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dont confirm immortals roster

posted 1 day ago

contenders season 1 here or here
contenders season 0 its more rare now again coz his blade is weaker and he rarely has nanoboost coz no one playes ana and nano is weaker but it happens

and why do you think genji players changed their playstyle? sdb could be more agressive year ago for obvieus reasons (which i mentioned) and are all due to meta and hero changes:

ana had op healing, able to heal even triple tank team alone so keeping genji alive when ulting, or healing him with nade when he was low was easy

nanoboost reduced damage taken plus you were faster, so it was really hard to kill nanoblading genji, not because teams didnt know how but because meta was different

so now let me ask you a question, during triple tank meta genji was pretty much not played (not like now more rarely but not played at all in pro matches) so back than teams really had to know how to counter him if he waas not played at all, so did teams forget how to counter him?

spoiler: no and again you really think teams need 2 years to adapt to something? np genji has multi kills with dragon blade when meta favors it (nanoblade meta) ut when it doesnt he wont (triple tank meta)

posted 1 day ago

they couldnt make it work during triple tank meta either and nearly no one played him back then
compared to back then now genji is much more effective so did teams forget how to play against him or did meta change?

teams can really quickly adapt to heros it really doesnt take them 2 years to be able to learn how to counter hero
teams know how to play against genji for years they havent invented anything new and we have just good old meta shift

posted 2 days ago

people really didnt need over a year to learn how to counter blade (and as i already said, its not first time he fall out of meta, during tank meta he was completly gone compared to limited use now) its because nano boost doesnt make blade so strong now

posted 2 days ago

every hero comes and goes when it comes to genji we had:
hard genji meta (nano genji win team fight)
than came triple tank and genji dropped out
than was dive/triple dps genji was back
now we have weird meta or more like there is no new meta established because of many changes in short time (doomfist came and disapeared now junk is op soon we'll see how mercy changes affect meta)
its not new thing that genji is not meta it happened before and will happen in future thats just the way meta fluctuates

posted 2 days ago

teams and players have transcended from mere whispers on forums and Reddit threads to idolization and talent beyond imagination.

this " beyond imagination" part feels a little bit like an exaggeration ;) just a little though

go runaway! pink - colour of victory

good read

posted 2 days ago

also if this is leak thread (although i wrote about it in mine so which is confirmed now? :P )seoul is going to be called seoul dynasty
edit: added

also imho bad name, lets hope at least logo is good

posted 5 days ago

and dallas

posted 5 days ago

what for? cocco is as good if not better on winston and by far better rein

posted 5 days ago

envy is going to announce 8th member soon, nd he is going to have "new flag" we speculated who it could be on discord but no idea but what do you think?

posted 5 days ago

mate, you have 3 posts on this forum and you think i troll?
ok here have few of my "trolly" posts

wont go further because there is no point, misterdeath ypu have no idea about this forum and me so why the fuck you think you can judge me? kid you are not qualified to say anything about anyone

seagull is overrated by his fans and im not talking about last month and his games on envy because they mean nothing, you could put probably any half decent pro in envy and they would win contenders
im talking about his nrg days when he was far from genjis like fpr example sdb and the problem is even now many his fans put him as best or amongst best genjis/players in the world which he is and never been

next time really get a grip of forum because your cpmment have shown you have no idea about people on here

posted 5 days ago

but i really listen to everything, i just press on random music videos and if i like it i listen to it, i wouldnt even know which song is what type, or i finde some nice song in some video or wherever i dont care about genres and i can like songs from every type

about accomplishment, im super strict towards myself so mt answer to this would be that i havent achived single thing in life

i dont show many/i dont like showing amotions so hugging is out of the question

i actually answered most of the questions very honestly and os ot now obligatory to answer these?

i may be negative but why does it hurt people? i dont force others to accept my pov

posted 5 days ago

well, again shows immaturity
"I dont like you so doeasnt matter what you wrote ill downvote"
the fucks the point in this?

