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Nexus Cup Annual Finals groups revealed in News

zomg spreading leaks

posted 1 month ago
GO vs. ENCE – ASUS ROG Summer 2017 GS Group A UF in Matches
posted 5 months ago
Seven vs. NC Wolves – Open Division Season 1 - Korea QF in Matches
posted 5 months ago
LGE vs. KDU – Nexus Cup 2017 Summer Main Event UQF in Matches

DDing? really?

posted 6 months ago
over.gg is much more than a website in News

where is that IRC icon

posted 6 months ago
ahq vs. BLK – Pacific Championship Season 1 SF Playoffs W1 in Matches

Let's have 3 bo7 sets with 20min breaks between each map! :)

posted 6 months ago
FAB vs. UP – South American Overwatch Circuit: Season 1 - Division 1 GS #1 Group B in Matches

Free Agent Boyz are now just Free Agentz :D

posted 7 months ago
GeForce CUP puts the focus on Japan in News

damn, I totally forgot about this one

posted 8 months ago
Prov1dence vs. Sabadell – GAME Stadium OS W2 in Matches

Who's PoPiFresH O_o

posted 8 months ago
Rivalcade return with Memorial Day Rumble in News

Single Elimination Bracket: Sunday May 28th 3pm EST

  • 6v6
  • PC
  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 3
  • Grand Finals: Best of 5


posted 8 months ago
Magistra vs. ex-x4 – ESL Go4Overwatch April 2017 EU Finals SF in Matches

kinda suspicious naykenn is KAFEEEEE

posted 8 months ago
LDLC vs. Oserv – DreamHack Tours 2017 USF in Matches

King's Row went 3-2 from what I understood on stream

posted 8 months ago
Editorial: The great Overwatch LAN drought in News

Nice read, but a bit sad there was zero mention about Asia (Overwatch Pacific Championship at the very least) :)

posted 8 months ago
hREDS vs. Elysium – HND Invitational Groups Group B USF in Matches

Both teams dropped, it's now hreds / elysium

posted 8 months ago
APEX Season 3 groups emerge in News

If you look for a real source for final groups, they update the image on apex webby:

posted 8 months ago
HND Overwatch Invitational groups announced in News

I'm really excited to see Mad Carrots playing!

posted 9 months ago
coL vs. Selfless – PIT Championship North America Groups Group A in Matches

Roster is wrong for compLexity.
- Mete +eqo

posted 9 months ago
LK vs. ex-ROX – PIT Championship Europe Groups Group A in Matches

Who's livescoring this? hit me on discord :)

posted 9 months ago
Super Valiant vs. EHOME.CN – Premier Series 2017 - Spring Preseason Group C UB Ro8 in Matches

Good luck with CN Coverage :)
OWPS ain't that bad!

posted 10 months ago
Overwatch breaks $2,000,000 in prize money in News

Might have to wait until next year for all of these M$2 to be paid :)

posted 11 months ago
Luxury Watch shuffles to make star roster in News

Good read about the super LW team :)

You forgot a little part about ADIOS replacing nanohana during Challengers Season 2.

posted about a year ago
Winter Premiere kicks off today in News

Neat :) I didn't catch that yesterday!

posted about a year ago
iG.ICE vs. VG – Team Story Chapter 1 TSC1 Group B DM in Matches

Good luck with this :)

posted about a year ago
$100,000 Team Story Chapter 1 underway in Shanghai in News

This event is so bad. Please don't mislead people in trying to watch it.

posted about a year ago
IEM enter Overwatch with $100,000 six team tournament in News

Keep on dreaming: "The Overwatch tournament will feature 4 Korean and 2 European teams."

posted about a year ago
ANOX bench Quake legends to bring in Nesh and Arty in News

German Herman

posted about a year ago
coL vs. Rise – OONAQ Group D UB SF in Matches

Looks like compLexity needs a new opponent

posted about a year ago