You feel an uncontrollable urge to stop reading this and scroll to the bottom of the page. "I never realised they had a footer!" you exclaim, quickly becoming very aware that you just said that out loud. Three mysterious avatars beckon to you; a blue bird, a white thingamabob and a red play button. Their pull seems inescapable as your cursor dances ever closer to the inevitable click.

We apologise if you didn't know, but has been fooling around behind your back on Twitter, Discord and even YouTube. You thought our love for Overwatch esports was confined to a single domain, but no, we are everywhere... join us.

Certainly, we have played a crucial role in this deception in so much that we've have never actively promoted our "other" online presences. Up to this point it has been more like a grail quest for the most intrepid of online adventurers. So if you are one of the original 179 Discord members, 1,115 Twitter followers or 1,564 YouTube subscribers at the time of publishing we salute you. And to everyone else, a warm welcome.

Come tell us what we are doing wrong and how we can better wield these mighty tools. Maybe you'd like to see some video content from 2017? Or perhaps you need a deluge of tournament and match spoiling Tweets flooding your feed? An #anime channel in Discord? Speak now so we can quickly ban you.