Dignity Dignity Inactive Mini Thy Le off tank Render Alexander Donevski dps Yui dps Deo Callum Parish support SpecialKid Bryce Lenthall support Cazzette Harry Smith support have announced the roster they will field in Contenders Australia Season 2. The team purchased their spot in the tournament from BrigYEETs earlier this month.

Dignity's roster features players formerly from JAM Gaming, NoC Predators, SereNity, Alter Ego and a variety of Open Division teams. Alongside the addition of Dignity, four squads are set to qualify for Contenders Season 2 from Trials Australia. SereNity, Tainted Minds and Bin Chickens have already secured qualification, with the last spot set to fall to either Surge eSports Club or PIXL eSports. Contenders Australia Season 2 kicks off on the 2nd of July.

Dignity's roster for Contenders Australia Season 2 is:

  • "Yui" (DPS)
  • "Render" (DPS)
  • "lenzo" (DPS)
  • "Mini" (Flex)
  • "Deo" (Tank)
  • "BasedGod" (Support)
  • "SpecialKid" (Support)
  • "Cazzette" (Support)
  • "Express" (Owner/Coach)