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NRG parts ways with numlocked in News

No don't put it on me, put it on the player!
I just waved opinions which seem to be based on various discussions.
And keep hafficool under your radar, he's going to git gud as I've been informed

posted 5 months ago is much more than a website in News

Keep up the spirit, you guys are doing a great job.
I'd like to see more stats, but I hope Blizzard provides you enough data soon!
Keep it up

posted 5 months ago
Overwatch League reveals minimum player salaries and more in News

In the darkest moment in OW tread light slowly.
To all NON owl players, don't give up!

posted 5 months ago
NRG parts ways with numlocked in News

Logged in only to reply Admirable.
Re-read my comments from when we discussed about numlocked.
Guess I wasn't wrong after all!

Anyways, remain yourself you are an incredible gift to the OW community!

posted 5 months ago
OWL Predictions / Rumors in General Discussion

Looking into this later. :)

posted 8 months ago
Red Reserve expands into Overwatch with b0nkers acquisition in News

Worth noticing that Luddee is Mendokusaiis little brother as far as I know.
Another soon-to-be top player in the Swedish community hopefully :)

posted 10 months ago
hastr0 confirms Mickie will join EnVyUs live at MLG Vegas in News

I really like this composition. Please stay together now Cocco & Chips, Mickie was a solid pickup! :)

posted about a year ago
Fnatic Vonethil at MLG Vegas: "I love Hafficool" in News

Hafficool is a good guy, this bullshit about him being toxic is all nonsense dribble!
I'll be back to lift trophies with you someday Haffi :)

posted about a year ago
COOLLER replaces Kryw on Misfits due to clashes in News

#10 He's one of the best players individually. However, it is hard to really win with a person that adds emotional input. Too much passion simply put.

posted about a year ago
Overwatch League announcement plans leaked in News

Each premier organization that has been invited to this league has bought its slot, it's what I've heard so far. Not sure if Admirable is able to confirm the same. They might have open qualifiers for teams to become these cities, which I'm sure won't be happening. Most likely, it'll be some form of buy-in opt with Blizzard.

posted about a year ago
NRG sign numlocked and clockwork for Pookz and Gods in News

May be you should've taken my comment as a comment and don't view my comment as non constructive critique aimed at a player that was supposed to lead a team? We just don't share the view of the world the same, and you and I proved to have different perspective on things indeed. Let the discussion rest, I won't bother anymore, I've said what I wanted to reach out with my post. Whether you take it as "half truths and incomplete perspectives" is entirely on your own side and is not shared by everyone once again. And you are of course welcome to discuss Overwatch with me, I don't neglect this. :)

I did not try to call numlocked out, we've different perspective as to what calling out means. I only wanted to coin the point as to why numlocked had to leave dignitas which the news didn't pick-up too well. And that I approved such pickup in style of clockwork, who I see as a hard-working player which receives criticism for every little thing he do :)

posted about a year ago
NRG sign numlocked and clockwork for Pookz and Gods in News

I'm sure to say that we do not share the view of what we perceive as problem. I don't deny that there're might be issues internally in the team given all its problematic. But I've to put it the way I perceive it, and that way is that the players lacked abilities and was ultimately forced to leave. And that the leader had not enough leadership abilities to turn the mess that was built up after E-league, is how I perceive things.

While you say that bromas caused issues internally with his mood and madness, I do not share that view. And I'm sure that numlocked will do well, but he didn't do as expected of him in dignitas. They really underperformed at ESL Gamescom and E-league, and as the primary leader - it is your primary obligation to set the team on the right track with changes and everything that comes with it.

And to tell me that I paint such an incomplete picture is your view in your entirity and may not be shared with others. May be people external to the team and does not know details about the team state / internals.

posted about a year ago
NRG sign numlocked and clockwork for Pookz and Gods in News

Here's the case Sideshow, they had numlocked on the leader position as the stratcaller/ingame-leader. He was a Reinhardt main, his strats was called from a Reinhardt perspective. Making key decisions from a Reinhardt perspective is difficult already.

Art1er was cut eventually after his limited heropool, which made it problematic for the rest. They realized that numlocked and artier had problems with their respective role.

"There were clearly reasons outside of "not enough calling from seb" to make the switch."
Here's the thing, Seb was calling, but from a limited perspective than a shotcalling Lucio. He wasn't a Lucio main in Dignitas. Get it?

And this is not my argument, this is the argument of the Dignitas team in their statement. They lacked synergy in the decisive moment because of his perspective. It derailed already when Admirable said things like I had something to do with numlocked being kicked out of the squad. Which I do not have at all. I assume that Admirable just said things to heat up the moment, probably because he assumed or thought that I was personal in my post about the reason behind numlocked not in dignitas.

"Why remove the tank, who was calling, rather than any other quiet player to make room?"
See here's the thing, numlocked is supposed to talk most and direct the most. But he wasn't directing in a way that appealed to the team. You get it now? It's hard enough to call from a Reinhardt perspective, imagine if you call to players with obvious language barriers and more? The team wasn't communicating at key moments they needed to communicate the most. I mean you can ask numlocked yourself and see what the answer is.

posted about a year ago
NRG sign numlocked and clockwork for Pookz and Gods in News

You pretty much explained it well in the end of your text:
"Even if you want to cut someone so that you get a calling Lucio, there has to be a reason beyond communication why you'd remove the tank over the Lucio or indeed any other "

This is the exact reason as to why he was left behind, they needed a primary caller. Calling from Reinhardt is a difficult perspective, and its very dualoriented as the Reinhardt is often occupied. In other professional teams, e.g. REUNITED/others, the shotcaller is often the support player in the team playing Lucio as main support!

They needed somebody that is able to take decisions, and as the Reinhardt often is occupied, the communication becomes less fluid. Including some performance problems, losing groupstage matches and leaving the event early is also one of the primary reason they needed a change, with replacing artier and numlocked.

Sorry if it seemed "personal" that I made this post because it had to do with numlocked, because I can assure that it wasn't.

posted about a year ago
NRG sign numlocked and clockwork for Pookz and Gods in News

You interpreted the post wrong mate, I just mentioned that they got rid of him and had planned to in the past but couldn't? I think you went a bit outside of what I wrote. Nobody ever covered why dignitas let numlocked go, I went on to break the ice and explain that they lacked a caller.

Nothing personal against numlocked or anything in that regard, just wanted to let the word out. I did approve the acqusition of clockwork, which is a player that has received more hate than deserved. And time will tell whether picking a calling Reinhardt is good or bad. I haven't said anything negative about numlocked in my previous post, so forgive me if the context looks ugly.

posted about a year ago
NRG sign numlocked and clockwork for Pookz and Gods in News

I haven't bothered to appear public that much, but considering that people still highlight numlocked. I wanted to say this.
The dignitas guys had been mumbling about kicking numlocked since August, frankily speaking. I've known that this move would be facts ever since they crashed at Gamescom and did the same at E-league.
NRG now made a mistake by picking up a player calling from a Reinhardt, which is the main reason why they sacked numlocked from roster. They were lacking calls, there was no communication established as he's the tank.

I can only seek out to tell dummy that this move will pay its price. I can only approve the acquisition of clockwork, a great player with great mindset!

posted about a year ago