The newest update to hit the live servers came with a host of Overwatch League specific additions entering Overwatch.

The game now features an "Overwatch League" tab on the main menu, situated just underneath the "Loot Box" tab. The tab currently shows the current week's match schedule and an additional menu for each team where players can buy Overwatch League skins. The tab will also host Overwatch League streams to be viewed in-game when matches are live.

OWL Tab The in-game Overwatch League menu.

The home team skins for all 12 teams are available for purchase for all 26 heroes via League Tokens, a new in-game currency used to separate Overwatch League related purchases from the game's default currency; each team skin costs 100 League Tokens a piece, with all proceeds from the skins going to the Overwatch League franchises. Any player who launches Overwatch before February 13 will get 100 League Tokens for free, with options to purchase additional League Tokens already available. Players can purchase 100 Tokens for $4.99 USD, 200 Tokens for $9.99 USD, 400 Tokens for $19.99 USD, 900 Tokens for $39.99 USD and 2600 Tokens for $99.99 USD.

There also might be more opportunities to earn more in-game items, if Twitch's announcement of their Overwatch League broadcast deal with Twitch is any indication:

We’re also working with Blizzard to develop new rewards for Overwatch fans, including exclusive in-game items. These, plus custom Overwatch League Cheermotes, will be announced when they’re available.

In the meantime, players who want to represent their favorite Overwatch League team within the world of Overwatch can do so with home team skins and profile icons.