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It's an interview program on Overwatch League Official YouTube channel. ryujehong meets Overwatch League players for interviews and Fleta was the interviewee for the first episode available in the following link:

The following is my translation:

Ryu: Do you agree to expressions like “young breadwinner” and “Fleta is the meta” associated with you?

Fleta: I think they are not wrong. I feel like it’s somewhat difficult for me to comment about them as the latter directly refers to my nickname. Well, actually, it was true that I was a young breadwinner back in time and the expression “Fleta is the meta” is also true in a context that I play a variety of heroes in the game.

Ryu: Right, and what is surprising about those expressions is that all of them emerged while you’re playing for Seoul Dynasty.

Fleta: But people called me a young breadwinner even when I played for an amateur team (before joining Seoul Dynasty).

Ryu: What do you feel about surviving as a member of the final 4 teams advanced to the Grand Finals?

Fleta: To be honest, I felt somewhat nervous about the most recent matches. It’s because we (Shanghai Dragons) were not that well prepared, compared to our past conditions. So I felt a bit nervous. It’s kinda like a story behind what you have seen during our matches and we couldn’t have enough chances for scrims as a lot of teams were dropped out of the race to the Grand Finals (so they need no more scrims for this season). What was worse for us was that those teams with which we could have scrims rarely used Roadhog comps and therefore we couldn’t be properly trained to play against the comps, making me feel nervous from the beginning (of the playoff).

Ryu: But you guys played Roadhog comps well. I mean you did the comps pretty good.

Fleta: I felt a bit nervous as we were not fully trained. I guess we were lucky (to win the playoff).

Ryu: You have shown outstanding performances throughout the season. What triggered your motivation for this season?

Fleta: My motivation for this season… First of all, my teammates played way too good and that’s the biggest thing for me. And another thing making me different from what I was in previous seasons is… In the past, given my personality, I was reluctant to express my thoughts for the game. But I have realized its importance and now I am the most frequent speaker in the team. You know you can play well when you do it as you think it’s right. So I have shared my thoughts with teammates, making me play better.

Ryu: By the way, Shanghai Dragons are way too good. You are at the level that it makes no sense.

Fleta: Well, I thought we were not that strong to win all those matches during the regular season. That’s what I thought for our team. But our opponents thought we’re invincible during their scrims with us to the extent that they would never take victory over us. I never thought that we were invincible. However, we have managed to win so many matches at the end. You know it. When things go right, everything you do in the game looks like something that is well planned and organized from the perspective of outsiders.

Ryu: When you analyze your opponents like Shanghai Dragons, you will believe that they have established a perfect plan or strategy for a play, although, in fact, they did it without in-depth discussions or plans.

Fleta: Yeah, just like we did it in accordance with an organized plan or strategy.

Ryu: You have won the MVP for this season. Did you expect you would get it?

Fleta: Well, honestly, I expected that I would be at least the second place even if I couldn’t be the MVP. It’s because we were unbeatable at that time and, I thought carpe and myself would be the strongest contenders for the MVP, he was not in the starting lineup during the period when MVP voting was done. But now he’s back in the starting lineup. So I expected that I could be at least the second place.

Ryu: So you thought carpe would be your strongest contender for the MVP?

Fleta: Yes, it’s because you should not only play well but also have high profile in the communities to win the MVP. carpe showed consistency in his performance (and he is also a famous player). So I expected that carpe or myself would be the MVP for the season.

Ryu: But you are the number 1 for now. You’re the MVP.

Ryu: APAC vs NA, which one is better? I want to tell you my opinion first. My choice is APAC. I think Shanghai Dragons are the best team in the league right now. What do you think?

Fleta: Well, anyway, you will see the result soon enough. For the recent meta, I think NA is better and, for the previous meta, to be honest, I couldn’t watch many of the NA matches. It’s because I had to analyze other (APAC) matches. Time difference also made it hard for me to watch NA matches. Anyway, for the previous meta, with a slight difference, I thought APAC was better. Because, at that time, most of the APAC teams were good. Guangzhou Charge was good and New York Excelsior also did fine. So, for now, I have no idea which one is better and what the Grand Finals will result in.

