The Hangzhou Spark Hangzhou Spark OWL Rank #9 Ria Park Seong-wook (박성욱) off tank Revenge An Hyeong-geun (안형근) flex support BeBe Yoon Hui-Chang (윤희창) flex support SASIN Song Sang-hyeon (송상현) off tank Adora Kang Jae-Hwan (강재환) dps GodsB Kim Kyeon-Bo (김경보) dps Bazzi Park Jun-ki (박준기) dps Krystal Cai Shilong ( 蔡世龙) dps guxue Xu Qiulin (徐秋林) tank NoSmite Jeong Da-Un (정다운) tank iDK Park Ho-jin (박호진) support have announced their coaching staff just a day after the franchise revealed its branding. They have two Korean coaches and one Chinese coach.

The team's head coach will be MASK , formerly the head coach of X6-Gaming. His assistant coaches will be Sup7eme and Yindong . Sup7eme was the head coach of Seven and Yindong was the head coach of LGD Gaming.

The Spark have yet to announce any of their players. They must have at least eight players by December 1.

The Overwatch League season begins February 14.