What had been the Overwatch League's worst kept secret has now become official. Last week, it was reported that Lunatic-Hai would be representing the Seoul team in the Overwatch League. Thanks to a preview left on the Seoul's team site, those reports have been confirmed.

Seoul Overwatch League Team

Image credit: Team Seoul

Earlier, it was announced on Twitter that the team would be revealed the next morning in Korea. Twitter users got to work quickly photoshopping in Lunatic-Hai players where their silhouettes matched in the original Tweet. Before long, an English preview of the roster webpage accidentally leaked the first six that are to be announced from the team.

The roster that Lunatic-Hai used in last season's APEX finals is the one currently announced for the Seoul OWL team. This means EscA and Gido are the DPS players currently listed for the team while Whoru and LEETAEJUN are nowhere to be found. It is believed that Whoru isn't listed because he does not meet the age requirement to compete in the Overwatch League just yet. However Overwatch League teams can have up 12 players on their rosters, meaning that the additional players on the Lunatic-Hai roster, as well as other high-level Korean players, still have a shot of making the team Seoul Overwatch League team.