Ryu: Give your message to Philadelphia Fusion which will be your first opponent in the Grand Finals.

Fleta: The biggest controversy in the Overwatch communities right now is which one is better between APAC and NA. Philadelphia Fusion and Shanghai Dragons will have the very first match in the Grand Finals. The match result will serve as a proof of which one is better and thus we will take the victory whatever it takes to demonstrate APAC is better than NA even if the proof lasts only for the match day.

Ryu: I hope Philadelphia Fusion could also have a chance to give their message just like you did.

Ryu: Do you have in mind a team which couldn’t make it to the Grand Finals betraying your expectation?

Fleta: Nope, everything went as I expected.

Ryu: Just as you expected?

Fleta: Yes.

Ryu: Among rookies for this season, do you have someone in your mind or attention with respect to performances?

Fleta: Yes, I have.

Ryu: Maybe he’s also in your team?

Fleta: Yes, you know whom I talk about.

Ryu: I thought him, too.

Fleta: There are a lot of rookie players but he always stays right beside me. He’s the best rookie. LIP is the best.

Ryu: I agree. LIP is so good. His Sombra is excellent.

Fleta: It’s because he has no fear. There are some good things and some bad things since he has no fear.

Ryu: Which team do you think will be your opponent in the Championship Match, assuming that Shanghai Dragons already made it to the match?

Fleta: If we have made it to the Championship Match? I have no idea as both Philadelphia Fusion and San Francisco Shock are playing well.

Ryu: I cannot also make my choice between Fusion and Shock.

Fleta: Both teams deserve the Championship Match… Maybe Shock? But I am not sure to be honest. If we had scrims with them, I could have my own predictions, but for now, I don’t know.

Ryu: You can’t have scrims with them to be honest.

Remaining questions are for entertaining purposes. So I didn’t translate them.

posted about 3 years ago

So they released Fissure to acquire T1zi?

posted about 6 years ago

It's some kind of meme here in Korea to call him a big brain. Shouting to your Genji "deflect the enemy's grav" or to Tracer "kill them with your pulse bomb then we can win this fight" is not a strategy at all. People make fun of his shot calling and I don't believe he's good as a team commander. If SD wanted to add some more depth to their roster, there are still available options better than Gambler. That's why I am disappointed at this move.

posted about 6 years ago

I don't understand why they needed Gambler. They already have xepheR, Gido and KuKi who continue to underperform in the league and therefore are not even eligible for trades. Gambler is likely to be an addition to this list. He has been away from competitive Overwatch for a long time and the problem is that he was not one of the best support players even when he was active. He may be a good option for a team with sufficient vacancy in its roster but SD had only one slot left for its full roster. They need someone who can be an immediate strength for the team not a candidate who will compete with Gido for substitute players.

posted about 6 years ago

Seoul actually dived into Jjonak a lot but failed to kill him many times. Seoul is not excellent in dive comp for focused kills.

posted about 6 years ago

I wrote some information about Fleta here. Fleta's first Overwatch team was Sion, Zion or whatever (as I could only know the team name in Korean) and birdring was his teammate there. They became friends of same age. After spending some time, birdring moved to Kongdoo and one of the requirements by Kongdoo was to live in their gaming house. Fleta did not apply for their tryout as he didn't want to leave his home at that time (I don't know the exact reason but that's not something related to money as it seems his family doesn't need his support) and moved to Conbox where he played support heroes like Mercy due to the team's request. Then Flash Lux offered him a DPS role and he moved to Flash Lux because he could still stay at home while playing for FL, as this amateur team couldn't afford their own gaming house and, also the team was in APEX, the premier Overwatch league in Korea. While staying in FL, he said on his stream that he received some offers from overseas teams (it is reportedly said EnVyUs contacted Fleta before signing EFFECT but not confirmed). But he said he didn't like to change his team too often.

