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It's an interview program on Overwatch League Official YouTube channel. ryujehong meets Overwatch League players for interviews and Fleta was the interviewee for the first episode available in the following link:

The following is my translation:

Ryu: Do you agree to expressions like “young breadwinner” and “Fleta is the meta” associated with you?

Fleta: I think they are not wrong. I feel like it’s somewhat difficult for me to comment about them as the latter directly refers to my nickname. Well, actually, it was true that I was a young breadwinner back in time and the expression “Fleta is the meta” is also true in a context that I play a variety of heroes in the game.

Ryu: Right, and what is surprising about those expressions is that all of them emerged while you’re playing for Seoul Dynasty.

Fleta: But people called me a young breadwinner even when I played for an amateur team (before joining Seoul Dynasty).

Ryu: What do you feel about surviving as a member of the final 4 teams advanced to the Grand Finals?

Fleta: To be honest, I felt somewhat nervous about the most recent matches. It’s because we (Shanghai Dragons) were not that well prepared, compared to our past conditions. So I felt a bit nervous. It’s kinda like a story behind what you have seen during our matches and we couldn’t have enough chances for scrims as a lot of teams were dropped out of the race to the Grand Finals (so they need no more scrims for this season). What was worse for us was that those teams with which we could have scrims rarely used Roadhog comps and therefore we couldn’t be properly trained to play against the comps, making me feel nervous from the beginning (of the playoff).

Ryu: But you guys played Roadhog comps well. I mean you did the comps pretty good.

Fleta: I felt a bit nervous as we were not fully trained. I guess we were lucky (to win the playoff).

Ryu: You have shown outstanding performances throughout the season. What triggered your motivation for this season?

Fleta: My motivation for this season… First of all, my teammates played way too good and that’s the biggest thing for me. And another thing making me different from what I was in previous seasons is… In the past, given my personality, I was reluctant to express my thoughts for the game. But I have realized its importance and now I am the most frequent speaker in the team. You know you can play well when you do it as you think it’s right. So I have shared my thoughts with teammates, making me play better.

Ryu: By the way, Shanghai Dragons are way too good. You are at the level that it makes no sense.

Fleta: Well, I thought we were not that strong to win all those matches during the regular season. That’s what I thought for our team. But our opponents thought we’re invincible during their scrims with us to the extent that they would never take victory over us. I never thought that we were invincible. However, we have managed to win so many matches at the end. You know it. When things go right, everything you do in the game looks like something that is well planned and organized from the perspective of outsiders.

Ryu: When you analyze your opponents like Shanghai Dragons, you will believe that they have established a perfect plan or strategy for a play, although, in fact, they did it without in-depth discussions or plans.

Fleta: Yeah, just like we did it in accordance with an organized plan or strategy.

Ryu: You have won the MVP for this season. Did you expect you would get it?

Fleta: Well, honestly, I expected that I would be at least the second place even if I couldn’t be the MVP. It’s because we were unbeatable at that time and, I thought carpe and myself would be the strongest contenders for the MVP, he was not in the starting lineup during the period when MVP voting was done. But now he’s back in the starting lineup. So I expected that I could be at least the second place.

Ryu: So you thought carpe would be your strongest contender for the MVP?

Fleta: Yes, it’s because you should not only play well but also have high profile in the communities to win the MVP. carpe showed consistency in his performance (and he is also a famous player). So I expected that carpe or myself would be the MVP for the season.

Ryu: But you are the number 1 for now. You’re the MVP.

Ryu: APAC vs NA, which one is better? I want to tell you my opinion first. My choice is APAC. I think Shanghai Dragons are the best team in the league right now. What do you think?

Fleta: Well, anyway, you will see the result soon enough. For the recent meta, I think NA is better and, for the previous meta, to be honest, I couldn’t watch many of the NA matches. It’s because I had to analyze other (APAC) matches. Time difference also made it hard for me to watch NA matches. Anyway, for the previous meta, with a slight difference, I thought APAC was better. Because, at that time, most of the APAC teams were good. Guangzhou Charge was good and New York Excelsior also did fine. So, for now, I have no idea which one is better and what the Grand Finals will result in.

Ryu: Give your message to Philadelphia Fusion which will be your first opponent in the Grand Finals.

Fleta: The biggest controversy in the Overwatch communities right now is which one is better between APAC and NA. Philadelphia Fusion and Shanghai Dragons will have the very first match in the Grand Finals. The match result will serve as a proof of which one is better and thus we will take the victory whatever it takes to demonstrate APAC is better than NA even if the proof lasts only for the match day.

Ryu: I hope Philadelphia Fusion could also have a chance to give their message just like you did.

Ryu: Do you have in mind a team which couldn’t make it to the Grand Finals betraying your expectation?

Fleta: Nope, everything went as I expected.

Ryu: Just as you expected?

Fleta: Yes.

Ryu: Among rookies for this season, do you have someone in your mind or attention with respect to performances?

Fleta: Yes, I have.

Ryu: Maybe he’s also in your team?

Fleta: Yes, you know whom I talk about.

Ryu: I thought him, too.

Fleta: There are a lot of rookie players but he always stays right beside me. He’s the best rookie. LIP is the best.

Ryu: I agree. LIP is so good. His Sombra is excellent.

Fleta: It’s because he has no fear. There are some good things and some bad things since he has no fear.

Ryu: Which team do you think will be your opponent in the Championship Match, assuming that Shanghai Dragons already made it to the match?

Fleta: If we have made it to the Championship Match? I have no idea as both Philadelphia Fusion and San Francisco Shock are playing well.

Ryu: I cannot also make my choice between Fusion and Shock.

Fleta: Both teams deserve the Championship Match… Maybe Shock? But I am not sure to be honest. If we had scrims with them, I could have my own predictions, but for now, I don’t know.

Ryu: You can’t have scrims with them to be honest.

Remaining questions are for entertaining purposes. So I didn’t translate them.


Thanks for this!

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