The London Spitfire have announced the signing of former Runaway tank T1zi. He will be the second main tank and 11th player on the team's roster.

Speculation was rife that T1zi was headed to an Overwatch League team after he departed from the Runaway roster last month, leaving Bumper to fill his role in the Overwatch Team Story quarterfinals . With his name absent from the list of players on Academy rosters, many were certain the Spitfire would be his destination.

T1zi will now act as backup to Spitfire starting main tank Gesture, a role previously filled by Fissure. The London Spitfire opened two roster spots in between Stage 1 and Stage 2 when they traded away Rascal and Fissure.

This announcement comes just a day after the team revealed it would be splitting up with longtime Cloud 9 coach Bishop. Currently, the only coaches on the team's staff are Changgoon and Jfeel, former assistant coaches of APEX Season 4 champions GC Busan.