posted about 6 years ago

In addition to his consistent and stellar performances, what I really like about Fleta is his refined attitude and demeanor which is a rare property among young people of these days. He never uses foul words or blame someone else while streaming his rank matches. He never gets angry or gives up matches despite he continues to meet a series of trollers and hackers. His personality stands out as there is a completely opposite example of Haksal. Haksal is an arguably outstanding player but he has caused a lot of controversies here in Korea as he very often uses swear words, insults other players and even gives up the matches during their courses just because something in the match turns out to be not in favor of him like facing trollers, hackers or team members not meeting his expectations during the rank matches.

posted about 6 years ago

Lunatic-Hai released its DPS/Flex player yArG (he played for Rhinos Gaming before joining Lunatic-Hai).

yArG was alleged to do boosting in LoL and sell his account for money, both of which are clearly against terms and conditions of respective games.The team investigated those allegations which were turned out to be true. So Lunatic-Hai has made its decision to release him after hearing opinions from Blizzard.

The team will recruit a new member to replace him.

posted about 6 years ago

Ardeont, the champion of the Overwatch Pacific Championship Season 2, will be playing in Overwatch Contenders Korea to be held in forthcoming March. The team's official twitter confirmed it:

ta1yo will be happy with this as he didn't want to see Korean teams in Overwatch Contenders Pacific or Open Division.

posted about 6 years ago

That stupidity to have double squads internally competing with and replacing each other will not enhance the team's competitiveness but lead to disaster in Spitfire. I don't know who want this ridiculous strategy but I am very sure of its result based on previous experiences in other sports.

posted about 6 years ago

Official Team Seven (Korean Overwatch team in APEX Challengers) twitter says all the Contenders Korea matches will be offline. A lot of people here in Korea wanted Contenders Korea to be an offline tournament just like its precedent. Korea is a small-sized country and therefore there will be no big problems to have all the matches offline.

posted about 6 years ago

Flash Lux officially announced its disbanding.

The official tweet says:
"Today, we have decided to disband the team. Remaining players were either traded to other teams or back to their life. We would like to appreciate our deepest gratitude to our fans and players who have been together with us."

Rumor says CoMa (Support) and Oberon (Tank) found their new teams pending official announcement while ShU (Support) is in negotiation with an unknown team. Veil (DPS) switched to PUBG and Weeso (Tank) remains inactive.

posted about 6 years ago

KSV Esports officially announced its PUBG team with EscA and LTJ. MaSsan will serve as a general manager of the team.

In addition, it is reportedly said that OGN is establishing a PUBG arena having 100 PCs.

posted about 6 years ago

It is expected here in Korea that Gido will have a flex role with the main focus on support. So the DPS line-up will be Fleta, Munchkin, Bunny and Wekeed. Guess Fleta and Munchkin will be their first option with Bunny and Wekeed for substitution.

posted about 6 years ago

Sado is known as "뜨용 (Tteuyong)" in Korea. He did boosting to earn money as part of the boosting team named after his BNID.

I guess you need to understand the background of this story. He was once a member of an amateur team and the team participated in a local tournament which gave winners a chance to compete in APEX. During the online preliminary round, he didn't appear in the match just because he overslept (based on his excuse). However, the team managed to win the online match with a substitute member and advanced to the offline tournament. He once again did not appear in the offline match just because he didn't want to travel from his hometown to Seoul, the tournament venue, saying that he lost his interest in playing Overwatch. And what is worse was that he informed the team of this after the period for player substitution and therefore his team couldn't have time to find a substitute player, leading to disqualification in the tournament. And the team disbanded. The team leader left a post on Inven about this to let other teams know about his negligence and found out that Sado did similar things not only in his team but also in other teams.

This made Sado blacklisted among Korean Overwatch teams and therefore he couldn't find any team to play with. That might be a reason for him to start boosting for illegal money.

