With OGN APEX Challengers Season 4 wrapped up, the teams that have qualified for OGN APEX Season 4 have been decided. LuxuryWatch Red, GC Busan, NC Foxes, ROX Orcas, and Meta Bellum will be making their grand debuts in APEX’s next season, joining the rest of the Korean teams from APEX Season 3.

APEX Challengers has been the secondary division for Korea since APEX began last October, and has been regarded as a great place to view upcoming teams, thanks to the depth of the Korean talent pool. Teams such as Meta Athena and X6-Gaming rose from Challengers and made deep playoff runs in APEX Season 2 and 3 respectively. Since then, many have kept a keen eye on Challengers, awaiting to see who can enter the top echelons of Korea and potentially the world.

Originally, the top four from APEX Challengers would qualify for Super Week, the promotion and relegation tournament for APEX. Earlier this month however, OGN revealed that Super Week would be canceled for Season 4, with no foreign teams being invited due to Overwatch Contenders Season 1 in the West, and multiple Korean teams disbanding or moving elsewhere. With no relegation for the bottom placed Korean teams in APEX Season 3, OGN also revealed the top five teams from APEX Challengers Season 4 would automatically qualify for APEX Season 4 instead, raising the stakes even higher.

APEX Challengers Season 4 began with eight teams competing in the first round robin group stage, with MVP Infinity and EHOME Shield being eliminated first. The second round robin had the remaining six teams fight for five spots in APEX Season 4. Afreeca Freecs Red were the last team to be eliminated due to a loss to GC Busan, which made any chance of advancing impossible.

The teams that will compete in OGN APEX Season 4 are: