said, "just let LiNkzr do his things, and it works".

Also I doubt Seoul will get rid of Gambler.

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Mangachu back on D.Va???

For real though, I'd love to see TiZi play again, along with WooHyal.

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R   R
P     P
E       E
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Yui like... Jasmine Tea Yui from TF2??? POGGERS if that's the case

posted 2 months ago

That guy chose a name very dear to me as a nickname and plays the same role than me and I honestly don't know if I should hate him or root for him and his team until death lol

posted 2 months ago

:candle: for Fusion, so close to stage playoffs again. Hope most of the roster will stay the same next season. Hyped for league playoffs though.

posted 2 months ago

The two-way player thing is awesome, that means players on bench can still participate in tournaments and show their worth, meaning we might see more trades or less permabenched players. Really looking forward to that.

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Do you guys go for the Nerd-signal just like the Bat-signal?

posted 3 months ago

hopefully in jail, unironically

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Template for anyone who's too lazy to copy and then remove 75% of the text:

- OWL: 
- Contenders NA: 
- Contenders EU:
- Contenders CN:
- Contenders KR:
- Contenders PAC:
- Contenders AU:
- Contenders SA:

So for me:

  • OWL: Philadelphia Fusion. I started following them because of ShaDowBurn and Carpe and I'm not disappointed. Their content is super cool to watch and their MVP is Chef Heidi. Also they are nice enough to host homeless analysts in their treehouse sometimes.
  • Contenders NA: XL2. It was really hard to choose between Alarm/WhoRU and Mangachu/Fl0w3r/Nenne, but XL2 wins my heart in the end. Special mention to OpTic Academy for Kaiser though.
  • Contenders EU: British Hurricane. Kragie, Kyb and bock are absolute monsters and it's a delight to watch them play. Also nice strats.
  • Contenders CN: LGD Gaming. I did not follow the chinese scene that much, but Eileen and Shy are amazing to watch.
  • Contenders KR: RunAway. I've been in love with the boys in pink and their parents Runner and Flowervin since I first heard of them in APEX season 2. They're going through tough times but they can pull it out and they deserve to go huge. RUNAWAY FIGHTING
  • Contenders PAC: Yoshimoto Encount. I am a total outsider of the pacific scene but the japanese boys deserve some recognition given how bad of a spot the Overwatch japanese scene is in. Honorable mention to Blank Esports.
  • Contenders AU: Masterminds GC. I know nothing of the AU pros besides yuki, so GO YUKI
  • Contenders SA: Isurus Gaming. I've barely watched the SA games but I heard Isurus was great so I took a look and they indeed look really good.
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whatever team he decides to go to, I'll support his decision.

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Pay me the plane and I'm coming I'm not kidding I know someone to host me and I can pay for food and I'm free this weekend

posted 3 months ago

you people really want mendo in lmao i love it

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So now, you can vote for your OWL All-Star team for each division:
Let's share your teams and discuss them!

For my Atlantic division team I went with:

  • Carpe
  • Libero
  • Gesture
  • MekO
  • JJonak
  • ArK

Mostly NYXL players because they're so good, plus Gesture who's an awesome tank and most importantly Carpe, my favorite player of the whole league.

Pacific division team is this:

  • Fleta
  • Surefour
  • Fissure
  • Space
  • Shaz
  • Gambler

Fleta, Shaz and Fissure were the first obvious choices. Choosing an offtank was a bit harder but in the end I went with Space because he's really good at the game. Then Surefour and Gambler because I love them and they're doing great imo.

What are everyone's teams?

posted 3 months ago

I know we are competing hard with Reddit

We're really not is here to follow the Overwatch competitive scene, while Reddit is here because it is. It exists because it's what subreddits do. As much as I like /r/compow, it's just a clusterfuck.

Only improvements I might like to see on the site is the inclusion of coach information on the team pages. Actually that'd be huge.


Like currently for OWL we just have some kinda confusing standings in the "summary" section but I think we could expand this into win streaks and power rankings and such to really make it pop.

We actually have those on the Teams section of the website.

and a bit more in depth discussion of balance and patch changes.

Usually those happen in the comments of the articles describing every patch. What I would like to have though is metagame discussion: sharing ideas to counter some comps, discussion on how to deal with some combos, strategy ideas, etc. I don't think there's anything like that anywhere. All it takes is starting a thread on the forums, and I would personally be down to discuss this kind of stuff because it's really interesting to me, so if anyone wants, go ahead!

Overall I think the website is in a really good place. Most people know that the website exists, everyone goes here for schedule, events and teams and also for the amazing news coverage our wonderful redactors give us, and the most active members regroup in a great community that is fun and great to hang out with, whether it is on the website or on Discord.

(Also this should probably have gone in "Site Discussion"?)

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PoiChamp report as always! Thanks for the useful info <3

posted 3 months ago

I genuinely wonder if Geguri will play Zarya or Brigitte.

posted 4 months ago

Canadian Frenches translating everything from English to the literal French translation is one of my favorite things ever.

But "Sport Électronique"... That's the best. This is peak Québec. They solved the question of how we shoud write "esports" in the best way possible. I love it. Vive le Québec.

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posted 4 months ago

Geguri, LiNkzr, ArK, SBB are all so nice, gentle, funny and their communities are lovely.

Seagull and Custa, because they deal with things in a very professional way.

Fissure, because he know how to express his opinion properly while still being funny when he can.

posted 4 months ago

In the Outlaws it's mainly Rawkus. Don't really know about the other teams though.

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posted 4 months ago

On Winston, most likely. On Reinhardt, probably not. Maybe he will be on Orisa too though.

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Write her name correctly you NA scrubs DansGame

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posted 5 months ago

And justice for all.

posted 5 months ago

I'm sorry to inform you that your opinion is not representative of your entire community. I thought you could realize that by yourself.

posted 5 months ago
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