O2 Blast have announced their roster for Contenders 2019 Season 1: Korea, which includes the addition of DPS players TTuba and Proper , tank player V1LLAINY0 and support player MEE6 .

This marks the most recent change to O2’s roster since their merger with Team StormQuake Team StormQuake Inactive F4zE Lim Jae-Hyeok (임재혁) off tank SseulGen Lee Do-yeong (이도영) dps Proper Kim Dong-hyeon (김동현) dps Kaiser Ryu Sang-hoon (류상훈) tank Lastro Moon Jung-won (문정원) support AMY Ahn Min-yeong (안민영) support in January. The team previously saw the departure of flex support Highly as he joined the Seoul Dynasty Seoul Dynasty OWL Rank #7 ryujehong Ryu Je-hong (류제홍) flex support Michelle Choi Min-hyuk off tank Munchkin Byeon Sang-beom (변상범) dps FITS Kim Dong-eon (김동언) dps Marve1 Hwang Min-seo (황민서) tank tobi Yang Jin-mo (양진모) support .

TTuba previously played for MVP Space MVP Space Contenders KR Rank #8 Jesp3r Kim Hyun-wook (김현욱) off tank Valentine Kim Byoungju dps Rookie Lee Hang-yeol (이한결) dps Rachel Lee Seung-gu (이승구) dps Sowhat Bong Woo-yeon (봉우연) tank FRoPPy Ko Geon-Ju (고건주) support in Contenders Korea. Proper was previously on StormQuake, and will also reunite with Kaiser . MEE6 played for Laboratory Laboratory China Rank #0 YOUNAI Yang Junyi (杨君毅) off tank Xushu Liu Junjie (刘俊杰) dps in Contenders China, and V1LLAINY0 played for Talon Esports Talon Esports Contenders PAC Rank #1 Gogora Lee Ji-Yoon (이지윤) off tank Bashful Kang Bo-hyeon (강보현) dps oPuTo Ubon Dara dps MuZe Kim Young-hun (김영훈) tank inin77 Qi Hongwang support CQB Yang Hao-Cheng support in Contenders Pacific.

O2 Blast’s first match in the next season of Contenders is against GC Busan Wave GC Busan Wave Contenders KR Rank #5 Ritz Son Dong-hoon (손동훈) off tank Edison Kim Tae-hoon (김태훈) dps DELIGHT Lee Young-hoi dps ION Lim Ji-heon (임지헌) tank DayDream Song Ji-hoon (송지훈) support Fielder Kwon Joon (권준) support .

O2 Blast O2 Blast Contenders KR Rank #3 Cr0ng Nam Ki-cheol (남기철) off tank Myunbong Seo Sang-min (서상민) flex support Proper Kim Dong-hyeon (김동현) dps Pelican Oh Se-hyun (오세현) dps Kaiser Ryu Sang-hoon (류상훈) tank Mandu Kim Chan-hee (김찬희) support 's roster is:

  • Maeng "climax" Ju-ho (맹주호) (DPS)
  • Park "arrow" Min-Seok (박민석) (DPS)
  • Kim "Proper" Dong-hyeon (김동현) (DPS)
  • Lee "TTuba" Ho-sung (이호성) (DPS)
  • Nam "Cr0ng" Ki-cheol (남기철) (Off-tank)
  • Lee "HOOMBABA" Dae-hyun (이대현) (Off-tank)
  • Go "V1LLAINY0" Young-seok (고영석) (Tank)
  • Ryu "Kaiser" Sang-hoon (류상훈) (Tank)
  • Park "RAin" Jae-ho (박재호) (Support)
  • Kim "Joy" Dong-hyun (김동현) (Support)
  • Park "MEE6" Jeong-soo (박정수) (Support)

Their staff is:

  • Jin "O2Boss" Suk-hoon (진석훈) (Head coach)
  • Oh "Insight" Sang-min (오상민) (Coach)
  • Lim "Twinkl" Young-bin (임영빈) (Coach)
  • "Wavy" (Manager)
  • Won "Ddolty" Min-ju (원민주) (Manager)