While the Tempo Storm roster has steadily improved, especially with the addition of TwoEasy recently, the team has let go of main tank player Mini according to sources close to the organization.

Mini first lined up with the team during the Sea Algae and Northern Gaming Red merger when Tempo Storm first fielded a lineup, and he was the final member to remain on the team after Hooey's departure. Currently, only Mangachu remains on a top level professional team, as the rest either compete on amateur squads or simply have not found a roster to play with.

According to the same sources, Tempo Storm plans to conduct open tryouts to find a sixth player to field. While Jkw previously played Reinhardt for compLexity Gaming during his stint with the roster, the team plans to keep him on the Lucio role as they search for a new main tank.

Tempo Storm is lined up to play against NRG this weekend as they attempt to qualify for the final Overwatch Monthly Melee. Of course, NRG has their fair share of roster changes as they are set to trial Grego and Graceful for the upcoming tournament.

As of now, the Tempo Storm lineup consists of the following:

  • Erik "TwoEasy" van Hoorn (DPS)
  • Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez (DPS)
  • Tanner "TiG" Spanu (Flex)
  • Joey "Jkw" Wavering (Support)
  • Nicholas "Cosi" Beltran (Support)
  • Seth "Novx" Zuroff (Coach)