The San Francisco Shock San Francisco Shock OWL Rank #1 ChoiHyoBin Choi Hyo-Bin (최효빈) off tank Viol2t Park Min-ki flex support Architect Park Min-ho (박민호) dps Rascal Kim Dong-jun (김동준) dps smurf Yoo Myeong-Hwan tank Moth Grant Espe support have agreed to trade DPS player Danteh to the Houston Outlaws Houston Outlaws OWL Rank #17 Rawkus Shane Flaherty flex support SPREE Alexandre Vanhomwegen off tank Jake Jacob Lyon dps Danteh Dante Cruz dps Muma Austin Wilmot tank Boink Daniel Pence support in exchange for tank player smurf from the Outlaws academy team GG Esports Academy GG Esports Academy Inactive Kellar Justin Kellar dps .

Danteh joins the Outlaws roster after the team's underwhelming seventh place finish in the overall season standings, only two places above the Shock's nineth place finish. Additionally, many that followed the Outlaws would know that the team struggled considerably in Stages 2 and 3, where a strong Tracer was indicative of what teams would surge ahead of the competition to be top competitors for the stage playoffs.

While clockwork was considered to be the team's Tracer specialist, he was eventually replaced for the most part by Jake and ArHaN in the latter half of the season, with clockwork's last game played on the Overwatch League stage being against the Seoul Dynasty Seoul Dynasty OWL Rank #9 ryujehong Ryu Je-hong (류제홍) flex support Michelle Choi Min-hyuk off tank FITS Kim Dong-eon (김동언) dps ILLICIT Park Jae-min (박제민) dps Marve1 Hwang Min-seo (황민서) tank tobi Yang Jin-mo (양진모) support in Week 5 of Stage 3. He only played one map that set, on Ilios.

Similarly, smurf will join the Shock after a disappointing season with GG Esports Academy in Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 2, where GGEA finished 9th/10th, forcing the Outlaws academy team back down into Contenders Trials to fight for a spot in the next Contenders season.

smurf will be competing against the Shock's prior main tank starter super for playtime in the upcoming season. Earlier this offseason, the Shock released Nomy , who was the team's main tank prior to super turning 18 midway through the season. Nomy's last stage appearance was in Week 4 of Stage 3 against the New York Excelsior New York Excelsior OWL Rank #5 JJoNak Bang Sung-hyeon (방성현) flex support MekO Kim Tae Hong off tank Libero Kim Hye-sung (김혜성) dps Nenne Jeong Yeon-kwan dps Mano Kim Dong-gyu (김동규) tank ANAMO Jeong Tae-seong (정태성) support on Junkertown. His release was alongside that of iddqd and dhaK in late August.

This transaction puts the Outlaws roster at 10 players, and the Shock player count at nine. For all past offseason transactions for Overwatch League teams, be sure to check out's offseason tracker, which is updated after every roster transaction.