For your information, people here in Korea hate boosting more than trolling in the game. Might be second to hacks.

posted about 6 years ago

Fl0w3r relies on his images of early days. He failed to prove himself in offline tournaments such as APEX for long. He showcased some outstanding performances in exhibition games or open scrims but SBB was the one who has always carried the team in real tournaments. I know Fl0w3r is a good player with flexibility in his hero pools but I guess he is one of the most overrated players so far. I believe Libero and Pine will be enough to make people forget about the absence of Fl0w3r in New York's roster.

posted about 6 years ago

If Team Korea is not fully prepared for playing with and against Mercy, Team USA will have a chance to claim the victory. Both ryujehong and tobi are inconsistent and unreliable in playing Mercy.

posted about 6 years ago

This is a very stupid decision. Riot is serving as an indirect marketer for the OWL. This kind of actions will make the public and light esports fans without full details between those two games believe that the OWL is an emerging threat to LCS although the current situations say 'never for now'.

posted about 6 years ago

It was confirmed that Curious will no longer play Overwatch. He will find a new carrier as a professional PUBG player. So you can erase his name in the London roster.

posted about 6 years ago

Flash Lux officially announced that Fleta has left the team.

The official FL tweet says:

"Fleta, who has been together with the team from APEX Season 2, was traded to another team. He has been committed to the team although the conditions were not that good. We are really thankful to him. We would like to ask you to give continued support for him."

Teal Seoul will announce its new members tomorrow. So it would be very interesting to see whether Fleta will be part of them or not.

posted about 6 years ago

LH coach said that LH (or Team Seoul) fans would hear a good news on the match day. So people are assuming they will have new members in the roster for the game against MY. It is rumored that Fleta and Munchkin will be a new DPS duo for the team.

But at the same time, I am a bit confused. LH and Team Seoul are not the same team although they share a majority of members between each other. I don't know at all how the terms and conditions of the contract between LH and Team Seoul describe the relationship but it is somewhat weird to see they do not use clear wording to make distinction between the two teams.

posted about 6 years ago

Lack of flexibility is the biggest problem for LH. Everyone can expect what kind of comps LH will use in games as their DPS players have limited hero pools. This makes them so vulnerable to counter picks. They really need flex players in the roster.

posted about 6 years ago


  • aWesomeGuy (Tank)
  • sayaplayer (DPS)
  • Hexa (Flex)
  • Sansam (Flex)
  • Noname (Flex)
  • Kris (Support)
  • Rio (Tank)


  • Marve1 (Tank)
  • Hoon (Tank)
  • Dahim (DPS)
  • CCJ (Flex)
  • Chara (Support)
  • Hyeonu (Support)
  • Na1st (Flex)

Libero has left the team. Meta's official twitter says:
"Libero has received a lot of good offers from OWL teams. We wanted to keep him in our roster and he also did a lot of efforts to stay in the team (we really appreciate it). We have reached an amicable settlement to release him. We want you to wish him all the good lucks for his bright future."

posted about 6 years ago

Some people in Korean Overwatch communities are assuming that Fleta would be a new member of Team Seoul based on the following:

  1. A few weeks ago, Fleta was seen playing in custom games together with Lunatic-Hai members.

  2. A few days ago, ShU (Flash Lux subhealer) mistakenly revealed that he did a tryout for Meta but failed while playing together with Daemin (KongDoo Uncia). This implies Flash Lux will disband or has already done so pending official announcement.

  3. Yesterday, Fleta paired with ryujehong in ranked games. Fleta has no personal relationship with ryujehong and therefore they have never played together before.

  4. Yesterday, former BK player Banny mentioned on Tape2's stream where Tape2, Banny and Fissure (Cloud9 KONGDOO) talked together that one of the APEX players he personally knows will play in the league team. It is reportedly said that Banny lives in the same town and attends the same high school with Fleta.

This is a very interesting rumor. I like to see Fleta playing in a more organized and competent team.

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The tweet is translated into as follows:

"KongDoo Panthera and Cloud9 has met together with a new name 'Cloud9 KONGDOO'. Cloud9 will be a naming sponsor to provide full support for KongDoo Panthera players."