I had quite a few disagreements with kuroi for example but it was about some topic and even if someone of us got downvoted (well penda ill write it for you, downvoted as in people disagreed not about the downvotes itself) it was on topic of this thread and when we went to other thread it was all good between us
but this^

best way to get community to love you? post some random meme under everything, agree with what majority says, dont have own opinion, dont criticise anyone, if you dont like someone downvote him
sounds like kindergarten to me

so ill ask here who does my original comment insult and why? or does someone disagree with it and why? if its so downvoted im sure a lot of people do
so id love to hear complaints and learn from it

and penda stop being kid, i dont care about these votes and it never was about them (like with seagull conversation) its about how people act

posted 6 days ago

im toxic? i may be dick at times but not toxic

posted 6 days ago

yes this totally deserves downvotes and its not because someone doesnt like me so he downvoted it because it was mine

posted 6 days ago

me and kuroi created accounts exactly the same day funny fact

posted 6 days ago

What's your favorite type of music? - no favourit what sounds good i listen

What's your favorite color?- no favourit

What was your first video game?- hard to remamber, either super simple game about balancing platforms to get ball to bottom level without falling of the map (no idea how its called i played it few times on my fathers laptop like 16-17 years ago windows 98 or 2000) or some early pokemon on gameboy (i remamber when i first saw gameboy in some other kids hands it was original gameboy without colour screen) later i played games like stronghold crusador (fucking great game) and total war medieval

Where are you from? - bangladesh
kappa no im not im from europe

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment? -well to answer this question i would need to dive into my psyche so wont answer it

What's your most PogChamp overwatch moment? -

If you could hug one pro player, who would it be? - wouldnt

Make your dream team- whatever

If you want to answer, what's your first name?- Michael (well not exactly but its equivalent in my language)

posted 6 days ago

yea i just didnt remamber the name of this team

posted 6 days ago

the company behinde shanghai spot has a team (or had? i dont follow chinese scene) chinese team (not for spot just to feel out the scene)

and they will 100% sure get chinese roster

posted 6 days ago

"im a fan of white race i cheer for it and hate on other races"
thats not cool and thats exactly the point of my comment

Example: You think Seagull isn't good (or bad even) and people saying he's good can't base it on anything. Well, you can't base him being bad on anything either.
There's no mutual outcome in such debates. It's like telling someone who likes purple that purple is garbage and fucking fuschia is better. Hello ??

let me quote penda "you are wrong"
when talking about seagull people on this site dont say that its their opinion they say its a fact

and ill repeat myself i dont care what people think of seagull so they can disagree with me as much as they want
the problem is the way they act
ill quote my original comment:

you say seagull is great player but youre okay if someone thinks otherwise. nothing against it
you think seagull is great player and attack anyone who says otherwise. thats wrong and thats exactly what is going on on this site

thats where i see problem

posted 6 days ago

the problem is not that people have different opiniom than i do if they said "oh i have different opinion/disagree/think otherwise" it would be all good
but on this site when someone says something bad about seagull "they are wrong" (and im even quoting penda here) so it turns out its no mlre about what wethink but about facts and these are not facts

and you totaly missed the poimt of my comment its not comparing racism to anything, its showing the mechanism (to make it simpler look at nationalism only) and look at robokun comment

i dont care what people think about seagull

posted 6 days ago

not only retarded but also cant read? where did i say he is bad?

My unpopular opinion is as valid as your popular opinion!


posted 1 week ago

and youre ratarded?

posted 1 week ago

ok so one more time about seagull
bias is ok to some degree
you say that you think this guy is good, cool, but when people, like on this site start getting so fucking defensive when you say something even slightly negative about seagull then its wrong

its the same for everything,
you like your country better then others. its cool
you hate other countries. thats nationalism and not cool

you like your skin colour but dont have anything against other colours. perfectly good
you hate other skin colours. thats racism

and on this site its the 2nd thing happaning

you say seagull is great player but youre okay if someone thinks otherwise. nothing against it
you think seagull is great player and attack anyone who says otherwise. thats wrong and thats exactly what is going on on this site

posted 1 week ago

princess is in another castle!

