With an Overwatch League spot on the horizon, (the San Francisco) NRG shows no signs of slowing with their ongoing roster overhaul. Former main tank numlocked announced his departure via a Twitlonger earlier today, citing the team's desire for a tank who would main call and micromanage, a role numlocked previously said he did not want. numlocked commented on a Reddit thread that he and his teammates were blindsided by the move to let him go, perhaps further showcasing NRG's eagerness to start fresh for OWL.

Interestingly enough, when NRG first brought numlocked onto the roster last October, it was to main call as Lucio. However, that did not work out for NRG or numlocked. By the time NRG went into rebuild mode in January, numlocked was calling from his usual tank position. With the introduction of Ajax into the roster in March, the main shotcaller duties had shifted out of numlocked's hands. Since then, the team has used other experienced Lucios, such as Grego, likely giving little reason for numlocked to need to return to main calling until recently.

This leaves NRG with only two active players, flex player harbleu and hitscan DPS iddqd, neither of which were on the team when NRG signed the squad. The team also still has Seagull signed, but after playing in Contenders with a different roster than NRG's, it is unknown whether or not Overwatch's favorite avian will return to the team when the Overwatch League starts.

Regardless of the bird's decision, NRG should have no problem luring more high profile players to the roster with a highly coveted OWL spot guaranteed. In fact, numlocked mentioned in his Twitlonger that recent tryouts had been going well. After a bad year of results, San Francisco Overwatch fans can only hope that scrim results will translate into good match results when NRG begins playing on stage in Los Angeles.

The remaining NRG roster is:

  • André "iddqd" Dahlström (DPS)
  • Anthony "harbleu" Ballo (Flex)