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Team Israel hopes to reach its zenith at Santa Monica in News

Yeah, Eqo got "triggered" because he had Rawkus in his game, and Rawkus was afk and dc'd. Eqo seemed like a nice guy if you watch the vod from xqc's stream

posted 5 months ago
A new italian org is coming to conquer the world in General Discussion

Looks like in this scrim video, they have hqrdest and ryb along with the players you said:

posted 5 months ago
streams in Site Discussion

IMT Envy

posted 6 months ago
streams in Site Discussion

IMT Fate

posted 6 months ago
Kungarna vs. C9 – Contenders Season Zero North America Groups D in Matches

Bill vs. Phil rematch PogChamp

posted 6 months ago
FaZe change three to become Contenders again in News

Excited to see shadowburn on lan again, assuming they make it to the final 8

posted 7 months ago
Team EnVyUs to reprise their roles from Season 1 and 2 and return to APEX in News

So who do you guys think will be their new 7th? I'm assuming it will be korean

posted 9 months ago
Meta A vs. NRG – Overwatch Monthly Melee - April 2017 Playoffs LB R1 in Matches

300 ping LOL where did you hear that

posted 9 months ago
Jolson(squid) lft in General Discussion

xqc confirmed that silkthread wont join cuz hes in school, so they will find a new player

posted 9 months ago
CLG vs. Denial – Overwatch Monthly Melee - April 2017 Quals UB QF in Matches

They did my boy squid dirty :(

posted 9 months ago
Cloud9 brings back some extra luggage, signs Xepher and Selly in News

Wasn't it proven that Xepher wasn't really guilty in the geguri scandal? Or am I misinformed

posted 9 months ago