i moved this comment :/

posted 1 week ago

either people love him or they are trolling? thats exactly what you said right there
huge fanbase=positive comments
people who see this huge fanbase=trolls

posted 1 week ago

oh so people either love seagull or are trolling?
seems right

posted 1 week ago

its not just this thread, you cant say anything negative about seagull on this site

posted 1 week ago

this thread is perfect example of how biased this site is towards seagull
you cant say anything bad about our god and saver seagull because youll get downvoted to oblivion, not hating you cant state negative opinion and honestly its pathetic
everyone else its ok, your opinion but criticising seagull? OH NO

posted 1 week ago

im gonna get downvoted so hard if i say it but screw this
overrated seagull
doesnt matter if he is good or not but he is overrated

underrated team: gamers origin
while rogue as regarded as top team go was alweys treated as tier 2-3 and in reality they were not that far away

posted 1 week ago

yup, i wote it before ogn supercup, i also updated roster in my list og owl teams

posted 1 week ago

and according to other info also xepher and munchkin so i preferred to only add starting roster from lh but ok ill add him

posted 1 week ago

2/3 star, stars are divided by 3 on this site 0 star noob

posted 1 week ago

I'll add that team for Seoul spot, as of today, looks like this :

  • Gido
  • tobi
  • ryujehong
  • Miro
  • zunba
  • EscA
  • Fleta
  • munchkin
  • xepher
  • Whoru
posted 1 week ago

thx, but i cant get internet points anymore for threads so no more posts from me ;)

posted 1 week ago

wo i also realised now this bar on left hides replies

posted 1 week ago

Third history/article/thing about owl teams and rosters, i decided to dedicate it to most achieved Korean roster - Lunatic-Hai
earlier parts:

While currently Korean scene is one of the most covered one’s, when Overwatch’s esport was in its infancy there was hardly any interest in it from the western media . Because of this i would be unable to write about early history of one of the best teams in the world - Lunatic Hai if not for Frus who helped me find necessary information in Korean and whom i would like to thank a lot.

Lunatic Hai is a South Korean esports organization with a strong tradition in first person shooters, having teams in Counter Strike 1.6, Special Force, Special Force 2 and more. They entered Overwatch somewhat late, when teams like LWR, UW Artisan and AFB AFR were already well established.

For the roster consisting of tobi, Miro, dean, ryujehong, Leetaejun and EscA, thefirst tournament was the Afreeca TV BJ League in August of 2016. They were eventually signed by Lunatic-Hai later that same month. .The team made a name for themselves during Logitech G Championship, but it wasn’t until APAC 2016, in which they defeated likes of Afreeca Freecs Blue and NRG Esports to get to finals, , that they begun to be considered as Korea's best roster. But because they weren’t able to win any tournaments that year, they became known as the “uncrowned kings” of South korean Overwatch.

While APEX is the staple of overwatch’s esport, outside of it korean scene doesn’t have many tournaments and so Lunatic Hai after APAC has taken part in only 6 tournaments.

Next up for Lunatic-Hai was APEX Season 1 in the fall of 2016.. The team cruised through group stage, dropping only two maps and beating Team EnVyUs, one of the top Western teams present. But after a sudden change to the meta introduced buffs to D.Va, they were completely demolished in the quarterfinals by Kongdoo Uncia.

After their disappointing result, they hoped for redemption at the IEM Gyeonggi. Although they reached the finals in a convincing fashion, they couldn’t prevail to the trophy as they lost to LuxuryWatch Red in the finals.

With the new year ringing in and revamped roster after switching LEETAEJUN and dean for Whoru and zunba, Lunatic-Hai’s luck was about to turn around inAPEX Season 2. which might very well be one of the most storied tournaments in Overwatch. First great story is one of Meta Athena, team that no one expected much from but which came up with the most interesting and unusual strategies overwatch has seen and second being Runaway’s which nearly completed royal road but were denied trophy after one of the most memorable comebacks overwatch has ever witnessed.