The only difference between announcements made by KongDoo and C9 is that KongDoo refers C9 as their naming sponsor but C9 uses the expression 'acquisition' of the KongDoo Panthera roster.

posted about 6 years ago

Don't know why LH do not use a combination of Gido and WhoRU in any single round. It looks like LTJ and EscA have a portion of shares in the team as either one of them always appears in the lineup.

posted about 6 years ago

The first round made me feel like something might happen but then the team restored its usual form. Anyway FL won the very first round of the season proving I was wrong.

posted about 6 years ago

This will be a slaughter, not a game. So sad to say it as a FL fan.

posted about 6 years ago

The following image is from Sylph's facebook

My translation:

*"I feel so wretched and empty.

For the past 6 months, I talked little, slept less and tried so hard to improve my skills. I played a lot of games and exercised much care to talk a lot during the game which was not something that I had been used to. I can understand things happening in the game but things out of the game make me feel bad. I thought my play in the scrims was positive but they blamed Lucio every time there were problems. I asked them many times to release me as early as possible if they had to do so but they told me there would be a light at the end of the tunnel and we were almost there. But I didn't expect that the end of the tunnel was something like this.

I want to blame someone but I don't know whom to blame. I regret I started playing Overwatch. I should have continued my study at the university, completed my military service and found a job. My emotions hurt so much and I can't keep myself calm even with tranquilizers but only increasing the amount of them.
I liked to play games since I was a child, exercise much effort to be among top levels and I was actually on that level. But the result of my decision to be a professional Overwatch player makes me feel like all my gaming life means nothing.

I feel too wretched, disgusting and depressed to think that I was just so unlucky.

I remember I was always saying to my friends whenever I played new games "I will not be a pro because I just want to enjoy it."

I should have played the game just for fun as a hobby."*

posted about 6 years ago

The reason birdring chose Fleta is because not only Fleta is one of the most outstanding DPS/Flex players but also they are close friends. They played together in their first Overwatch team. birdring moved to Kongdoo but Fleta didn't go together with birdring as one of the requirements to play for Kongdoo was to live in their gaming house, which Fleta didn't want to at that time. The funny thing is Fleta usually played support heroes like Mercy when he was in Conbox. Flash Lux was the first team which recognized Fleta's talent as a DPS player. Fleta chose Flash Lux as he could play DPS heroes in APEX while still staying at home as this amateur team didn't and still do not afford its own gaming house.

As a big fan of FL and Fleta, it would be a painful experience to watch this game.

posted about 6 years ago

Good luck to all the players and their franchise in the forthcoming Overwatch League but I don't want to see Jidset among them. He has done a lot of bad things since the start of LW and during this transfer deal.

posted about 6 years ago

LW Blue had three national team members and therefore they didn't have enough time to prepare for the new APEX season. So Metal Bellum gave consideration to LW Blue and played two consecutive games in a week so that LW Blue could have more time to prepare themselves. However, LW Blue took this advantage as a chance to think over and run away. Now Meta coach is mad at this.

LW informed and released its players on the same day and then again they gave notice of pulling out of APEX to OGN at 23:56! It was just 2 days before their first game. Nice job!

posted about 6 years ago

OGN is considering additional sanctions on LW Blue for this. They gave notice to OGN at 23:56 on KST yesterday. LW is making a series of bad moves including the release of Luna and Who, Ilbe controversies on their members and this strange notice of dropping out.

posted about 6 years ago

My translation of the brief Q&A session after the press conference:
(This is based on the article on Inven)

Q. (to Kevin Chou) How much are you going to pay for their salary?

I think I need to offer them a competitive amount of salaries but I cannot tell you the exact figures.

Q. (to Chou) What’s the reason for you to choose Lunatic-Hai to represent Seoul in Overwatch League?

I believe teamwork matters in all kinds of sports. I have met a lot of players in Korea and they had talents. However, it takes quite long even for talented players to establish teamwork among them. They need to spend a lot of time together for teamwork although they have a great amount of talents. That’s why I chose Lunatic-Hai as its members are not only excellent in their individual skills but also great as a team.

