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SHD vs. GLA – Overwatch League Season 1 Stage 1 W1 in Matches

This is what you get for not signing Miraculous Youngsters. The karma is insane.

For some reason they picked a bunch of nobodies first and then signed MY's coach afterwards, as if that'll help.

posted 1 week ago
FW vs. BLK – Pacific Championship Season 1 GF Week 2 in Matches

Close game on Nepal, ggs.

posted 6 months ago
FW vs. BLK – Pacific Championship Season 1 GF Week 2 in Matches

4-0 sweep, damn.

posted 6 months ago
FaZe vs. Selfless – Contenders Season Zero North America Groups A in Matches

Is ShaDowBurn in the states yet?

posted 7 months ago
RNG vs. YIKES! – Rivalcade Memorial Day Rumble Playoffs QF in Matches

Honestly the skill ceiling for mercy just isn't that high whereas pharah and ana are much more impactful in skilled hands.

posted 7 months ago
EnVyUs announce Lui and EFFECT on APEX S3 roster in News

Does it matter?

posted 8 months ago
Team EnVyUs to reprise their roles from Season 1 and 2 and return to APEX in News

Selfless has earned it more so than NRG did, if that's what you're asking, which is the whole reason why people are so irked about NRG getting the invite over teams like Selfless and Immortals and LG Evil. They're definitely more proven.

I really wanna see how Envyus fares against NA teams, and whether not they'll dominate the regional competition, they've been away for so long the last time they were home Talespin was still on the team :(

posted 9 months ago
Rogue vs. Selfless – Overwatch Monthly Melee - April 2017 Playoffs GF in Matches

Lol, your post must've been submitted seconds before mine, it wasn't there when i made my comment, what a coincidence.

posted 9 months ago
Rogue vs. Selfless – Overwatch Monthly Melee - April 2017 Playoffs GF in Matches

The one game advantage wouldve been better if it were a bo7 instead of a bo5, right now it's too huge of an advantage.

posted 9 months ago
WE.White disband, uncertainty looms over Chinese Overwatch in News

it’s very important to choose a good game that is a popular esports title within your country

Truth hurts

posted 9 months ago
APEX Season 2 final standings in News

( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

posted 9 months ago
Blizzard reveals the return of the Overwatch World Cup in News

My question is: can these three experts be players? It'd be super dumb if this committee can recommend a roster with themselves in it.
Hopefully not.

For me, ZP Monte Doa and Hex are all great choices i would vote for.
Seagull is probably going to be on team USA again and I really hope he can be more responsible as a captain this time and not practice because "his hands are too cold". I love Seagull and I love his stream but I kinda lost respect for him after I learned about this :(

posted 9 months ago
CyberGamer announce $11,000 OCE Circuit in News

1st place gets 5,000aud, compared to 100,000usd for 1st place in Overwatch Pacific Championship, it's a no-brainer.

open to all teams whose players all have CyberGamer Premium

This is bad. A paid subscription as entry requirement.

posted 9 months ago
janus hospitalised, to be replaced by r0ar in APEX Bronze Final in News

Wow, after nanohana's injury now this :( Best of luck to Janus.

posted 9 months ago
Immortals unkillable in the Carbon Series Playoffs in News

Online tournament sucks, there's constantly players playing with a high ping, putting the team in disadvantage. It's sad to see shadowburn (referring to winter premiere) and shadder2k, two of the best genji in the world suffer because of this.

posted 9 months ago
Team SoloMid's Overwatch shortcomings in News

My guess is that

Please don't "guess" when the internet is right by your hands, that doesn't do justice for the players tsm mistreated and the people regi dicked on. (oh wait that's the same thing)

the org has just had too many run-ins with bad luck

It's just tsm's" luck" that they happen to form a formidable team in the early days of lol.

and have had trouble recovering

There's no "recovering" from regi.

posted 9 months ago
LG Evil vs. RNG – Carbon Series Playoffs Semis in Matches

Holding a tryout throughout a major tournament is messing with the team synergy of renegades and complexity, how do you expect to devise strategies as a team when you have new people constantly? Not enough practice and no time to develop a tacit understanding of your teammates is fucking them up.

posted 9 months ago
RNG vs. LG Evil – Carbon Series Groups W5 in Matches


posted 9 months ago
Rogue vs. Selfless – Alienware Monthly Melee - March 2017 Playoffs GF in Matches

You meant "Vive La France" (facepalm)

posted 10 months ago
RNG vs. IMT – Carbon Series Groups W3 in Matches

Despite the 3-0, this was a really close game.

posted 10 months ago
LG Loyal vs. LG Evil – Carbon Series Groups W4 in Matches

Weirdest game I've watched in a while.

posted 10 months ago
LG Evil vs. RNG – Carbon Series Groups W4 in Matches

LG Evil's attack is good, but their defense needs work, they lost point A twice in the first push by renegades. Mangachu surprised me with the dominant hog play, that stagger on lucio was crucial.

Edit: Wow, LG evil took those last two maps (Gibraltar & Eichenwalde) with much ease.

posted 10 months ago
RNG vs. TL – Carbon Series Groups W3 in Matches

Renegades is really good on Oasis. Their two games against LG previously in week 1 and 2 on oasis was very dominant. Sypeh surprised me the most with the improvements in his zarya play, top notch.

Both teams have three carries, yet TL is somewhat hesitant to run triple dps and instead opts to put shadder on dva most of the time.

posted 10 months ago
LH vs. RunAway – OGN APEX Season 2 Playoff Stage #1 A-UF in Matches

Agreed, Miro was constantly outplayed by Kaiser in the rein 1v1.

posted 10 months ago
TL vs. IMT – Carbon Series Groups W2 in Matches

give them time, i'm sure they'll shine.

posted 10 months ago
RNG vs. LG – Carbon Series Groups W2 in Matches

The twitch stream is experiencing some problems, go to youtube and search "carbon series live" to watch the stream there instead.

posted 10 months ago
LG vs. RNG – Carbon Series Groups W1 in Matches

I really hope that renegades signs Sypeh already. I just finished watching both games, RNG against luminosity and liquid, and his style fits the aggressive roster so well.
If renegades make the same mistake and trials another player mid-winstreak again then it's no longer a mistake, it'd just be the management being flat out bad at making choices.

posted 10 months ago