Lunatic-Hai was placed in the round robin group stage in the nicknamed “Group of Death” , featuring LuxuryWatch Blue (who were previously known as LuxuryWatch Red), Afreeca Freecs Red, and Misfits.They advanced without problem, dropping only a single map in the process.

In the 2nd group stage, in where the top eight teams from the round robin competed in four team GSL groups, they unexpectedly finished 2nd losing to RunAway in an incredibly close 2-3 loss.

They were placed against Meta Athena, an unexpected Challenger team that came up with the most interesting and unusual strategies, in the semifinals. Despite their usage of elaborate strategies, they were unable to prevail, as Lunatic-Hai closed the series 3-2.

The grand finals began with RunAway taking Oasis and Hollywood, with the DPS duo of WhoRU and EscA looking underwhelming. Lunatic-Hai saw a little bit of resurgence on Volskaya which they took in convincing fashion butthe pink sweaters quickly replied by taking Route 66 and setting the score at 1-3. Nothing was going Lunatic-Hai’s way, and if they wanted to win, they needed to play perfectly from that point onward.

Luckily for Lunatic-Hai EscA and Whoru finally started to step up, On the 5th map they were able to quickly take both points and hold RunAway before 2nd on their defense. Dorado was more or less the same, with Lunatic Hai completing the map with a huge timebank and then not letting boys in pink shirts advance to 2nd point. With Runaway players looking tired and Lunatic Hai finally firing on all cylinders nothing could stop them as they took Eichenwald and finally lifted the trophy that eluded them for so long.

APEX season 3 developed similarly as Lunatic Hai placed at the top of their group but then lost to KongDoo Panthera in the 2nd group stage. Korea’s best completely demolished AF.Blue in semis and after one more 4:3 final this time against KongDoo Panthera lifted the trophy of OGN’s tournament once again.

With Lunatic Hai being considered the best team in the world and by far the most popular team in Korea it was no surprise that they were picked as the roster for Seoul spot and even after disappointing 5th-6th place finish in the latest APEX season they are still one of favourites for season 1 of Overwatch league.

Even though this is still kinda work in progress i decided to post it as it already took a lot of my time, snivy's time, who i'd like to thank a lot at this point.
I treat this threads a lot like practice of my writing skill and i appreciate great feedback from you snivy
And as i already said i also used frus's time at this point im not really sure how much its my thread and how much snivy's and frus's :P

posted 1 week ago

you can also chose the old "linear" style of comments
now we need notification when someone comments on your comment

posted 1 week ago

fuck yea i asked for this in i think my first thread!

lately updates are rolling out one after another and all are great

posted 1 week ago

also - called it

posted 1 week ago
snivy first posted this on discord
i called this so long ago but yea blizzard testing new spectating during blizzcon owc ;)

posted 1 week ago

i think you fucked up links, kickstarter twitter and facebook dont seem to work for me, they send be back to this post

posted 1 week ago

ok i dont get why anyone cares? he quit being pro but also said he enjoyes game when he doesnt need to play it every day so he plays it, so whats the big deal? he is playing game and?

posted 1 week ago


bump so more people see it coz its cool tool

also poi is grinding these stars gonna catch up to me soon

posted 1 week ago

they will coz decay is bigger after more time and different national teams played at different times so teams from 1st qualifier will be lower then from latest even though they might have played a lot better

posted 1 week ago

and if you think that some features are missing you should post it in these update threads

posted 1 week ago
its really not hard to find answer to this thread (site update posts are in stickied threads on the top left)

posted 1 week ago

actually only lh is confirmed and while kdp is pretty much sure its not yet official owl team for c9

posted 1 week ago

ill stay independent outside the crew
will keep saying seagull is not good and getting downvoted for this
will keep arguing with people

you wont take me this easly

posted 1 week ago
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