Update: Overwatch League PR reached out to clarify that Alicus' involvement in 'managing' Contenders teams only extends to the Outlaws' Academy roster. However, indirect involvement with the other four slots under GGEA's scope has not been commented on.

Sources have reported to over.gg that GG Esports Academy, a subsidiary of the Houston Outlaws parent company, are involved with the management of up to five North American Contenders slots. Two of these slots are reportedly being run under the Outlaws' brand, with the organisation set to announce one mixed Korean and Western roster and another roster built around a core of former Rise Nation players.

The Boston Uprising and Florida Mayhem have also allegedly brought in GGEA to manage their Academy teams. The final party utilizing GGEA’s services for their North American Contenders slot is currently unconfirmed.

News of GGEA's ownership of a large piece of Contenders North America has resulted in a degree of unrest in the region’s competitive community, with claims of conflicts of interests being made. As multiple rosters outside their scope were finalized before the February 13th roster lock, GGEA currently holds a position of power in determining the future of multiple players looking to find a place in event, assuming the reports are factual.

After joining Infinite Esports as a scouting director, Alicus has been directly involved in the management of the Outlaws' Academy roster. However, reports indicate that he has also been involved in the operations of the other four GGEA slots to a lesser extent.

GG Esports Academy were founded in early 2018 by Infinite Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the Houston Outlaws. utside of their Overwatch operations, GGEA currently run Call of Duty and League of Legends teams for esports organisations.

Contenders North America is set to kick off on the 5th of March. Roster announcements are expected to be released in the coming weeks as the lock comes into effect after multiple extensions, with the Philadelphia Fusion already revealing their Academy team, Fusion University.