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#28 L'INTERNETHULK joining Rogue for APEX Season 3 in News


posted 3 days ago
#11 Laser Kittenz import some foreign cats in News

All they need is a Finn, someone from ANZ, and a second random Asian country, before I can truly call them the UN of OW
Also, if LK makes more signings/announcements, I see the cat puns slowly degrade

posted 3 days ago
#12 Rogue vs. nV – Rivalcade Overwatch Rumble Playoffs GF in Matches

Timo beating the French with the French hero

posted 5 days ago
#3 Splyce vs. Selfless – Rivalcade Overwatch Rumble Playoffs LB R1 in Matches

The vods will eventually be put up on rivalcade's Youtube channel

posted 6 days ago
#4 C9 vs. Selfless – Rivalcade Overwatch Rumble Playoffs QF in Matches

Sad that the casters didn't put over the whole "Old guard vs New guard" storyline that this match entails. This is pretty much the first match where one of the current big dogs faces an established figure in NA OW

posted 6 days ago
#6 Laser Kittenz add INTERNETHULK to their litter in News

Laser Kittens: The UN of Overwatch

posted 6 days ago
#1 NRG vs. Splyce – Rivalcade Overwatch Rumble Groups Group D in Matches

Overwatch open rematch!...featuring only 2 of the players from the actual match

posted 6 days ago
#4 Laser Kittenz clowder grows with skipjack and Linepro; Sypeh reportedly trialling in News

Points to you for making me google clowder, Harsha.

posted 1 week ago
#4 Misfits find the Minerals to replace Zave in News

And a new contender for Punniest author enters the fray! Good luck to you CommanderX!

posted 1 week ago
#2 Rise vs. Atheris – Rivalcade Overwatch Rumble Quals Ro16 in Matches

From what I saw in the participant list, there was a few Mexican teams, this was the only one to make it this far :P

posted 1 week ago
#1 Overwatch Rumble Qualifiers in General Discussion
Some games from the opening rounds are being shown right now for your viewing pleasure, the later rounds will be tracked here.

You can also track the brackets here:

posted 1 week ago
#2 Denial vs. Selfless – Overwatch Monthly Melee April 2017 Playoffs LBF in Matches

Aw, I kinda want the logos to face each other, wolves vs lions!

posted 1 week ago
#5 RED vs. VIKINGS – Copenhagen Games Pizzaburger Cup Playoffs BF in Matches

Wow, that's cool of the orgs to allow them to do that, helps out everyone in the long run

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 RED vs. VIKINGS – Copenhagen Games Pizzaburger Cup Playoffs BF in Matches

Wait, aren't most of Vikings signed to other teams? Did a bunch of teams do a purge?

posted 2 weeks ago
#69 Seagull leaves NRG starting six as Mendokusaii joins in News

The fact that most of the articles that have multiple pages of comments involve NRG in someway says something either about the team or the site (quotes in quotes take up a butt ton of space). And in reality, keeping Seagull and potentially getting Mendo is a great business move for NRG. I mean, look at Mendo, don't you just want him on all your NRG posters?

But in the case of Seagull, it always seemed to me that he was dedicated to becoming a pro and being the best. I don't think that he'll make the move to full time streamer, and will still be involved in the professional scene even as a non-player. It may be not be him playing worse, but more teams and individuals playing better more consistently.

Also ha ha, laugh it up, we got to that number.

posted 2 weeks ago
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