Vancouver Titans Vancouver Titans OWL Rank #2 JJANU Choi Hyeon-woo (최현우) off tank Twilight Lee Joo-seok (이주석) flex support Haksal Kim Hyo-jong (김효종) dps Stitch Lee Chung-hee (이충희) dps Fissure Baek Chan-hyung (백찬형) tank SLIME Kim Sung-jun (김성준) support assistant coach Harsha has been named the head coach of the Houston Outlaws Houston Outlaws OWL Rank #17 Rawkus Shane Flaherty flex support SPREE Alexandre Vanhomwegen off tank MekO Kim Tae Hong off tank rapel Kim Jun-geun (김준근) flex support Danteh Dante Cruz dps Hydration João Pedro Goes Telles dps Muma Austin Wilmot tank Boink Daniel Pence support Jecse Lee Seong-soo (이승수) support . This will be his first experience leading a team as their head coach.

Harsha began his career as a coach prior to the 2018 Overwatch League season when he joined the franchise as the team's analyst. He was the only coach on the staff to remain with the team from the start of the year to the finish.

He joined the Titans as an assistant coach during the following offseason. The Titans went on to have the best record of the 2019 season at 25-3 en route to a runner-up finish in the playoffs. Harsha was the only American on a coaching staff that led a Titans roster that was entirely Korean.

The Outlaws, on the other hand, missed the 2019 playoffs entirely after going just 9-19 during the regular season. They split with their head coach of two seasons, TaiRong in September.

While the Outlaws have not officially announced any roster changes thus far in the offseason, they have three players who are entering free agency and one more who is subject to a team option.