While I originally reported that Rogue and NRG would attend the second season of OGN's APEX, the situation has changed somewhat during recent times. After Brandon "Seagull" Larned's departure, NRG struggled heavily during the most recent Overwatch Monthly Melee, leading many to speculate that the invite would soon be rescinded.

In reality, Team EnVyUs is attending APEX entirely of their own volition. The team originally planned to rest for Season 3 in America, and was slated to participate in the Overwatch Rumble announced late last month. Despite OGN's sending out an invite to the team, they were quite vocal about needing rest after two successive playoff runs took their toll.

However, sources close to the team indicate that they went through many discussions and came to the conclusion that attending Season 3 of APEX was the best course of action. The decision most likely comes from the perception that Korea is the best practice environment, a notion that both eUnited and Laser Kittenz seem to agree with given their announced upcoming bootcamps.

NRG's spot in the story is currently unclear. Presumably, the team will not attend APEX at all and remain in America to work on their synergy before continuing to compete in events. Should they remain, they will participate in the Overwatch Rumble qualifiers as they had originally announced, though their stand-in is currently unconfirmed. While Mendokusaii slated in for the Overwatch Monthly Melee, he is only with the team on a trial basis as a loan from Cloud9's Jack.

The news likely comes as a welcome surprise to the community who have made their distaste for NRG's invite all too clear. Team EnVyUs managed a seventh-place finish despite struggling during Season 2, but will look to build on that performance for Season 3.

Rogue confirmed their APEX spot on Twitter yesterday, and will be flying out shortly when the next season is announced. They previously participated in the Overwatch Monthly Melee where they took first against Selfless, and hold the titles of the last three Overwatch Monthly Melees under their belts.

Update: Team EnVyUs has confirmed their attendance for APEX's third season via Twitter.