Red Reserve, a brand best known for its roots in Call of Duty, announced their acquisition of the European squad b0nkers this morning. The Swedish-based roster has been surging in the smaller European tournaments as of late, even reaching the finals of the recent StriveWire Monthly Brawl. Despite playing together for quite some time, b0nkers remained without a sponsor until recently.

Casper "Caspere" Elvelid, flex player of Red Reserve noted in a press release accompanying the announcement that many of the players on the roster had received outside offers prior to this signing, but the team remained committed to working together and improving as a unit. As such, the entirety of b0nkers is relocating to Red Reserve unlike many other signings in the Overwatch scene, where teams are split apart and harvested.

As of now, Red Reserve has not made it clear whether they plan to relocate the team to a team house or whether they will continue online as they have before. While many North American teams have begun bootcamps together, European teams remain separated, presumably due to the lack of sponsors.

With so few Overwatch tournaments in Europe (outside of Razer and StriveWire initiatives), moving in the team together would remain a hefty expense for little payoff, but the team might look to invest in the Overwatch League given the rather big following. It must be noted that most of Red Reserve's name was built in console games, with a different type of community

Given the acquisition, Red Reserve's roster is as follows:

  • Rikard "Klanton" Lundberg (DPS)
  • Casper "Caspere" Elvelid (Flex)
  • Emil "eMIL" Sandgren (Flex)
  • Oliwer "lateks" Fahlander (Tank)
  • Ludvig "Luddee" Håkansson (Support)
  • Andreas "Epzz" Wallvingskog (Support)