Q. (to Baek Gwang-jin; manager of the team) What’s the reason for you to accept Kevin Chou’s offer?

I had a lot of thoughts when I first heard the offer from Kevin Chou. Kevin Chou became the owner of the franchise in Seoul. Lunatic-Hai is a team with Korean members and we could have a chance to represent Seoul, the capital city of the country. So I was thankful to him for his offer. Lunatic-Hai has been active as an Overwatch team for about a year, which is a quite short period. Kevin Chou had in-depth understanding of the game and respect for the teamwork and therefore he wanted Lunatic-Hai as a whole to be part of his franchise. So I had a series of thoughts and then made my decision to accept his offer thinking that we could be better prepared for the league if we participate in it as fast as possible.

Q. (to Baek) You also have LTJ and Whoru in your existing Lunatic-Hai roster. Are they going to be reserve members of Team Seoul?

Well, we have a difficulty in taking Whoru to the team due to the Blizzard’s policy. We are open to every possibility for LTJ. You will be able to see our full roster once it is announced later. We will update our roster whenever new members are added.

Edited: I misspelled Kevin's family name. Sorry for him!

posted about 6 years ago

It seems EscA lost his confidence in playing DPS heroes except Sombra. That might be why he continued to play Sombra in almost all situations even when it seemed quite evident Sombra would not work (for example, in Ilios against Pharmercy). Whoru was their main DPS for the season 2 while Gido played the role for the season 3, and Lunatic-Hai was the champion of those 2 seasons. So I don't understand why they put LTJ in the starting line-up instead of either Whoru or Gido. LTJ was away from professional matches too long.

Lunatic-Hai is still the strongest team in the world but personal relationships among EscA, ryujehong and LTJ that have continued for several years might lead to their decline, I guess (ryujehong said not so many days are left for him to play as a professional gamer and therefore he wanted to bring LTJ back to the team to play together once again to the end).

posted about 6 years ago

Lunatic-Hai didn't want MVP Space to be their opponent at the draw. Now I see why they thought so.

posted about 6 years ago

Former Flash Lux players Unis and Modern individually left their posts on Inven. Their posts are quite long and it's somewhat hard for me to translate every single detail of them.

But both indicated that Veil was the one who always complained about the performances of other team members. It is so funny to see that one of the worst DPS players in APEX blames their disappointing performances on other team members not on himself.

Unis mentioned on his post that he suggested some strategies to the coach but the coach always rejected them saying that their individual skills and team performances were not good enough to implement such strategies. And it seems that Weeso was the one with the coach's side as he also mentioned on their fan page that strategies mean nothing when the team's overall performances are low.

Modern mentioned on this post that the team used two separate voice chats during scrims implying that he was an outcast while blaming his leave on the coach for his inconsistent and unreliable behaviors and comments. He also said that Veil and Weeso were not that engaged in establishing the team's strategies saying that Weeso was eager to have them at the beginning but gradually lost his interest.

Fleta once mentioned on his stream that their biggest problem was that they had no strategies and solely relied on individual skills (this is what Unis also indicated on his post). He also mentioned that playing only with individual skills might work for lower level games such as APEX Super Week but it should be considered that all the teams competing in APEX have members with individual skills equivalent to or better than those of Flash Lux players and therefore such playing styles simply do not work for APEX games. He said that's why they always came to an end with 0:3 scores. Fleta was fully aware of the problems his team had but no improvements were made in this season. So it seems that Fleta has no or little influence on the team and maybe it's because he is the youngest member (SHU is younger than Fleta but he is a newcomer) taking into account the culture here in Korea.

posted about 6 years ago

This might be the only chance for Flash Lux to get a single win for this season. If Flash Lux loses this game, I (and, of course, everyone) am 100% sure that the team will also end this season with 0-3 record.

The funny thing is that two of the NC Foxes roster (E1kiNo & Pumple) are former Flash Lux members.
E1kiNo carried Flash Lux during the APEX Season 1 and then left the team, throwing away his destiny to carry the team over Fleta.

posted about 6 years ago

Surefour + carpe will be one of the best DPS duo in the world if they can play together.

carpe is one of the best hitscan player (especially McCree and Soldier: 76) with not the best but still decent Genji playing, if you make your judgment based on his ranked match plays. The problem is carpe always had some kind of problems in showing his ability to the fullest on competitions with audiences such as APEX.

posted about 6 years ago

New post on Luna's facebook:

My translation:
"I believe that I was released from the team as a revenge. I remember the coach and the manager said they should give 1-month advance notice to release players. So I cannot understand why I was informed and released from the team on the same day. And I have a lot of bullets."

I believe he meant with the last sentence that he was ready to defend himself against any argument to be made by the team.

posted about 6 years ago

You got the wrong point here. People are criticizing LW not because they released Luna but because they didn't give him an advance notice or whatever so that he could have a chance to find a new team. There might be some issues between the team and the player that we would never know but it is neither a professional nor a desirable way for a team to release its players who have been committed to the team for the past year.

posted about 6 years ago

What made Luna feel worse and more upset is that his father was coming from his hometown to Seoul to see him without knowing his son got fired on that day. He was left alone in the LW gaming house waiting for his father while the rest of the team members were out to take some promotional photos for the APEX Season 4.

It is natural for professional players to find new teams and get fired at any time. But this is not the way it should be.

posted about 6 years ago

Luna and Who were released from LW on the final day for APEX teams to submit their roster to OGN. So they couldn't have any chance to find new teams. This is not fair. I guess LW made a terrible mistake on this. I just want to know who is behind this strange decision.

posted about 6 years ago

You can vote online which team you want to see for the final match of Bigfile Overwatch Battleroyal:

You can select up to 2 teams and then click the button at the bottom right which means "Submit" in Korean.

Some of the teams are written in Korean:
콩두 운시아 = Kongdoo Uncia
아프리카프릭스 블루 = Afreeca Freecs Blue

posted about 6 years ago

If Flash Lux fails to advance to the next stage again in this season, they should consider disbanding or releasing their roster. Fleta is too talented to stay in a losing team. I want to see him playing in a winning team. He deserves much more than what he is now.

posted about 6 years ago

I hope Fleta can play Happy Overwatch with the rebuilt roster. However, there are still some worries on their tank positions. FL fans in Korea do not fully trust Oberon and Weeso due to their inconsistent performance.

posted about 6 years ago

I guess the Flash Lux roster above is an old one. Today's match will be with Fleta (Flex), Weeso (Offtank), Oberon (Main Tank; formerly known as Tarpon in BK Stars), CoMa (Main Healer; former RunAway member), Shu (Subhealer; formerly known as Utopia in ranked matches on Korean server) and Veil (DPS).

posted about 6 years ago

Kalios left the team due to his contract issue with wNv although Runner mentioned Kalios might come back to the team once the issue is cleared out. Mirage was a member of a professional Overwatch team called OPPA.DANAWA before he got in the RunAway roster. He used twitch streaming as a means to promote himself to find a new team. However, now he seems to be just a streamer.

posted about 6 years ago

Runner confirmed on his stream that JJANU (짜누 in Korean) will play Lucio for RunAway against X6-Gaming today. Jjanu is a Korean streamer who is famous for his Roadhog playing in ranked matches on Korean server and passion to be a RunAway member. He has been expressing his strong desire to be part of RunAway and was actually competing with Mirage till the end during the team's last trial for new members. The funny thing is that he is not a support player and it is reportedly said that he was ready to play what he is not familiar with if he could be a member of RunAway.

posted about 6 years ago

Runner said on his stream that the team is struggling to find quality Lucio player. So, it is likely that Runner will be playing this match against X6-Gaming unless the team finds a proper candidate before the match. Lunatic-Hai coach also mentioned that it was very difficult to find a Lucio player for their sister team. So it is somewhat surprising that the former RunAway member CoMa, who is regarded as one of the best Lucio players in Korea, finally got his place in Flash Lux (I am a big fan of FL but they have not been either competitive or successful in the previous 3 APEX seasons), as a lot of teams and their fans wanted him to be in their roster.

posted about 6 years ago
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